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1 11th grade

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"

11th grade has to be the hardest grade because it is what determines your class rank when you graduate and your ACT and SAT scores start to become recognized, as well as colleges looking at your grades before admission. This makes 11th grade harder than 12th because generally by 12th grade, you should have already gotten into the college you wanted to.

Stress for college starts picking up and you have to recover from all of you past mistakes throughout high school. Socially it's atrocious because all the students of your class are either suffering early senioritis or disgustingly stressed and competitive. It's also when you're almost an adult, but you still have to deal with being treated as a teenager who thinks they know everything but are actually too dumb to function. It's the worse year because of pressure academically: socially, and mentally.

I’m going there next year oh no - BlueBobYT

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2 7th grade

I hated 7th grade. I had to move out of my state which I'm not saying and the school I went to was the WORST! Thank GOD I only stayed there for a year and moved back to the school I went for 6th grade (which was great and I recently graduated 8th grade there). I didn't really like my teachers except four of them and the kids in my grade (well, girls because it was an all-girls school) were very annoying with some exceptions (the exceptions were kids I liked and had things in common with me but I didn't hang out with them because I never knew what they were talking about; I still regret that). I also had one of the worst teachers there. My dance teacher (yeah, dance was a mandatory class, sad). She laughed at me when I messed something up and almost poured water on me when I said (well kind of corrected) to her about the time when we were going to present or group choreographed dances. The good thing was that I never made any enemies in 7th grade. I had the most enemies in my 8th grade ...more - PhoenixAura81

I currently am in 7th grade, (almost done) but it has been the hardest grade so far. I'm a straight A student and for whatever reason this year was the hardest for me to keep up my grade. Usually in school you learn something new, although you repeat the subject many times till you understand it or teachers come back to it. In 7th grade however, if your not paying attention for 3 minutes, there goes your grade. I know every school is different, my friend in another school didn't have the same problems but I did. You never really have time to lay down and watch T.V. its just homework, then IF you have time STUDY cause we had quizzes, pop quizzes daily. It also sucked for some of the students like myself that had after school activities. I know teachers try to balance the work they give us, although at the end its just to much. All of these problems seems normal for high schoolers maybe even those in college, but don't forget seventh graders are new teens and usually didn't have this ...more

I still have this scary thought I was pissed at my teacher for making me cry so I made up a mystery story with her and 2 other teachers as the suspects the mystery is who influenced me 2 commit suicide for the millionth time and have the glory of finally succeeding one of my favorite teachers was the criminal and got executed at the end of the story I made the mistake of telling a friend in a whisper I told her not 2 tell anyone but somehow my teacher found out and thought I wanted to kill her I threatened 2 commit suicide 4 real she said not to and we forgave each ither but I never forgave myself and never trusted that friend 2 keep a secret - Ihateschool

It’s 2:06 in the morning and I’m having an anxiety attack because of the work. It’s 7th grade and none of this matters for college, but my teachers act like I’ll end up working at McDonald’s all my life if I don’t turn something in on time. I’m not the person who doesn’t do well in school or doesn’t do work, last year I got all A+’s all year, maybe one A. I don’t think I could be this stressed because of middle school, middle school doesn’t matter towards anything, I’m not going to a private high school, *sigh*

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3 8th grade

The eighth grade is the worst! I get so confused during class. Teachers never explain anything. They think you're big now, so you should research when doing homework what THEY were supposed to teach you! My brother told me: "Enjoy the eighth grade, you never get homework! " OH OH OH! GUESS WHAT?! I GET ABOUT SIX HOURS OF HOMEWORK. Here: Religion (yes we have that): Finish three pages (questions) and read (other three pages) OKAY THAT'S EASY! LET'S GET TO THE HARD STUFF: Math: Copy everything you did about your final job in computer by hand onto paper (there were more than 15 pages) with illustrations and examples (which are pretty hard). Paper for tomorrow (it was a paper filled with exercises we weren't even taught in class! ) And copy your exam into your notebook, answer it right, and write what you got wrong and why. Foreign language (this one was pretty easy too): Write a comment about the book you read in Word and print it for your final job. History: Study everything we have ...more

This is the hardest grade! The friend groups are made. Enimies are made. Although classes are easy, there is a lot of pressure. Teachers want you to become something new, as the next year will be high school. Also, there a lot of annoying people in this grade. If you don't have any friends, you should buy some, beucase without friends, there is no way you are surviving this grade. Also, if you are in a friend group, make sure you are not the person everyone talks about (behind your back). You may think that you are their friend, but you secretly could be the favorite gossip topic of the school. You may be the most hated if your friends have a lot of inside jokes that don't involve you, you are the last to get news about parties and events, no one knows any special days in your life, etc. But anyways, if you are going to 8th grade, make sure you don't make that many enimies, and have a few real friends who will always be on your side.

