Most Difficult School Grades

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1 7th grade

Personally, 7th grade isn't all that hard. I do agree on the fact that grade 7 is harder on you. I remember, that at the start of the year, I found it very stressful. But, eventually, you get the hang of things. ALWAYS, and I mean always, plan out your time. Keep a planner that contains all your test dates (yes, there are a lot). And if you feel frustrated, just take a break and sort things out. Another thing, your friends, no matter how awesome they are, can REALLY be a HUGE distraction. Of course, spend time with them, but prioritize correctly. I know you've probably heard this MILLIONS of times, but hey, why don't you actually try it? These tips really helped me get through seventh grade. :)

When I went into 7th grade back in 2019 before Covid-19 it was extremely stressful and confusing. It was stressful because the teachers expected a lot from you and you needed to get your work on time and to make sure that it's correct. It was strange because on Monday, Thursday and Friday those where normal days and while Tuesday and Wednesday were either odd or even schedules. The odd and even schedule were the less stressful because you don't have all the same classes in one day. 7th grade was an extremely harsh and rough introduction for the higher grades.

I am currently in 7th grade and it is terrible. It's online and its really hard to learn when you don't even really know the teachers. Also it's really hard to focus when everyone I live with keeps annoying me. My grades aren't doing so great and I have quite a few missing assignments. Plus, I'm struggling mentally so it's really hard to worry about school when I'm just trying to survive.

I'm currently in 7th grade now and it's been horrible. The work is so much harder and my friends are changing even more this year. Some of my friends are all about wanting to be popular and cool and it's so annoying. It's like you want to be grown up and mature but not too much. There is a lot of peer pressure, at least for me, and you just want to fit in, but if you are like me and have strict parents, it's even harder. The work in 7th grade is so much more and I get so stressed about tests and assignments. I don't know if this is just me, but my relationship with my parents is getting difficult too. Every day we argue about something and I cry. I just want to be like others, and they expect me to be always use nice words even when they are pissing me off. I could go on and oml but bottom line, 7th grade and the whole turning 13 thing is hard.

2 11th grade

11th grade is the worst year of high school. Socially it's really hard ache and I don't know why because freshman and sophomore year seemed easy social wise. I only had one really hard class but my other classes weren't too bad I didn't join math class even though Lara was a lot of noisy and annoying people in that class I like the teacher. Hard thing about being a junior is that all the teachers put a bunch more expectations on you and say you're a junior now and not only that but college is looming which makes it extra stressful.

Stress for college starts picking up and you have to recover from all of you past mistakes throughout high school. Socially it's atrocious because all the students of your class are either suffering early senioritis or disgustingly stressed and competitive. It's also when you're almost an adult, but you still have to deal with being treated as a teenager who thinks they know everything but are actually too dumb to function. It's the worse year because of pressure academically: socially, and mentally.

I feel 11th grade is stressful mostly because of SAT and ACT. You get a TON of homework and on top of that some experience bullying.

11th grade has to be the hardest grade because it is what determines your class rank when you graduate and your ACT and SAT scores start to become recognized, as well as colleges looking at your grades before admission. This makes 11th grade harder than 12th because generally by 12th grade, you should have already gotten into the college you wanted to.

3 8th grade

My favorite part of eighth grade hands down was leaving. Like I said before seventh grade isn't so bad at our school district but eighth grade is significantly worse. The kids are still obnoxious and they start to really get on your nerves by that time. Not only that but the teachers put lotta homework on you I hardly even get time to relax in that grade because you've got like homework coming from at least four classes at once. The worst class was English. We had to read the most boring books. We also had to learn about Greek and Latin root words. The worst part was when we had To read Macbeth even though we were only in eighth grade. You may not have an English teacher like this, but if you're from my school district And you're reading this then you know exactly who I'm talking about.

I'm in the 8th grade, going to 9th grade, I am having something called 'checkpoint', So we have to SERIOUSLY prep. Also, we get like 4 Homeworks each day to be submitted the next day.

This is the hardest grade! The friend groups are made. Enimies are made. Although classes are easy, there is a lot of pressure. Teachers want you to become something new, as the next year will be high school. Also, there a lot of annoying people in this grade. If you don't have any friends, you should buy some, beucase without friends, there is no way you are surviving this grade. Also, if you are in a friend group, make sure you are not the person everyone talks about (behind your back). You may think that you are their friend, but you secretly could be the favorite gossip topic of the school. You may be the most hated if your friends have a lot of inside jokes that don't involve you, you are the last to get news about parties and events, no one knows any special days in your life, etc. But anyways, if you are going to 8th grade, make sure you don't make that many enimies, and have a few real friends who will always be on your side.

