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1 Doggy Doo Board Game

What obsession do people have with dogs doing their business?! There are WAY too many movies, books, games, and toys about dog poop and pee. Seriously, Doggie Doo?! You have to collect dog crap! What kind of game is that?! Why would anyone want to collect dog crap in the first place?! Plus, the Get A Life and Rub the Whale thing we're kind of funny. I'm out! This game is crap!

Yes. Its a Board game that includes 4 players who is trying to pick up dog poop with a scooper and who ever gets it wins. Come On Goliath games! Could your board game ideas be any more stupider? I mean first Pop the Pig now this? What's next? Rub the whale? Where you jerkoff the whale and who ever gets blasted in the face losses? Like seriously. And guys. Please add more items on this list.

When I first saw the commercial I thought the company that made it was Get A Life, which they clearly need.

Is this really what young children find amusing? Scooping layers of dog crap and swapping their crap with other players? What's wrong with kids, and what's wrong with the person that made this sick game? - SheepBuggy

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2 Baby Wee Wee

I remember when I was a kid I wanted this, I had a toy bath for dolls, My mum said "No! " But I wasn't bothered, I was not upset. But looking back it was a stupid and disgusting doll. That I'm glad I never got the doll.

This toy is so inappropriate, I think it got banned. Basically it is an anatomically correct doll that drinks water, walks around for a few minutes, and tells you that it needs to pee and holds its crotch. You let it pee into a plastic potty before time runs out sitting down... or STANDING UP. Yes, it has a plastic penis as crooked as Gonzo's nose, just like a website said. I saw a commercial of it, which made my interests of the doll go down a lot less. Thank gosh Baby Alive is more kid-friendly. Another thing, there is another version of this doll that doesn't walk, and has a MOVING PENIS, and there was a DAD in the commercial. Enough said. I'm out.

This is so inappropriate yet it's for 4 year olds! First, they have boy parts and girl parts, you have to pull their pants down and see them. I've always wondered what the pee was. Next, I want to have the toy rated 15 and up.

This toy was recommended for girls, most toys recommended for girls are things like baby dolls, most baby dolls didn't have testicles and they didn't need to go to the bathroom constantly. This will show children what testicles look like, and I'm sure children will do a lot of inappropriate stuff with it. - SheepBuggy

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3 Pee and Poo Plush Toys

My cousin has a pee one

My cousins have a plush pee toy. No joke.

Name explains it. Ugly things that come from butts, vaginas, and penises turn into plush toys. Who came up with that idea?!

Sounds weird. Never heard of it

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4 Shopkins

Extreme waste of money. Most of the packs contain duplicates and the limited editions are impossible to get. In the end they are just useless pieces of plastic wasting your money. You are better off buying your kid a Barbie doll since they can brush its hair and change its clothes and you know what your buying (not a blind bag)

Am I actually the only one who likes Shopkins? Just me? Okay...

I actually like these! I almost have everyone from Season 4! But the Merch... GOODNESS no

Waste of plastic and money, anyone who’s sane knows that theses things were forged in hell.

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5 Furby Boom

This thing turns evil and starts chanting voodoo! Once you turn it on it won't stop babbling for like 3 hours the only way to put it to sleep automatically is to pull it's tail for 10 seconds but it wakes up so easily with any sudden movement. My sister's furby went to sleep and never woke up ( we were all happy) most annoying toy EVER!

Its noises are horrible. It could be used as a guard dog thanks to its ability to wake up to any sudden movement. I am not happy they were not blown from existence. They might fool you because of their cute & funny ways but DO NOT FALL FOR IT. You're welcome for this important message to warn you about the ridiculous fiend furby boom

These toys are annoying in many ways. I'll give you 10 reasons:
1. They never shut up.
2. They're too gassy.
3. They don't have an On/Off switch, so they wake up at any sudden movement and they turn off at any time. 4. They say "Blah Blah Blah", which is rude.
5. They make all kinds of annoying sounds.
6. They have different personalities that are annoying.
7. They speak some Furby language.
8. Newer versions have gone downhill.
9. They do whatever they want.
10. It takes long to change the personality depending on what it is.

