Movies That Didn't Win Oscars But Should Have


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1 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

"you will always remember this as the day that you ALMOST captured captain Jack Sparrow" - LaurenLauren

of course! this movie was so special and it gave a new reputation to pirate movies!

pirates can capture titanic thats why they should have won at least one Oscar award.
but you know only non fictional movies can be nominated to win Oscar.

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2 Fight Club

Great film which is not only very stylish and has great acting, but also is an intelligent critique of both capitalism & its alternatives. Holds up very nicely, and should have been nominated for a few more of the big awards. But no. Instead tosh like American Beauty won, and this film wasn't fully appreciated until years later. Such a shame. - Mrveteran

It is a great movie, that will make you think. But if you are a punk head, for sure you will never like it. Thanks you both Pitt, and Norton.

so overlooked. funny, and clever, fight club doesn't have one boring second.

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3 Remember the Titans

This Denzel Washington performance was AMAZING! I cried for 10 minutes after the movie, it was so sad

4 The Shawshank Redemption

The only reason this movie didn't rack up on Oscars is because it had the unfortunate coincidence of coming out the same year as "Forrest Gump."

How is this not in the top five? It's only the highest rated movie on the imdb

Can someone tell me why twilight is in the top 10?

This is the best movie about hope

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5 The Truman Show

Rightfully nominated for Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Ed Harris), and Best Original Screenplay. It should have been nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor (Jim Carrey). - BeatlesFan1964

could someone please explain to me how the winners are chosen at the oscars? gambling?

Nominated for three, should of won best director, actor, and original screenplay - nomercyz182

6 Ghostbusters
7 The Shining

It was a shame that this movie didn't win an oscar, it should win it for best picture, and best actor Jack Nicholson, and best Soundtrack come on, jack was at his best in this movie, and the soundtrack is something never heard in a movie, how they could ignore those things at that time? It's a shame too see that twilight and pirates of the Caribbean coming before than shining... Sad world!

One movie that it's greatness is underlooked because it is a horror and I personally do think that it is a fantasy film to. With a stunning performance by Nicholson and a very underrated performance by Shelly Duvall. That is what makes this movie my favorite, and I believe for the 1981 oscars it should have been nominated and won best picture and best performance by an actor in a leading role to Nicholson.

8 Toy Story

It actually won a special award - Lucasw14

9 Alien 3

I agree on " Irina2932 " comment but a " should have " winning oscar, that's another story.

Yes, it was not as good as Alien or Aliens but still in 1992 Alien3 was the best SCI-FI movie with unique visual effects - Irina2932

10 Seven

I came on here with the intention of leaving Seven on the list. Good to see someone else beat me to it.

How Seven wasn't considered for Oscar nods is beyond me. (They usual ignore creepy films though. ) Brad Pitt's best performance EVER. Morgan Freeman's best since Shawshank and Fincher made a movie that was totally original. I've never seen anything like it before or since, and I think the story is as good as it gets. The acting. The art direction. Editing. Screenplay. The screenplay! How could it have been any better? It was as good as cinema gets. The story itself was the best twist-ending of a money ever. - corebare32

Twilight at 4? Really? I think this list just lost all credibility. Se7en is one of the all time greatest films.

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11 Casino Royale

Walk the line did win an acadmy award. By rule of eligibility this should be higher.

12 Cinderella Man
13 Hoosiers
14 Memento

It is a miracle that this didn't win Best Original Screenplay, or Best Director.

15 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

It won Best Original Screenplay, and Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress. Jim Carrey and the film itself should have been nominated. - BeatlesFan1964

I know it won Best Original Screenplay, but it should of won Best Picture. It wasn't even nominated! -

16 Field of Dreams
17 Marvel's The Avengers

Should've won the visual effects award. - Lucasw14

18 Eight Men Out
19 Constantine
20 Transformers

Should've won the visual effects award - Lucasw14

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