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1 Doggy Doo Board Game

What obsession do people have with dogs doing their business?! There are WAY too many movies, books, games, and toys about dog poop and pee. Seriously, Doggie Doo?! You have to collect dog crap! What kind of game is that?! Why would anyone want to collect dog crap in the first place?! Plus, the Get A Life and Rub the Whale thing we're kind of funny. I'm out! This game is crap!

Yes. It's a Board game that includes 4 players who is trying to pick up dog poop with a scooper and who ever gets it wins. Come On Goliath games! Could your board game ideas be any more stupider? I mean first Pop the Pig now this? What's next? Rub the whale? Where you jerkoff the whale and who ever gets blasted in the face losses? Like seriously. And guys. Please add more items on this list.

Walmart pulled this board game from their shelves. I'll stick with Domino Rally (the Goliath Games reprint), Girl Talk, Electronic Dream Phone (the 1996 edition), Qwirkle, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan and older board games (California Dreams, Clarissa Explains It All, Round Four, Adverteasing, Outburst Junior, Win Lose or Draw, Last Chance, Sharp Shooters, Flying Thunder, The Omega Virus and any older board game).

This is one of those games that is recommended for 2 year old boys. It makes disgusting noises when the poop is about to come out, and yes. The poop can be red, and then once its dropped the poop, it eats it again! This is probably teaching kids that if you want a pet puppy, YOU'RE going to be the one that cleans its... droppings...

2 Baby Wee Wee

This toy is so inappropriate, I think it got banned. Basically it is an anatomically correct doll that drinks water, walks around for a few minutes, and tells you that it needs to pee and holds its crotch. You let it pee into a plastic potty before time runs out sitting down... or STANDING UP. Yes, it has a plastic penis as crooked as Gonzo's nose, just like a website said. I saw a commercial of it, which made my interests of the doll go down a lot less. Thank gosh Baby Alive is more kid-friendly. Another thing, there is another version of this doll that doesn't walk, and has a MOVING PENIS, and there was a DAD in the commercial. Enough said. I'm out.

I was at a summer daycare ( Don't ask ), and the door to our classroom was locked so we had to wait in the preschool room. My younger sister saw a box full of dolls and started rummaging through it. There were about SIX Baby Wee Wee dolls, naked. She screamed and I came to see what was going on. I was so disgusted that I hid them behind a shelf. And get this: I'm a girl, and 4 of those stupid dolls were BOYS!

This toy was recommended for girls, most toys recommended for girls are things like baby dolls, most baby dolls didn't have testicles and they didn't need to go to the bathroom constantly. This will show children what testicles look like, and I'm sure children will do a lot of inappropriate stuff with it.

I remember when I was a kid I wanted this, I had a toy bath for dolls, My mum said "No! " But I wasn't bothered, I was not upset. But looking back it was a stupid and disgusting doll. That I'm glad I never got the doll.

3 Pee and Poo Plush Toys

Name explains it. Ugly things that come from butts, vaginas, and penises turn into plush toys. Who came up with that idea?!

Whenever I got to the mall there's always a store with a plush turd. Always. And yet people buy these?

My cousins have a plush pee toy. No joke.

Sounds weird. Never heard of it

4 Shopkins

I’ll be honest, I like these thing. I used to collect them all the time. I guess my interest in them has faded a little. But that doesn’t mean I forget about them forever.

These plastic wastes are infecting every children's store. I have no idea how a crappy piece of food toy that looks like its arms and nose were bitten off by a rabid monkey can get to the top of an empire of toys. The fanbase is pretty much a bunch of irate 10 year olds who shove their parents into the nearest Toys R Us to gat a 12 pack of these tiny dog poisoners, and make pointless crossovers with Barbie or Elsa with Youtube Capture. then they will go on a manhunt for you if you say anything that they disagree with. Another problem is how much they cost. a normal 12 pack costs 12$, Season 5 has 140 Shopkins (including recolored versions of already existing characters.) 12 x 12 = 144, there are 5 seasons of Shopkins, 5 x 144 = 720$ worth of Shopkins. And that isn't counting the duplicates that you get as well. This goes the same for a lot of Moose's toys as well. Shopkins, in a whole, is an empire of dead-eyed plastic blobs, that want to take over the market and shove their terrible ...more

They are very different to moshi monsters figures and I will explain it to you. 1. Moshi monsters characters only has like 5 food characters. 2. Moshi monster's characters are mostly animals with clothing or references to famous singers (etc, Brocolli Spears, Britney Spear) 6. Shopkins are all food! All of them! not just 5! and they can go on top of your pencils or pens. Moshi monsters don't do that. and clearly a child must be stupid if it happens to choke on one. These aren't bad toys. Problem solved.