I can probably come up with more, but this is all I got right now.

The most annoying phrase ever is this:

"Dee-Bay... Like ee" (with weird intonation) - Mii24

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6 Breast Feeding Baby Doll

Morons want little girls to grow up as 20 year old women at the age of 4. What the hell has the world come to. I thought we had been frozen into the year 3000 like Fry in Futurama with all the technology. But all the disgusting growing up as a young women as a little girl let kids be kids childhood is short...adulthood is longer.

This just crossed the line! Only grown women breast feed, not little girls. This toy has fake boobs that the girl wears, puts the doll on to suck it, and you burp it like a normal baby. Yes, only moms do this. I'm not sure how people like this, or who came up with this in the first place, but whoever those people are are idiots. Plus, why is this Number 13?

Holy crap. THIS IS A THING?! - KingSlayer93316

Name explains it all. - Navylexi

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7 Aqua Dots

Aqua Dots should’ve been for ages 8 and up instead of 4 and up!

Watch out parents, the next tiny ball you might buy for your children could include DATE-RAPE!

They're poisonous.

It makes children choke on it

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8 Barbie

This should be one. It deserves to be. Like if you agree

Barbie is nothing but a selfish stupid brat. She doesn't care about nature, she wont donate any money, and she's a huge stereotype to women. Many Barbie dolls were banned because they are too inappropriate for kids. The Oreos barbie doll got banned because it was racist and offensive to black people. Barbie is too skinny, it's impossible for someone to be that skinny. I want to kill barbie and if I was a president then I'd ban barbie dolls because they're too stereotypical and dumb - SheepBuggy

Damn chill the hell out sheep. Stop being so damn salty. Seriously it's just a toy. You don't need to be acting like Donald Trump wanting to really ban mexicans. Seriously chill out. - SanicHeghog123

I hate barbie so much and I hate mattel! I want to ban barbie and burn them in a big bonfire! Barbie is a bad example for young children, teaching them to not eat and care about their looks 24/7. It teaches them to have a perfect figure. Barbie is so unrealistic and so stupid, yet so darn popular! WHY?! Mattel makes a walk and potty pup. What is with this world and stupid doggy doo doo toys?! The reason above is perfect. They also make barbie with private girl parts and you're supposed to undress them and dress them up again. Who wants to stumble opon a naked barbie doll? These dolls and lots of other dolls are so inappropriate and they should be banned. Barbie can go right down the shoot and so can mattel!

60s-70s Sindy, Patch and Paul are so cute. UK dolls!

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9 Bump 'Em Hump 'Em Robots

What kind of sick parent would buy these for their KIDS? - SheepBuggy

Sounds inappropriate, and SO WRONG.

The kinky alternative to Rock em sock em robots

It looks like a red and blue robot having sex.

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10 Kinder Surprise

I already made a list of reasons to hate this overrated piece of garbage on my old account so I'm just gonna say this.

I remember using YouTube at an early age (10 years old) and I started to explore the depths of the website. That's when I stumbled upon the Humpty Dumpty ad and it traumatized me ever since.

So yeah, to think that a toy associated with a really disturbing ad has been going on for over 40 years now, I literally have no other words.

People who think Fidget Spinners are worse clearly haven't heard of this or its horrifying Humpty Dumpty advert.

How old are you guys the Humpty Dumpty advert was 1983 the 80s and I loved Kinder Surprise when I was a kid and I had the big Kinder Surprise Easter Egg once.

Doesn't change the fact that it's still a horrible advert associated with a horrible toy regardless of what decade both came out in.

If you people thought this toy couldn't possibly get anymore worse, just check out its satanic Humpty Dumpty advert (though I don't recommend watching it at night).

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The Newcomers

? Children's Globes

They were a fun way to look at a model of Earth, also used in classrooms.
Yet some talked, like the LeapFrog globes.
Unfortunately they posed a fire hazard due to their nature, and therefore they were recalled. - Gregory

? Toy Instruments

The paint making the colors contained excessive levels of lead far surpassing the CPSC's/AAP's limit along with the legal paint limit.
Therefore they were recalled. - Gregory

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11 Nerf Guns

Woah we got an overprotective parent two spaces below me!