8th grade is by far, the hardest year. It's really hard socially and emotionally. You can't make any new friends because all of the friend groups have already been established, and teacher ask so much more from you homework wise. We have one project that we need to write 14 paragraphs for social class, and we only got one day to do it! Also, this year everyone seems to be depressed and no one is every free of any stress.


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4 10th grade

I'm having constant projects and I haven't had a single break since the beginning of the year, I just finished a group project and so far we've had around 4 the entire year. I have tests in almost all of my classes. For some reason a book report in health which has no reason to be there. And constant tests and vocabulary. I didn't have a fall break, and I got sick due to staying up to a straight 24 hours with no break only doing homework. I then had an allergic reaction and this past thanksgiving break, I've had to read near 50+ pages every single day of this book for health.

I would like to describe 10th grade in one word which is "horrible". I really feel pissed off in 10th because I can't have the fun which I want to. I am always burdened with homeworks in each and every subject as well as tremendous amounts of projects to finish within a limited time frame. The worst part is that the teachers can't lessen the homework for even one day. 10th grade SUCKS!

I have to spend at least five hours doing homework every night and the weekends are even worse. I had a break off from school for one week and I spent the entire break doing homework. On each day of the break I worked for at least ten hours.

Yes I'm in it now its badder then freshman year

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5 9th grade

Freshman year is basically every year in high school but the hardest thing for everybody is the transition because in our middle school you didn't have to do the homework and you would still pass ( I didn't do my homework at all for the last 5 months and ended up with a 3.4) and every year is the same amount of homework just that it's harder, and there are a lot more projects that you have to do

Its really hard to transition from top dog at the middle school, to a freshman target in high school. In my opinion after 9th you are used of the rules of high school and how everything works.

Loads of upperclassmen hate Freshman and its a hard transition from middle school so grades drop a ton.

It is so hard to adjust

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6 12th grade

This should be #1. I had several anxiety attacks during my senior year of high school. - railfan99

You have to apply for colleges which is a pain

The hardest grade ever! So hard, I'm not even in this grade.

I hate 12 grade

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7 6th grade

6th grade was hard because my school only gives scholarships to people who got all A+'s each semester in 3rd-5th grades. I am very smart for my age so I got accepted in, over the summer we had to read 200 books with 300 or more pages and if you did not read those books you would have to spend 8 hours after school cleaning the school from top to bottom. Luckily, I am quick reader, so I finished reading the books 2 weeks before school started. There is also an elementary school but it is not for the advanced kids, then if you get A+'s in all subjects in grades 3-5 you get to move on the middle school and high school. I went to Crockett Elementary School before middle school so I was not prepared for a 40,000 dollar a year school. Apparently the school that I went to in 6th grade checked every single kid in the county's grades when they were in 3rd grade just to see if they were in the running, then they would check the kids who got all A+'s in 3rd grade for each semester would check the ...more

The teachers start treating you like adults, which is good, but also terribly bad. They have HIGH expectations of you and if you don't meet their standards, instant grade drop. It sucks because we have to transition from elementary to middle school (for my school at least) and they don't understand how much of a struggle that is because elementary was so chill and fun, but middle school is literally a waste of energy and time.

Going from Elementary to Middle School is a big shift. In 5th grade, I had lots of friends and was quite popular. In 6th, I had a couple friends and was probably the least popular kid. I think the reason I wasn't popular or anything was because I hadn't "grown up." I wasn't using "language", I didn't have a phone, I hadn't had my period. 6th grade was the year where you only had a lot of friends if you have a good Instagram feed. Actually, that was all of Middle School.

i agree

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8 5th grade

At our school in 5th grade you have to write a five paragraph essay on the importance of Hippos at the beginning of the year(I am not kidding! ) You have lots and lots of homework that take you about 3 hours to do. My sister is in 5th grade and it takes her about 3 hours to finish her homework. And you have to read 10 books during the summer going into 5th grade and going into 6th grade and they all have to be chapter books with at least 200 or more pages and my sister spent most of the summer just sitting on the couch on her phone with a pizza box and that was it. She spent the last 2 weeks of the summer reading. And in the end she only had had 5 books read by the beginning of the school year and got a D in reading so far for that.

I got bullied almost as much as I did in 6th grade, although my teacher was much better than my 6th grade teacher, she still had her moments, and my best friend at the time, as well as many other friends moved away and I feel like that was when one of my other best friends at the time and I began hating each other. - 3DG20

I remember this was my least favourite year. A lot of personal things went down, and I wanted to go back to fourth grade so many times. I also got seperated from my little cousin around this time, which sucked. But I remember getting on the stage and getting my certificate which shown that I finished elementary, and it felt so good.

