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1 7th grade

7th grade in my opinion is the hardest. In 6th grade they treat you like a baby because it is the first year of middle school but when you get to 7th grade they expect you to know EVERYTHING! Everything changes, you have a test every week and so much homework that you sleep at 11:00 because you also have sports! The tests are overall very hard and they are worth not a lot of points that cause you to get a D even if you miss 4. 7th grade is also hard because the tests are very hard and they give you like a week to study for 3 tests and finish a project. This is my opinion and if people disagree that is okay because they go to a different school and all schools are different. Good Luck to incoming 7th graders!

It packs you with homework and drama because in 6th grade they sort of baby you because its your first year of middle school. Once 7th grade comes they pack you with daily homework and HUGE projects that could make your grade. It's a lot to deal with with work itself but then drama starts to linger around. You get caught in drama because you guys are not the 8th grade big ones yet that are going to leave to highschool next year so you are the next top dogs at the school. It may be a tough year but if you focus and myob then you will probably survive haha. Good Luck!

I'm in 7th grade right now and is so hard because homework is too hard and parents can help you. Mean teachers and quizzes every week. No one understands what I going through and the Teacher thinks you know everything. So much Drama every single day.

Yep. I'm in 7th grade and literally all I knew is being mentally absent over in the math room.

2 11th grade

Synchronocity I strongly agree! Also, STRESS

PRECALCULUS. - Synchronocity

This is really should be number 1. 7th grade was cakewalk compared to this.

For me, it was relatively easy. Maybe because I took easier classes. I'd consider that grade easy-medium. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

3 8th grade

Last year of middle school so you know what that means... Teachers pounding you with homework, and Tests/Quizzes to prep you for your Freshman year.

They expect you to know everything and it's loaded with crap

Tons of stress, tons of homework, math makes NO SENSE to average students. Sometimes you wil have 3+ tests a week

The math and Preparation for highschool

4 9th grade

So much homework!

It is so hard to adjust

Freshman are abused by older grades.

Freshman year is basically every year in high school but the hardest thing for everybody is the transition because in our middle school you didn't have to do the homework and you would still pass ( I didn't do my homework at all for the last 5 months and ended up with a 3.4) and every year is the same amount of homework just that it's harder, and there are a lot more projects that you have to do

5 10th grade

Just a big oof

I'm having constant projects and I haven't had a single break since the beginning of the year, I just finished a group project and so far we've had around 4 the entire year. I have tests in almost all of my classes. For some reason a book report in health which has no reason to be there. And constant tests and vocabulary. I didn't have a fall break, and I got sick due to staying up to a straight 24 hours with no break only doing homework. I then had an allergic reaction and this past thanksgiving break, I've had to read near 50+ pages every single day of this book for health.

Yes I'm in it now its badder then freshman year

I would like to describe 10th grade in one word which is "horrible". I really feel pissed off in 10th because I can't have the fun which I want to. I am always burdened with homeworks in each and every subject as well as tremendous amounts of projects to finish within a limited time frame. The worst part is that the teachers can't lessen the homework for even one day. 10th grade SUCKS!

6 12th grade

It sucks

I am not in the 12 grade yet

The hardest grade ever! So hard, I'm not even in this grade.

It seems hard, but I'm not that old.

7 6th grade

6th grade was hard because my school only gives scholarships to people who got all A+'s each semester in 3rd-5th grades. I am very smart for my age so I got accepted in, over the summer we had to read 200 books with 300 or more pages and if you did not read those books you would have to spend 8 hours after school cleaning the school from top to bottom. Luckily, I am quick reader, so I finished reading the books 2 weeks before school started. There is also an elementary school but it is not for the advanced kids, then if you get A+'s in all subjects in grades 3-5 you get to move on the middle school and high school. I went to Crockett Elementary School before middle school so I was not prepared for a 40,000 dollar a year school. Apparently the school that I went to in 6th grade checked every single kid in the county's grades when they were in 3rd grade just to see if they were in the running, then they would check the kids who got all A+'s in 3rd grade for each semester would check the ...more

The adjustment from elementary to middle was rough for me. Learning a new environment really took a long time to adjust to, let alone the incline of work.

