Top Ten Playmobil Vikings Sets

PLaymobil is something not many people on TheTopTens talk about, especially the vikings subtheme which is my personal favourite of them, I have loved them ever since a small child, here are the best of them
The Top Ten
1 3151 Viking Longhouse

Oh gods, this is easly the best viking playmobil set! I don't even own this set and yet I say it's the best and that's proof this one's excellent! It's very big and has tons of content ad there's many cool minifigures and there's tons of great things! This one easly tops the list!

2 4433 Viking Fortress

This was the first one I ever got along with 3154 Norse King and Prince so it mkes it the most nostalgic ones, especially this one! I even used to think that other set was part of this one as they both fit so well! This one's similar to the viking longhouse set but smaller, hence is why it's lower, the minifigures are excellent and there's even a barbiarian in a cage you get, I love this set

3 3150 Viking Longship

I believe it is the most acclaimed of all the sets, and it truly is great! You get eight minifigures which all are great and the overall boat looks cool with the red dragon head and tail and yeah. Truly an excellent set!

4 3155 Viking and Sea Serpent

Now, you may not get much in the set, but the stuff you get is near-perfect, the sea serpent here is one of the coolest looking ever and the minifigure you do get is cool as well! You even get this thing that makes the sea serpent able to float on water and that pretty much is the reason it's so high up on the list!

5 3137 Knights Ambush

The only set excluding the viking fortress as well that includes a knight / barbarian figure. It even includes a skeleton figure with so much gold! The minifigures are cool too and the overall ambush you get is cool as well! A great set

6 3154 Norse King and Prince

It was the first set I ever got so it's of course going to be somewhere here! It might only come with a chair and two minifigures, and a stone on fire but it has some really excellent minifigures, a king, and even a prince who is a child minifigure and he comes with some rare accesories! A great set definitely

7 3152 Viking Raiders

This set comes with some very great things like the horse and wagon! The wagon has tons of gold and it just looks so great and is great too! The minifigures aren't as good as other sets but still pretty good

8 3157 Viking Shelter

This is one iconic set. It might not come with too much but it's ok as it has a cool looking tree and a small shelter with two excellent and two of the most iconic viking playmobil minifigures.

9 3153 Viking Warriors

I don't own this set but this is a cool set still, the minifigures are very cool and the build is useful for playability! I recommend it even if I don't own it

10 3156 Viking Boat
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