Eighth Grade is SO easy LMAO. It feels like every time I get older, classes seems to get easier and easier for me. I'm currently in Eighth Grade and Language Arts, Algebra I, U.S History is so easy! I can see Eighth Grade Science being hard because it is.

4 12th grade

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
One cannot be brave who has no fear.
And of course...
The only thing we have to fear...
Is college afterwards.

I'm an 8th grader and I'm still going to work on another 12th grade story tomorrow. I will probably not do good.

Hate 12th grade, it so hard! People used to tell us it'd be so much more chill and easy, I'm pretty much already failing.

This should be #1. I had several anxiety attacks during my senior year of high school.

5 10th grade

I'm in my 10th grade now, this year is definitely not my year. Grade 10 is obviously harder than 9th grade in my opinion.
Today, I did at least 4 notes and 7 homework and I still got 8 projejects due next next week.

Whoever the child is that voted for 6th grade being the hardest, that mentioned her teacher "picked kids to stand naked in front of the class" and "had to read 200 books over the summer break" is quite the story teller. You know, as well as I do, (and everyone else who has read your nonsense) that you are making up a lot of what you have typed. That did not happen to you in 6th grade, nor in any grade, so please stop making up sick, untrue stories, and scaring kids that are entering the 6th grade. Bottom line is...No teacher will make a 6th grade CHILD get naked in front of the class! No teacher would do that in any grade! They would get fired and arrested immediately! And no school will make a CHILD (or an adult) read 200 books, (that are at least 300 pages long), in one summer. That is impossible! You have the right to give your opinion on which grade you thought was the most difficult to you. But if you're going to explain why you chose that grade, at least tell the truth about ...more

I'm having constant projects and I haven't had a single break since the beginning of the year, I just finished a group project and so far we've had around 4 the entire year. I have tests in almost all of my classes. For some reason a book report in health which has no reason to be there. And constant tests and vocabulary. I didn't have a fall break, and I got sick due to staying up to a straight 24 hours with no break only doing homework. I then had an allergic reaction and this past thanksgiving break, I've had to read near 50+ pages every single day of this book for health.

I only take 2 APS, yet I'm up at 3am almost every single night doing homework. (I wake up at 5:30am) On average, I have 3-4 tests every single week. I don't even have time to study for the tests, because I'm too busy doing the homework. I'm also a student-athlete... which can really make it harder to get the work done. It honestly sucks, because in order to get into a good college, you have to have good academics, would like you to play a sport AND BE GOOD IN IT, and also be involved in clubs. I'm in three clubs as well. It's almost impossible for me to get through all of this. Teachers act as if they're your only class. I don't even have anytime to be a teenager, as my weekends are taken up by literally homework or swim meets. I am mentally and physically drained.

6 9th grade

Its really hard to transition from top dog at the middle school, to a freshman target in high school. In my opinion after 9th you are used of the rules of high school and how everything works.

If you messed up and slack off in this grade, you're pretty much doomed and will have to live with your mommy for the rest of your life. I slacked off, have a 2.3 GPA because of it, and there is no hope of bringing it up.

Freshman year is basically every year in high school but the hardest thing for everybody is the transition because in our middle school you didn't have to do the homework and you would still pass ( I didn't do my homework at all for the last 5 months and ended up with a 3.4) and every year is the same amount of homework just that it's harder, and there are a lot more projects that you have to do

So much of homework, classwork, understanding and confusion. Highly stressful. You'll feel like leaving school. Very hard to pass. It is 29th April 2016 and I'm suffering.

7 6th grade

I'm almost in the 8th grade and I renember 6th grade being really easy. It felt like the teachers babied you. I had 2 friends that were great. They definitely helped. We got into fights sometimes but that's normal. There were theese girls that would constantly try to fight me and sometimes my friends. The principal got involved and it eventually stopped. I was terrified of them. I joined cross country that year and I really enjoyed it. In the middle of the year, Covid started and it was really hard for me.

6th grade is like a new year for me. We had to write pointless essays and when I try my best score is a C and the same with the projects. We had math, which was confusing as hell, since the formulas were getting more complicated for me, like area of a trapezoid. Also 6th grade made me have a 1.5 GPA, which is trash, probably because I had strict teachers, but in 7th grade my GPA increased by 2.