No way! I just got into 6th grade and it is awesome, maybe even better than 4th and 5th grade! A lot of these grades don't deserve to be on here, except 3rd grade. (Haven't been to 7th-12th grade yet so can't comment on that) - Flowerfriend4407

Sixth grade was so ridiculously easy. I barely ever got homework and the tests and projects we had to do were a breeze and I got used to middle school after the first week.

8 5th grade

The sheer difference between 5th and 4th grade made me slip up and have grades fall. In the first month my math grade was an 83, and all prior grades were 90+ the whole year.

Lots of homework...

You know...the hardest subject for me in 5th grade was PE... - Dovewing303

I'm in 5th grade and its not that hard. honestly, I think 6th grade will be harder.

9 3rd grade

Cough cough we had this nosy teacher in yr 4 (3rd grade) and also she sucked

Hey I am a 3rd grader Rn And its like so easy like seriously

I just hated it so much homework

Yes, 3rd grade was the hardest for me. back then in third grade, I was hanging with the wrong crowd, so that lowered my grades, and my mom would work late so I had to stay with my brother and at the time he was like 2 or 3, but thank God somehow I got a 4 on both reading and math

10 1st grade

Yea agreed about turd graders. Also, my life just wasn't very good then! - happytobeherexx

I hated this, too easy

Third graders suck

Third graders are too little to be mean


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11 4th grade

I don't know yet I'm in 4 grade and its only september

4th grade sucked but I met the CUTEST boy ever! I might be 9 but it just sucked not all but mostly all the HOMEWORK

I was so sad when I was ending the 4th grade because my teacher was awesome.

I'm completed 5th grade and of all grades I finished this is hardest

12 Kindergarten

Kindergarten is so easy, you just do very simple schoolwork, and you only get 1 page of homework, or none at all. Also, kindergarten kids at my school were really sweet and nice (I don't know about other schools) - Flowerfriend4407


I only know Kindergarten Cop.
Ok..ok it was called Reception and like it was so hard learning to write or something, watching some random T.V. show for little ones. that's all I remember.

I thought it was hard because I had to do addition. - mistyglow

13 13th grade

This should be higher, I mean, 13th grade is one of the highest, in my year 6 class, (I am English) they have to learn algebra. But it’s funny that 13th grade is at 13th lol

According to Wikipedia, a TOTALLY reliable source, 13th grade in some places is senior year of high school. - MaxAurelius

It's definitely hard to pass a grade that doesn't exist

Guess you could call freshman year of college 13th Grade - PackFan2005

14 2nd grade

Eh, I'm in 6th grade now and for me 2nd grade was only mildly hard, but it was also pretty fun. - Flowerfriend4407

1.2nd grade
2.4th grade

I voted this and how is KINDERGARTEN harder? - BlueBobYT

What this is the best grade is you have my teacher she adds fun stuff into school like pizza and movies etc. she makes school more fun than what you are thinking anyway we have M.M Monday's and F and F Friday's with math stuff I like it and instead of friday we take spelling tests on Thursday and her fridays are either boring finish work fridays or super fun fridays she is the best teacher to have - mathguy37

15 Preschool

Its like sioi hard! I'm 5 and I was preschool Kidd last year. Liek we had 2 do super hard stuff like play with toys and draw picture!
(In case you couldn't tell, this was sarcasm, I am 11 and in 6th grade and preschool is the easiest thing ever) - Flowerfriend4407

All I remember was that the teacher was evil to me and the others (mostly me) because the kids were learning to speak and I was-it's long ago I cannot remember anything. - hoppingicon

No work and all play.
How about adding Recess on here.

I'm sure many people would rather be Preschool age again, and do the easiest studies ever. TOYS! No exams, no essays, no homework and no nightmare subjects that are too hard for you while the "know it alls" say "Its very important! Learn to get the best job or you will be going to McDonalds."


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