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Decided its time for the 10 top most accurate and more active forums of debating, anime, comics, and video games they have been considered high listed sites around some new and old they have been considered Good and bad but they are considered fun and sociable this isn't a biased list nor a who's better its about experience and about the quality of the sites themselves.

The Top Ten

1 Fictional Battle Omniverse

FBO started in 2014 might be the only forum to have active staff who don't abuse the power they receive able to freely talk and have fun while debating and other discussion's they have the nicest group of people and the members and staff take the site seriously also obtaining a wiki which does perfect since they have ones for biographies and battle profiles for members of the forums to have fun with FBO gets ranked #1 for most votes by guests world wide. - MrSinister

Wow it's a nice place if you want nothing but facts and open friendly discussions I joined the others and people are just ignorant,immature, and childish toward me so I vote for Fictional Battle Omniverse over any of the other sites.

It's actually a good source better than the others

I am on the fbo forum and I have to agree! :) cheers mate!

2 Animevice

One of the best anime forums around along with the many wikis to edit the staff are active and ready for people who need help and are openly ready to ask questions the members are sanely easy to get along with. - MrSinister

3 Killermovies

Killer Movies is one of the oldest of the forums around! Been here since 2006 or even more they have the highest credibility for being active and helpful toward all groups of genre lovers they hold no lines to what is discussed they even have a lot of famous/infamous users who debate and talk to and about everything from comics to movies just being more fun to socialize. - MrSinister

4 Comicvine

More about comics then other genres they are ranked 4tb because of the fact they try to expand the genre they build up for they even regarded themselves as a comic nation then anime/video games but now they are trying to have more expanding discussions for all members. - MrSinister

5 Giant Bomb

Video games of anime and comics here is a site for it with their own wiki of many characters from video games and to anime and comics they only lack a debating section but makes it up when they gave top lists or top strongest as members place the games they once love into a huge discussions good job Giant Bomb! - MrSinister

6 Comic Book Resources

Been around since 96 this group have been mainly comics itself! But until the 2000s they have expanded the genre of the site to anime and video games the down fall is the members hardly focus on a subject and the rules are to strict for people to have free type of speech the staff are hardly on and they are also to strict but are social with a few users at a time. - MrSinister

7 Moviecodec

MovieCodec has been around since the 2000s and the feedback that they receive over the years has had it put on 8 because the lack of Authority and the lack of respectful members and staff alike they aren't the best site but they have a lot members but which are baised and or spammed created accounts to give reps but they are somewhat accurate. - MrSinister

8 Spacebattles

Ranked 8th! Because you think registration for the site is hard? Try getting along with the abusive staff and the disrespectful members they do have more members and post the 9-10 on the list they even have more rep then them and are more considered to be registered. - MrSinister

9 Outskirts Battle Dome (Naruto Forums)

Considered/Regarded as the worst debating site and wiki holders OBD has on many occasions have had biased, fanboyish and even hate for certain character which they put inaccurate information on over powering characters which people know they aren't on that level and even trying to debate in a certain way people will attack you for no reason and the OBD Staff are hardly on and are seriously power abusive when it comes to new members. - MrSinister

10 Vsbattles Wikia

Vsbattles is the by far most popular character statistics wiki in the world, with almost a million visitors every month, so it wins in the court of public opinion.

This is the by far most popular and well-managed character-statistics wiki in the entire world, whereas FBO is the by far least popular, and is run by a complete lunatic.

I love how FBO tries to bandwagon onto the top position. I've never seen VsBattles be wrong, and community isn't a problem. Seriously, whining about your waifus being destroyed by Goku doesn't mean the site is wrong or the community is trash.

Been regarded/considered/voted as the worst place to debate by anyone who has edited on this wikia you can literally get banned for proving administrators wrong and they wouldn't care the admin are very insulting and very inappropriate giving inaccurate information and dissing other forums and wikias to make people believe they are more accurate which isn't true and even old members considered them to be the worst and the ones who say only stay because they can't edit on other such sites as VsBattles because of the many biased opinions they have about a certain character of all genres. - MrSinister

The Contenders

11 ClassicGameGuys

Best community, factual information, takes from every good source.

Absolutely amazing, mods are bros, and are right.

12 GameFAQs GameFAQs is a website that hosts FAQs and walkthroughs for video games. It was created in November 1995 by Jeff Veasey and was bought by CNET Networks in May 2003. It is currently owned by CBS Interactive.
14 Corpse Party (Anime Game) Best Ever

Best game ever anime is perfect awesome story line

15 Factpile
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