Well my current grade 6th grade is pretty hard about 8.5/10 on a hardness scale. In 5th grade, they said the stuff that we learned was important for the next year as if 6th grade was a review of 5th (It's not!).
Teachers are a very mixed bag in this grade. Sometimes you will get a good bunch and sometimes a bad bunch, however, I think there will never be all ones you don't or do like. With the work, currently, I did some math to figure out that on average, we get 7.2 assignments a day in the later year. Earlier on in the year we get 5-6. As the year progresses, the assignments get harder. Language arts is a hard subject in 6th grade, and so is writing, because that is where the school puts most of the work for some reason. You have to be like a speed runner to finish all the work at school, which requires a lot of practice, but it is a good investment of time. That is my honest opinion on my current year, 6th grade.

I felt like it got a little better towards the end of the year, but I hated nearly everything else about it other than I had some great friends. I don't get bullied much but it was at its worst that year, I've had at least one worse teacher but my 6th grade teacher was up there too, a few of my friends moved away, one being one of my best friends at the time. 7th grade wasn't the best either, but it was much better considering almost everyone that bullied me in 6th grade moved away and I had a more supportive teacher.

8 5th grade

5th grade was sooo easy. There was some challenge where you had to read like, 1000 pages in about 5 months... some challenge that was. I finished that in September. And don't get me started on the math... even after so many boring lessons on 3rd or 4th grade math, half the kids still couldn't do long division. Like, seriously? At my old school, the teacher got really frustrated because we didn't learn how to do that in THIRD grade. Honestly, despite all that, I still think science and social studies where even worst... I didn't learn anything, and it felt like we where answering the same questions over and over again.

I am stuck in 5th grade. We got our second Semestral report cards. My mom was more happy then she had ever been. There are 3 semesters (Baseline, Midterm and Final) per school year. The final is going to be extremely hard and I don't know how I'm supposed to pass my final exam. We have like the New York state ELA and math assessments. I had to create a huge power-point about Chile and it has to be like 15 slides and it has to include transitions, word animations, a theme and like we have to insert a background image. If you think 5 paragraphs is too much..., In the beginning of the year I had to type a 745-word essay on MS word to go to middle school. My parents are going to meet my teachers in 2 days and I'm very nervous

God damn I hate 5th grade we have this book report we have to do over Christmas break I mean come on why can't I just chill and have a good time but hell no. Also there's so much drama over estupito stuff like I don't have time for drama. Also there are straight up weird people ngl. I have 5 more months until my misery ends. I wish I could burn 5th grade but that's physically I'm possible. When I leave 5th grade I will be so much happier.

It's the year when it's gets harder and you get tons of homework it takes me like two hours to do homework it's fun too because you get tons of Field trips. But the teachers get more strict and reading levels get a little bit advanced. But the thing I like is that we start to watch good movies like sign of the beaver and more.

9 3rd grade

Third grade was hard because we got drilled on our multiplication and division facts and we had to finish our test papers by 1 minute! In the end I did it! This was frustrating for me since I was used to getting all 100s 90s and 80s and I got a lot of 60s because of this! Also my teacher paid attention to every. tiny. detail. She gave me a 60 for forgetting to put a coma in four of my 1,000s! Everything else was correct! After that I checked my test papers 3 times before handing it in!

I'm in 9th grade, and I hate to say it, but the point in my life that I got d's and c's was 3rd grade. I think it was just my teacher didn't explain it correctly to anyone, and when he went to the hospital for breaking his collar bone, we had a substitute who showed us all the correct ways to do math and writing. after the teacher went to the hospital, I started to get my regular a's again.

Yes, 3rd grade was the hardest for me. back then in third grade, I was hanging with the wrong crowd, so that lowered my grades, and my mom would work late so I had to stay with my brother and at the time he was like 2 or 3, but thank God somehow I got a 4 on both reading and math

It was fine. But math was very very confusing and sometimes boring... we couldn't hear music, we had to do boring stuff. Which was hard to survive. But now I am in 8th grade.

10 4th grade

4th grade was overall prettty good. I had a nice group of friends and it was a lot of fun. We went on a lot of field trips and I don't renember the work being too hard other than learning multiplication. I was going through a lot at home that year so being at school definitely helped. Plus, I was in an afterschool program that year so I enjoyed that a lot.