Nerf guns are so dangerous because if you shoot a nerf bullet on your eye your eye well come out and I think I have to call the Ambulance

I love these! - CartoonCriticizer

Am I the only one here that likes them?

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12 Atomic Energy Lab

Who puts uranium in a kids toy?!

Seriously.Uranium Have the creators of this toy gone insane or what

It should be "Urine-ium" - Mii24

These are RADIOACTIVE ☢ - Mii24

13 Fidget Spinners Fidget Spinners

Seems like these were every where in march, aprik may june 2017, I was in my last year of high school in 2017, and my last 4 months of school I seen fidget spinners with lots of students

They distract school students, therefore they’re banned at schools, but however they contain dangerous amounts of lead, at 33,000 parts per million (3.3%), which is more than enough to cause health problems if swallowed, breaking the 40 ppm (0.004%) limit by the AAP by a factor of 825X!
Plus people injure themselves with these toys. - Gregory

I thought this was list about toys, not about spinners. What's so interesting about putting a 3-sided object and spinning with your hand. What are you supposed to do? Watch it and be entertained?! I'd rather watch ferris wheels move at the slowest place possible, because surely that would be more fun that just spinning something ridiculous. Hopefully one day the world will destroy all fidget spinners. - FJS19

Bullies suck fidget spinners are better

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14 Austin Magic Pistol
15 Toy Swords
16 Simba Rafiki Toy

It's Lion King porn. Oh god... - Powerfulgirl10

One of the most disgusting toys ever made.

There's nothing wrong with this.. what

17 Avenging Unicorn
18 World Trade Center Toy

Would've been more suitable if this toy came out before 9/11 and it was build the towers. 20th century (whatever year they had been built) to 2000 (the year before 9/11)

God. Did they have to make a 9/11 reference? - Powerfulgirl10

9/11 toys are supposed to be way higher

Sad. A horrible reminder of 9/11.

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19 Avenging Narwhal
20 Littlest Pet Shop Fashems

SOMEONE FOUND AN Elsa Fashem and forced me to take it, my dog destroyed the rubber (I'm happy now and my dog is fine)

Fash ems Have Toxic Water In Them.

Why on earth is this #12? - Mii24

I've seen many YouTube videos of mashems or fashems. And I've seen many YouTubers complaining that the paint is sticky and sometimes comes off

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21 Barbie Midge & Baby Happy Family by Mattel
22 Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

They're so disturbing! Who would buy these? - ShopkinsLover

23 Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set

Why the hell? - KingSlayer93316

24 Breaking Bad Dolls
25 Hot Wheels: Light Speeders

Light SPEEDERS? I'll tell you this now. Solar Powered toys and car toys don't go well together. It's not even going to go fast. And anything with wheels probably won't work at all in the sun by itself. So kids, just give up.

As if any kid's going to go outside in the sun, and probably get cancer. - SheepBuggy

Solar powered racing cars? What happens here is you have to keep the light shined on it. You make it move a centimetre, then another centimetre, then you throw the damn thing away.

Lolz. didn't know those even existed. BUt they sound stupid - username34

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26 Megabloks

Cool I think I still have these

In my opinion, these are better than Legos because I grew up with them. (I am going to get a lot of hate for this)

My cousin likes to play with megabloks and to be honest their vehicle's are more detailed then Legos. - NovaSupreme

Think about it. You can build a skyscraper out of Lego without worrying about it collapsing. But with Mega Blocks the skyacraper can collapse easily

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27 BeyWarriors

I saw this on a ad the next thing I did was turn off the T.V.

What happens when you turn a great toy franchise like Beyblade into some overly gimmicky, unrelatable pile of junk... Beywarriors and Beyraiderz.

28 Easy Bake

My little sister got one after begging for it for months before Christmas. we finally got it for her and after she made her first batch of centimeter long "cookies," she said it was stupid and never used it once after that. - username34

There is one in our house...we never used it.

Children could put their fingers in the oven to get their cookies out, and they'll burn their poor little fingers. I know kids want to be like their parents, but this isn't safe. And if a kid really wants cookies so badly, won't you just be a good parent and just BUY them cookies?

