Most Disappointing Game of Thrones Episodes


The Top Ten

1 The Long Night

Think about it, The Night King, the most dangerous and evil villain in the history of Game Of Thrones... killed in the most cartoonish and illogical way possible, the episode that should be the most epic and intense of all the show, reduced to a cartoon-ish battle - Pato_cargo

This episode cements the fact Arya is the show runner's pet and favored one. - CrimsonShark

The last 3 episodes should be Serially #1 to 3. - Undistinguished

2 The Bells

Same reason as with The Long Night, should be the episode that shows a perfect way to end the arc of many things... and it's reduced into a complete flanderization of most of the characters arc - Pato_cargo

The only part that's worth watching is Cleganebowl. Everything else is either boring, meh, frustrating or outright insulting. This might be the worst episode overall due to how many characters get their arcs wasted and how we get to the finale in wholly low expectations. - CrimsonShark

3 Beyond the Wall

The main problem of this episode is even obvious to say it, this is a episode who didn't even need to be that long, and specially selling it as the next Battle of the Bastards, when it's just something that could have been made in 20 minutes - Pato_cargo

4 The Iron Throne

The finale left so much out and Daenerys villain arc was wasted. - zeroclubsboii

5 The Last of the Starks

Same reason as with the Long Night, and it's objectively the worst episode of the series... however I put it low mainly because I didn't have too much expectations with this episode - Pato_cargo

The way Rhaegal died was so frustrating and illogical that you might as well state Drogon is stronger than Smaug and Alduin because he is made up of plot armor in the scene after.

The next episode makes Rhaegal's death even more embarrassing... - CrimsonShark

6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Is not the controvertial ending what makes this episode get into the list, is the rest of the episode, the Dorne arc was pure trash - Pato_cargo

7 Mother's Mercy

The ending of the fifth season, the main problem isn't just the things that happen in this episode, but how many things happen, there's a difference between an episode like Baelor or the Rain of Castamere, and then this who mostly goes into TWD way and create shock value to make expectations for the next season
PS: With the exception of Cersei's arc, nothing shows a bigger impact in the other characters - Pato_cargo

8 No One

Same reason as with The Red Woman, the previous episode (The Broken Man) create such hype for the upcoming episode, but instead is one of the most filler-fulled episodes in the show, the only positive thing about it is the end of the Bravoos arc - Pato_cargo

9 The House of Black and White
10 The Red Woman

After the events of Mother's Mercy, most of the people expected an epic following for what happened in that episode... the result? One of the most filler-fulled episodes in the show - Pato_cargo

The Contenders

11 Eastwatch
12 Blood of My Blood
13 The Night Lands
14 Winterfell

Same reason as with The Red Woman, previous episode created expectations... and this one doesn't justify them - Pato_cargo

15 Stormborn

Not a bad episode, but probably the less important out of all the seventh season - Pato_cargo

16 Mhysa

Wait, what's wrong with it? Jon returns to the wall, Daenerys frees the slaves bay, Arya kills the guy who cut Catelyn's neck, it might not be the best episode but is not worthing of being here - Pato_cargo

17 The North Remembers
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