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1 McLaren P1

This car is always my favorite car in EARTH even in 2020 because the exterior and interior look insane. I also love the big spoiler at the back. It just make even more cooler

I'm an American Muscle car guy through and through and generally I don't understand the appeal of flashy super cars but the McLaren P1 is a very purposefully built car and is the definitive McLaren and the best car to ever be produced in the UK.

Ground breaking, fire spitting exhaust. Beautiful sound and design. Performance that still holds up today. What's not to love?

I think this is the coolest the down side is the price yeah the price is big but it goes super fast

2 Porsche 918 Spyder

McLaren is my favorite brand but Porsche's 918 is the better car 887 bhp, less than the p1 but beats the laferrari and the p1 on the track definitely deserves 1st place here.

Porsche should be number 1, less power than the p1 and la Ferrari and much much faster

Why is it 19th place that car is 845k for 887hp. Also it's a hybrid and the only supercar on sale.

918 spyder or normal one I don't care because it's a porsche.

3 Ferrari LaFerrari

One of the greatest supercars of all time. top speed 218mph (349kmh). its engine sound is incredible, 789hp, and once you add the boost from the electric motor, this monster produces 963hp, by far the most out of the holy trinity. A v12 + an electric motor is an incredible combination ferrari put in, to achieve acceliration like a veyron. 0-60mph (100kmh approx) in 2.5 seconds The greatest car ever HANDS DOWN

I love Ferrari. Wish I could afford one. I don't really think this is the best supercar ever but it is the best here. A number of people agree that the best supercar ever was the Ferrari F40. Why isn't that here?

This has to be a menacing ferrari ever due to the headlights.

I think laferrari is the best hypercar for all time

4 McLaren F1

If anyone knows cars the top 3 greatest cars is as follows; and by the way I have driven all three so I know which one is better in my opinion...are you ready? far is the McLaren F1 it held the world's fastest production for nearly 10 years before Bugatti de-throned it. It is so rare that when the last one came up for sale (It had less than 6k miles on it) it was going to $20,000,000 that's right 20 million dollars. When this car first went for sale it was going for 1.3 million so think about the re-sale value and look at the other cars on this list. Not even close boys and girls.

2. Koenigsegg Agera R...this all I have say...nothing else...almost a tie for 1st place. Oh by the way it is the current fastest production car in the world. Hands down the King of the current super cars. This cars beats Bugatti, Porsche 911 Spyder, and Ferrari, and lets not forget Pagani. This super car manufacturer is in another class of their own. Just wait till the Koenigsegg Jesko ...more

Incredible. 253mph by a car that came out 25 years ago, and its still faster than a the whole holy trinity, as fast as a veyron (the original veyron) AND still one of the fastest, greatest and most iconic supercar of all tine

Bugatti may be the fastest but f1 is the greatest driving machine ever

Fastest production car for 12 years in a row

5 Lamborghini Aventador

This 750 horsepower is a beast. It beat the Nissan Gtr. Beat the Porsche 918 Spyder. And most liked hyper car in the world.

Best looking car in the world!


It's An Awesome Supercar By Lamborghini. I like The Design and Sound of The Car.

6 Nissan GT-R

The best car from nissan it even defeats ferarri italia in drag races!

It is the beast. It defeats every car in drag.

7 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Best SuperCar and also number 1 fastest car of 2014, has an speed of 267 mph and horsepower 1200 hp... !

Deserves to be at the 1st position

The Veyron has 1,200 metric horsepower and a top speed of 431.074 km/h.

0-97 km/h time of 2.4 seconds, an aero package, and a carbon fiber body.


8 Bugatti Veyron
9 Pagani Huayra

Beautiful in natural carbon

Looks so cool

10 Koenigsegg Agera R

This car is really better than the Bugatti: Not only the speed reaches an insane 442 km/h, but it was also handmade and (nearly) unbeatable. It is also environmental friendly as it is able to run on both biofuel and regular petrol.

The Ultimate in engineering. Awesome Car.

It's a car with super speed and super look..

My 2nd favorite in current collection, behind the Regera

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11 Pagani Zonda Cinque

The best sounding v12

12 Lamborghini Veneno

I think it should be in number 1 'cause it looks good, sounds good, costs a lot and there are only three of them present in the world...

Actually there are NOT three worldwide. There are 14 worldwide: 9 roadasters, 3 for customers and 2 for lamborghini itself.

Insanest most amazing car ever... Too busy staring at the veneno to check my spelling...

Ah, sounds good. I'll have one, methinks.

13 Ferrari F40

It was the first "Production" car to reach the 200mph mark

14 Zenvo ST1

This car looks like a bad guy

15 Bugatti Chiron

The successor of the legendary Veyron is definitely superior to it.
Production started in 2016 and the brand new Sport edition is already available.

Love their vibrant interior colors

It's the blimin fastest car in the world!. course its gonna be in the top 10. more like top one.

16 Lamborghini Miura

A true classic and arguably the original, and most beautiful, supercar. All these hypercars (Agera, the Holy Trinity of HYPERCARS eh em, both Bugattis) while I admit they are fantastic, it isn't fair to compare them to modern or older supercars. If the price is 1 mil. or above, there are less than a thousand made, or it goes 230+ mph, it is a hypercar (even the Mclaren f1, which is the first hypercar). No hate, no offense, just my opinion.

A True Lamborghini

17 Porsche Carrera GT

Should be #2, behind the Mclaren F1

18 McLaren MP4-12C
19 Lamborghini Diablo

The original Supercar!

20 Ford GT

Ford is awesome

21 Lamborghini Centenario

What is the autobot who used this? It's hotrod of course. Because it's a superfast car.

Love it. Cool design. Very fast.

22 SSC Ultimate Aero

The TT variant of the car is a top speed world record holder (412.21 km/h - 256.14 mph) since 2007.
The record of the American super car was broken three years later by Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

23 Lamborghini Huracan

Definitely one of the best supercars of all time.

Gotta love this car

Nice looking

24 Ferrari 250 GTO

It might not be the best in all classifications, but it has surpassed all expectations of performance, speed and exclusivity for its time and beyond!

25 Lamborghini Countach

Can’t beat the classics

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