Easy Bake Is Way Too Dangerous For Kids! They could burn their finger!

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29 Toy Penguin

Well, heres the story, I remember seeing it a while back. There was once a line of toy penguins that had a top wooden part (head and arms) put on top of a plastic ball filled with some powder. So one day, a kid decided to tear it apart to see what was inside it and he got a face full of the powder. Apparently, the penguin had many defects along with it besides the powder and the toy company lost a lot of money. - Yatagarasu

What's wrong with toy penguins? Penguins are cute animals, what's wrong with having a toy one? - SheepBuggy

Hey whats wrong with toy penguins? You suck you jerk!

I thing it's referring to the toy penguins that had a bunch of nails and spikes holding it together

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30 Cabbage Patch Kids Doll

Perfect way to ruin your company: cannibal dolls.

What were those people thinking when they made a doll that eats plastic food, and can eat hair and fingers? There isn't even an off switch, so maybe that causes death?! Poor guys. Plus, this doll looks creepy.
I feel bad for those people who got hurt because of this deadly toy. I still think Lawn Darts are deadlier. This toy is like a paper shredder that shreds body parts. Thank God I don't have this ugly doll.

They were supposed to eat little plastic foods, but then they started feasting on kids' fingers, toes, and hair, one girl was scalped and killed because of this
There was no off switch, resulting in kids having their hair pulled out and their fingers and toes broken

They're just old dolls with clothing big enough to fit tiny babies, literally. - Anonymousxcxc

I never understood their appeal. The Dolls faces look like Butts with eyes.

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31 McDonald's toys

Depends on what toy, I have had some good toys from mcdonalds as a kid, and some bad toys, I have had an annoying spy gear lock toy, that sucked, and some good toys, like some shrek 3 toys, and some power ranger and green lantern toys and incredibles toys from the first incredibles, but I have gotten the odd toy that sucked

Remember the "Finding Nemo Jellyfish"? - mcdonalds_sucks

McDonalds toys were fine until now, nowadays they just give you piles of plastic. Old ones were great though - SheepBuggy

Boring Toys Indeed - penis

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32 Monsuno

What the heck is this anyway?

This is a show...

This is an anime - SheepBuggy

T.V. show and toys...

33 Monster High Doll

I received one and hid it under the couch

They are super weird, a two headed doll is coming in 2016. Seriously!?!? A two headed doll for kids! That pushes it.

I'll give you the answer to why Mommy and Gracie I boxing these all the time: IT'S BECAUSE THEY LIKE THEM AND HAVE AN OPINION. Plus, I don't really like them that much.

They're ugly and once again, it's just girly crap. I was so annoyed when someone gave me this for my birthday. - SheepBuggy

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34 LEGO Friends

Yeah, I know. Legos are completely fine, but Lego friends has actually been deemed the worst toy of 2012 on multiple lists. The reason why is not because there is a choking hazard or anything, but because its too girly. for instance, they made a martial arts set for Lego friends and instead of it being normal, everything was bright pink, light blue, some grey, a lot of white, and flowers everywhere, and the person who was the martial artist looked like she just came out of a hair salon or something. Completely steriotypical girly crap. so stupid. - username34

The Lego company tries to make a Lego toy for girls and guess what? There failed! I mean Lego is for creating something imaginative. Not something that looks like a create your own doll house set! That's A REALLY BAD IDEA! So Bottom line, These toys suck.

Seriously Lego? You made could have made a giant space star, or a large tower sculpture, these days you make Lego Barbie mini figures that don't even look like Lego

It's quite fun, actually. That is, if you want them to be tomboys. I don't play with my Lego Friends all the time, but the sets are truly amazing. Like the tour bus. I prefer to keep them as a set, so that it looks cool.

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35 Pop The Pig

I don't get it why do you have to make a pig fat aren't they already fat like come on and there's a PURPLE HAMBURGER THAT NIS NOT POSSIBLE IN LIFE!

36 Buckyballs

1,700 were treated for internal injuries after swallowing magnets that got connected inside the body. - Gregory

37 Mr. Potato Head

My baby sister is so obsessed with Toy Story 3, that she got two Potato Heads, and Toy Story figures for Christmas. I think the movie and the toys are okay.