This was so easy!
When I was in 5th grade I got strait A+'s they retaught me 3rd grade math like 5x5 and for all the other grades they retaught me 4th grade

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9 3rd grade

Third grade was hard because we got drilled on our multiplication and division facts and we had to finish our test papers by 1 minute! In the end I did it! This was frustrating for me since I was used to getting all 100s 90s and 80s and I got a lot of 60s because of this! Also my teacher paid attention to every. tiny. detail. She gave me a 60 for forgetting to put a coma in four of my 1,000s! Everything else was correct! After that I checked my test papers 3 times before handing it in!

It was easy...although I stole $350 from a bully (who was only here for 1 term). - AlphaQ

You guys are glad to not have my 3rd grade teacher She flipped desks and flips are cards for no reason I'm NOT KIDDING - YoshiApple

Gosh 3rd grade sucked - BreakFastBeast2005

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10 4th grade

Lol, I'm 10 and in 4th grade and I don't see what you guys are complaining about. My teacher is super nice and I have a lot of friends. We also get 3 recesses per day, or 4 if we're good. The work is sort of stressful, but I have an A in English, and I'm doing 5th grade math and have a B in it. (I'm trying to get it up though.) Plus, I get tons of extra credit points just for turning my homework in early, we have a month to finish it and I can finish it in 1 to 3 days. - Flowerfriend4407

I think it is hard drama wise because if you don't hag out with someone they go and tell the teacher and the next thing you know you are in the principals office. Also because you want to act grown up but also play with toys. My teacher even said that 4th grade is the hardest education wise because you have to learn something new and like in 3rd grade you just built off of what you already learned!

I'm in fourth grade right now and it feels like I'm in hell to be honest. It feels like everything I've learnt in grade 3 was supposed to be taught in grade 1. I just wish that grade 4 teachers understood we are grade 4 and not grade 12

I'm completed 5th grade and of all grades I finished this is hardest

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11 1st grade

They are just learning to read. Yet they are expected to take all the things they have learned, pull them together to read, comprehend and then be able to write about it independently.

You have pretty good arguments. I find the school cutoff date to be unfair, especially in the elementary school years, considering everyone is still starting to learn to read. I am currently in 6th grade

If the expectations and the age was taken into consideration this would be much higher... if you don't have the foundation you get in 1st, you can bet middle and high will be tough, but not as rigorous as what these inexperienced 6 years are expected to do.

Stuff I learned in first grade:
A bunch of other pointless math problems
How to make an A
And of course, third graders are mean.

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12 Kindergarten

Difficult because they are so young and have short attention spans, but they are also amazing kids, But if you're not a very patient person this is not the grade for you

This is the only item that should be taken off this list. Kindergarten is the easiest grade. Well for me. - EpicJake

This shouldn't be on the list but I see what is meant. If you didn't go to pre school especially, being little and knowing nothing this can be tough.

I thought it was hard because I had to do addition. - mistyglow

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13 2nd grade

I voted this and how is KINDERGARTEN harder? - BlueBobYT

What this is the best grade is you have my teacher she adds fun stuff into school like pizza and movies etc. she makes school more fun than what you are thinking anyway we have M.M Monday's and F and F Friday's with math stuff I like it and instead of friday we take spelling tests on Thursday and her fridays are either boring finish work fridays or super fun fridays she is the best teacher to have - mathguy37

NaH it's SIMPLE...! - AlphaQ

It's only simple because you're like between 5th-College years. This is when we were back in this grade, so this grade isn't meant for you. - TeamRocket747

We had to do SPELLING TESTS! it was pure torture! :(

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14 Preschool

! I just finished preschool and it was the hardest thing ever! I can't believe I actually survived it! Like, we literally had to sit there and play with toys all day!

I'm sure many people would rather be Preschool age again, and do the easiest studies ever. TOYS! No exams, no essays, no homework and no nightmare subjects that are too hard for you while the "know it alls" say "Its very important! Learn to get the best job or you will be going to McDonalds."

Preschool can't be matched, like you have to sit down, and play with toys! Any numskull could figure out that this grade is the hardest!

We didn't have naps ever...UK

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15 13th grade

It's definitely hard to pass a grade that doesn't exist

Guess you could call freshman year of college 13th Grade - PackFan2005

Not existing grades were always the hardest

To the people saying it doesn’t exist, it does, or at least it used to. I know someone whose high school had that extra year and I think it’s still an option for anyone wanting extra credits, but I could be wrong. If I am though, there’s also college which is technically 13th grade. - 3DG20

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