Shopping and Moshi Monsters are different. I agree with that guy who said they were different. Here's what I think: Shopkins are collectible store-bought items that are targeted for girls, and Moshi Monsters are just a video game and have collectibles. The collectible thing is common, while all the other things are different.

5 Furby Boom

These toys are annoying in many ways. I'll give you 10 reasons:
1. They never shut up.
2. They're too gassy.
3. They don't have an On/Off switch, so they wake up at any sudden movement and they turn off at any time. 4. They say "Blah Blah Blah", which is rude.
5. They make all kinds of annoying sounds.
6. They have different personalities that are annoying.
7. They speak some Furby language.
8. Newer versions have gone downhill.
9. They do whatever they want.
10. It takes long to change the personality depending on what it is.

I can probably come up with more, but this is all I got right now.

Its noises are horrible. It could be used as a guard dog thanks to its ability to wake up to any sudden movement. I am not happy they were not blown from existence. They might fool you because of their cute & funny ways but DO NOT FALL FOR IT. You're welcome for this important message to warn you about the ridiculous fiend furby boom

This thing turns evil and starts chanting voodoo! Once you turn it on it won't stop babbling for like 3 hours the only way to put it to sleep automatically is to pull it's tail for 10 seconds but it wakes up so easily with any sudden movement. My sister's furby went to sleep and never woke up ( we were all happy) most annoying toy EVER!

Why is this on here?! Furby Boom can be annoying at times, but it's also VERY cute. It even has its own app where it has little baby Furby Booms called Furblings. I don't get why this is number one, this toy is awesome with a side of mind of its own.

6 Breast Feeding Baby Doll

Morons want little girls to grow up as 20 year old women at the age of 4. What the hell has the world come to. I thought we had been frozen into the year 3000 like Fry in Futurama with all the technology. But all the disgusting growing up as a young women as a little girl let kids be kids childhood is short...adulthood is longer.

This just crossed the line! Only grown women breast feed, not little girls. This toy has fake boobs that the girl wears, puts the doll on to suck it, and you burp it like a normal baby. Yes, only moms do this. I'm not sure how people like this, or who came up with this in the first place, but whoever those people are are idiots. Plus, why is this Number 13?

I would really like to know what company made Breast Feeding Baby Doll.

You want your little girl to prepre the stress of breastfeeding? Get this doll!

7 Aqua Dots

Watch out parents, the next tiny ball you might buy for your children could include DATE-RAPE!

This toy is meant for sex offenders.

It makes children choke on it

Rip off of beados period

8 Barbie

I think Barbie and Ken's are great as now we have Prosetic limb barbie, Vitiligo barbie, long hair ken, broad ken, Dad Bod ken, Beard ken and bald barbie. Barbie and kens are more different

I hate barbie so much and I hate mattel! I want to ban barbie and burn them in a big bonfire! Barbie is a bad example for young children, teaching them to not eat and care about their looks 24/7. It teaches them to have a perfect figure. Barbie is so unrealistic and so stupid, yet so darn popular! WHY?! Mattel makes a walk and potty pup. What is with this world and stupid doggy doo doo toys?! The reason above is perfect. They also make barbie with private girl parts and you're supposed to undress them and dress them up again. Who wants to stumble opon a naked barbie doll? These dolls and lots of other dolls are so inappropriate and they should be banned. Barbie can go right down the shoot and so can mattel!

Barbie is nothing but a selfish stupid brat. She doesn't care about nature, she wont donate any money, and she's a huge stereotype to women. Many Barbie dolls were banned because they are too inappropriate for kids. The Oreos barbie doll got banned because it was racist and offensive to black people. Barbie is too skinny, it's impossible for someone to be that skinny. I want to kill barbie and if I was a president then I'd ban barbie dolls because they're too stereotypical and dumb

Damn chill the hell out sheep. Stop being so damn salty. Seriously it's just a toy. You don't need to be acting like Donald Trump wanting to really ban mexicans. Seriously chill out.

People say that these toys are bad because they are too skinny. Don't get me wrong, I hate them too, but some people can't help but be skinny. It's basically the same thing as being fat: it's a real problem. Sure, it's worse to be fat. I'm very skinny myself, and am trying hard to get FATTER. No matter how much I eat, I never manage to gain weight. And you know it's gone too far when 8-YEAR-OLDS CAN LIFT YOU UP!

9 Bump 'Em Hump 'Em Robots

God these toys are so horrible and messed up. They act like they are rapists.

I agree the name is inappropriate then kids will talk about humping!

What kind of sick parent would buy these for their KIDS?

The kinky alternative to Rock em sock em robots

10 Kinder Surprise

I already made a list of reasons to hate this overrated piece of garbage on my old account so I'm just gonna say this.

I remember using YouTube at an early age (10 years old) and I started to explore the depths of the website. That's when I stumbled upon the Humpty Dumpty ad and it traumatized me ever since.