LIARS this toy is awesome take it off the list now you put every toy on this list take this off!

What's wrong with this toy? I love these toys! - SheepBuggy

During their escape from the Sunnyside prison in Toy Story 3, Mr. Potato Head used his movable parts to become Mr. Tortilla Head, then Mr. Cucumber Head before Bullseye gave the toy back his plastic potato. - playstationfan66

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38 Toy Omnitrix

Man of Action should be called Man of Boringness.

The Omnitrix is a cool toy. It belongs to a cartoon character whose name is Ben Tennyson (from Ben 10). Ben 10 is created by Man of Action. Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network. - playstationfan66

I don't see the need for this to be on the list. It wasnt a choking hazard or an inappropriate toy just a cool toy to play with

Who put this here? It's the beat toy! - Jay12

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39 Gooey Louie

This game is so messed up. I don't get why the little kids like this. - Powerfulgirl10

Seriously? First dog and now this!

Stop making gross toys Goliath - Tyoshi

It's disgusting

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40 Beyblades

I remember the old spinning tops not Beyblades.

nooo way

41 Lol Dolls

These things look so ugly in my opinion.

All LOL Dolls do is grab your money. The LOL Big Surprise seriously?! Oh, and now they have the Bigger Surprise to grab double the money! The LOL Pets have hairstyles Like girls! Obviously the worst toy craze. Pokemon is so much better than this garbage!

(don't hate me for this) They're really cute! Sometimes, I might break my nails from opening, but I love them! - ShopkinsLover

Mewtwo from Pokémon is cuter than any of the Lol dolls. The big eyes that stare into you soul and the open mouths to these dolls are creepy. Also, the new Fuzzy Pets are covered in fibres which you have to remove in order to see the pet you have, which will trash your home, kids could also breathe the fibres in. Each Lol should get attacked by Mipha from Zelda and her Lightscale Trident 1,000,000 times.

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42 Bratz

Their faces are creepy. I have a custom Demi Lovato doll that looks 100000000 times better than Bratz.
- TheDuttyGyal

Yeah Brat. Thank God these dolls were after my childhood.

Bratz. Name explains it all. - Mii24

43 Teddy Ruxpin

He is on earth of the creepiest toys on the planet!

In the retro bookazine.

He scares little kids back in the 80s - andrewteel

44 Polly Pocket

They used to be small enough to fit inside your pockets, but recently they made them bigger to prevent choking hazards, but there are still small pieces that would lead to that. - Gregory

They can barely fit in your pocket anymore - TimmyTurner

Remember when Polly Pocket was little. I had Polly Pocket Perfume which was just really a scented bracelet kids perfume, My Little Fairytale. Goldilocks and the three bears Polly Pocket and magical moving.

45 Lawn Darts

A game about dog poop is one thing, huge dangerous toys that pierced a kid's skull among many other separate cases of injuries is worth #1 on this list.

Number 1 glad its banned why did they make it in the first place

What was the creator thinking of creating a game that uses murder weapons.

Why is this 11?!?!?! This should be at least 5!

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46 Ugly Snugglies

Don't judge someone by their looks! Meanie - SheepBuggy

I saw a commercial about them. UGH... just hearing their name makes me shudder!

Sounds pretty stupid

You meant Ugglys Pet Shop?

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47 Furreal Friends

If this said Funeral Friends, then that would be sad and inappropriate. These toys are okay.

Lol I thought this was Funeral Friends at first

There is a crapping dog like always... Why...?!

SO many toys involve crapping dogs... I hate people now...!

They're fine, but the pooping pets are just a big no. - Powerfulgirl10

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48 The Emoji Movie Toys

This should be either #1 or #2!

Wait... THERE'S TOYS OF THIS?! Oh god why? - KingSlayer93316

49 Giant Microbes Ebola Virus Plush Toy

Who made this? - KingSlayer93316

OK. Who the hell made this?

50 Pokeball containers from Burger King

Usually, toys from fast food restaurants suck.

Kids must have had disabilities if they were recalled for choking on these. a kid with a regular brain wouldn't.

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