I think it is hard drama wise because if you don't hag out with someone they go and tell the teacher and the next thing you know you are in the principals office. Also because you want to act grown up but also play with toys. My teacher even said that 4th grade is the hardest education wise because you have to learn something new and like in 3rd grade you just built off of what you already learned!

4th grade gets a medium hard 6/10, a big step from the 3rd grade, and a lot less of the work is fun work. It is very possible once again to finish all the work at school, There are 5-7 assignments a day but most take less than 10 minutes so it is pretty close to the 5th grade, a little less though. It's hard in the beginning, but if you are reading this and are gonna be in the grade soon, you can make it through.

The transition from foundation phase into the Intermediate Phase is really difficult and you have to read to learn but what happens if you can't learn to read in grade three? You fall behind and you struggle with EVERYthing.The pace is so fast and you have to do a lot on your own.You begin to dread going to school and you develop lags because you stay absent so much.Grade 4 is the WORST grade ever!

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11 Kindergarten

Kindergarten is so easy, you just do very simple schoolwork, and you only get 1 page of homework, or none at all. Also, kindergarten kids at my school were really sweet and nice (I don't know about other schools)

This shouldn't be on the list but I see what is meant. If you didn't go to pre school especially, being little and knowing nothing this can be tough.

This is the only item that should be taken off this list. Kindergarten is the easiest grade. Well for me.

I only know Kindergarten Cop.
Ok..ok it was called Reception and like it was so hard learning to write or something, watching some random T.V. show for little ones. that's all I remember.

12 1st grade

1st grade was the worst for me because I had a horrible, abusive teacher who would always lock me out of the classroom. Also why is 7th grade on here? This may be unpopular but I'm in the 7th grade and I actually love it.

I know this is a most hardest grade list but I have to say it:
My class itself wasn't hard, it was mostly my teacher, she was so mean. For example, in the class if we did something bad, our partents would be called. Anyway while I was reading a book, I stopped to buckle my shoe back up. And guess what happened? My teacher said she was gonna have to call my partents.
So that was a GREAT day! :(

They are just learning to read. Yet they are expected to take all the things they have learned, pull them together to read, comprehend and then be able to write about it independently.

You have pretty good arguments. I find the school cutoff date to be unfair, especially in the elementary school years, considering everyone is still starting to learn to read. I am currently in 6th grade

13 13th grade

To the people saying it doesn't exist, it does, or at least it used to. I know someone whose high school had that extra year and I think it's still an option for anyone wanting extra credits, but I could be wrong. If I am though, there's also college which is technically 13th grade.

According to Wikipedia, a TOTALLY reliable source, 13th grade in some places is senior year of high school.

I'm in 13th grade at my high school. My teachers call it a super senior. I'll be in 14th grade next year.

Super Hard. Dropped down to 1st Grade because I failed this class.

My names Jeff

14 2nd grade

I hated my 2nd grade teacher. It felt like she picked on me all the time. Her name was Mrs. Laws and her name definitely fits. Me and my friend used to talk a lot and she would constantly send me to the back to sit alone. My friend was very sensitive so she hardly got in trouble because whenever she did she would start crying. I renember my teacher would make us stand up straight and she had this red pen she used to correct us with. I seriously hated her.

Eh, I'm in 6th grade now and for me 2nd grade was only mildly hard, but it was also pretty fun.

What this is the best grade is you have my teacher she adds fun stuff into school like pizza and movies etc. she makes school more fun than what you are thinking anyway we have M.M Monday's and F and F Friday's with math stuff I like it and instead of friday we take spelling tests on Thursday and her fridays are either boring finish work fridays or super fun fridays she is the best teacher to have

We had to do 100 math problems in one minute and it was so stressful

15 Preschool

Preschool was hard. We took naps for an hour! Brutal! The worst part was that we made sock puppets! Nah, just kidding. Preschool was the greatest. We didn't do any work all year and just played around with toys. Nowadays, preschoolers probably have their own IPods to play, but back when I was in preschool, iPods were only used for playing music (we're talking early 2000's stuff).

I'm sure many people would rather be Preschool age again, and do the easiest studies ever. TOYS! No exams, no essays, no homework and no nightmare subjects that are too hard for you while the "know it alls" say "Its very important! Learn to get the best job or you will be going to McDonalds."

! I just finished preschool and it was the hardest thing ever! I can't believe I actually survived it! Like, we literally had to sit there and play with toys all day!

All I remember was that the teacher was evil to me and the others (mostly me) because the kids were learning to speak and I was-it's long ago I cannot remember anything.