So yeah, to think that a toy associated with a really disturbing ad has been going on for over 40 years now, I literally have no other words.

These are all the rage on YouTube kids videos nowadays. They're just chocolate eggs with a boring foil picture. the capsules can also be impossible to open sometimes, And also, Most of the toys are cheap plastic rubbish you can forget it in less in ten days. The only thing I like is the SpongeBob toys. Other than that the crap in it is boring. Kinder, step up your game and make more quality toys n quantity junk.

Kinder surprise, a candy in most countries (but not the United States). It’s primarily infamous for a 1980s advert which depicts a human fleshed Humpty Dumpty like character. This character shouts such random gibberish as “chocadoobie! ” And scares the viewer. Welcome to the uncanny valley.

If you people thought this toy couldn't possibly get anymore worse, just check out its satanic Humpty Dumpty advert (though I don't recommend watching it at night).

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11 Nerf Guns

It's stupid and Kids who get them and then get a airsoft gun afterwards calls the attachment rails "tactical rails" which is annoying and utterly nonsense.
And most of the guns are big bulky wastes of plastic and costs so much money...

Why is this on the list? Sure it can be used for bullying and can pop an eye, but there is a warning for the eyes

If you can't get airsoft guns or anything or they don't let you use them where you live, I guess nerf guns are the next best thing.

Nerf guns are good but over rated and overpriced boom I is more accurate and cheaper

12 Atomic Energy Lab

Who puts uranium in a kids toy?!

Seriously.Uranium Have the creators of this toy gone insane or what

It should be "Urine-ium"

13 Fidget Spinners

I don't get this whole thing with fidget spinners,People use it in the most crazy ways. From some people trying to make it out of valuable gold or diamond or platinum,to some trying to attach it to their vehicles to try and make them faster(in one case a LAMBORGHINI) or even making their own crazy creations with it. People are also reckless with them.

Sometimes people can very well go to a hospital because "a spinner hit a little girl in the eye" or "this person tried to cross the road to retrieve his precious spinner but he got hit by a car" or "this person beat up this man for taking his fidget spinner" I do hope this trend dies soon.

I thought this was list about toys, not about spinners. What's so interesting about putting a 3-sided object and spinning with your hand. What are you supposed to do? Watch it and be entertained?! I'd rather watch ferris wheels move at the slowest place possible, because surely that would be more fun that just spinning something ridiculous. Hopefully one day the world will destroy all fidget spinners.

They distract school students, therefore they’re banned at schools, but however they contain dangerous amounts of lead, at 33,000 parts per million (3.3%), which is more than enough to cause health problems if swallowed, breaking the 40 ppm (0.004%) limit by the AAP by a factor of 825X!
Plus people injure themselves with these toys.

These are some of the most dangerous toys around. they're putting kids with autism and ADHD in danger of getting hit or shredded, yet distracted, so by no means should you ever order or buy fidget spinners.
They should be banned.

I've heard 5 days ago, some kid broke a fidget spinner piece and put it in her mouth and she swallowed it.

14 Austin Magic Pistol
15 Toy Swords
16 Simba Rafiki Toy

One of the most disgusting toys ever made.

It's Lion King porn. Oh god...

There's nothing wrong with this.. what

17 Avenging Unicorn
18 World Trade Center Toy

Would've been more suitable if this toy came out before 9/11 and it was build the towers. 20th century (whatever year they had been built) to 2000 (the year before 9/11)

A crazy company called Lisy Corp made this. This toy was recalled

God. Did they have to make a 9/11 reference?

Sad. A horrible reminder of 9/11.

19 Avenging Narwhal
20 Littlest Pet Shop Fashems

I've seen many YouTube videos of mashems or fashems. And I've seen many YouTubers complaining that the paint is sticky and sometimes comes off

Why on earth is this #12?

If here'd of mlp not lps

SOMEONE FOUND AN Elsa Fashem and forced me to take it, my dog destroyed the rubber (I'm happy now and my dog is fine)

21 Barbie Midge & Baby Happy Family by Mattel Barbie Midge & Baby Happy Family by Mattel Product Image
22 Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards Product Image

They're so disturbing! Who would buy these?

23 Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set Blue Q Drug Dealer Magnet Set Product Image

Why the hell?

24 Breaking Bad Dolls
25 Hot Wheels: Light Speeders

Light SPEEDERS? I'll tell you this now. Solar Powered toys and car toys don't go well together. It's not even going to go fast. And anything with wheels probably won't work at all in the sun by itself. So kids, just give up.

Solar powered racing cars? What happens here is you have to keep the light shined on it. You make it move a centimetre, then another centimetre, then you throw the damn thing away.

As if any kid's going to go outside in the sun, and probably get cancer.

Lolz. didn't know those even existed. BUt they sound stupid

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