Top 10 Disney Princesses that Should Be Created

Some ideas Disney should take into consideration, or you can make OCs of them on your own. I can't really draw, though, lol. I'm just using my mind to imagine how these princesses would look like.
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1 A Mexican/Latina/Hispanic Princess

Since I am Hispanic but mostly Mexican, she has to have an accent, but I kind of don't. It would be nice, sexy, and kind of exotic if a Disney princess could have an accent of any kind. This excludes Elena of Avalor since she doesn't count because she's not a princess of the lineup.

I agree on this one 100%. We have Elena, but we need a Mexican/Latina/Hispanic official Disney princess and movie.

We also need other races and nationalities of princesses as well. One of each.

2 A Plus-Size Princess

Remember, thicker girls, thick can also be beautiful. Thick isn't disgusting. It's just how some of your bodies work. Just because you're bigger doesn't mean you're ugly or out of shape. There is no "in shape". Everybody has a different shape or size.

It's just that all Disney princesses are unrealistically thin. Their waistline is way too slim. So, either Disney should give them a realistic waistline or make a curvy one.

3 A Warrior Princess

It could be a sword-fighting princess.

4 A Princess from Africa

Tiana is African-American and she lives in New Orleans, but she technically doesn't count because she's also American. I think the princess should be from a country in Africa. She could be taken as a hostage and shipped to America as a slave. She would try to deal with her new life but encounter racism from many people there. She would learn to cope and deal with it until she is saved by the king, officials, and soldiers. This princess would just be getting used to her new life and meet someone new, so she stays here in the United States. She gets married to the lucky guy and becomes a "princess" of the county she's in and renounces the role of being a princess in her country. Is this a stupid idea?

5 A Genderfluid Princess

She could be a princess who wants to be a prince, yet she's feminine and tomboyish at the same time.

So cool-sounding! I approve of this idea.

6 An Autistic Princess

She has trouble finding her true voice and doesn't talk much throughout the movie. However, she has a very beautiful voice. At the end, she overcomes her autism, and her self-esteem skyrockets. She sings one song.

As a woman with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I would love to see how Disney would portray this. It's sometimes hard for me to cope with things around me. Seeing Disney tackle this in a film would really be inspirational.

To be honest, that would be interesting. It would be even more interesting if that princess has Asperger's Syndrome, especially since having Asperger's Syndrome, particularly if you're a girl, is rare.

7 A Goth/Emo Princess

But she's not overly dramatic, depressed all the time, or whiny. She enjoys poetry, and her favorite flowers are willows. She wears her hair up in a teased ponytail with a long bang, but when her hair is down, it reaches almost to her waist. Her eyes are purple, and her dress is black with a large neckpiece, like something Victorians used to wear. Her voice lacks emotion. Does it sound like a boring story?

I would love to see this. The closest we have is Sally Skellington, and she isn't an official Disney Princess.

8 A Lesbian Princess

Yeah, they could make a movie where a princess has to pick a prince but falls in love with a girl. She could be the first lesbian princess. Unless Elsa and Honeymaren like each other.

This takes place around the time about two months before I was born, in the Netherlands, where gay marriage was first legalized.

I would love this so much, but Disney wouldn't do it because other countries wouldn't want it. However, I think they want to hint at that, like Elsa in Frozen II.

9 A Non-Human Princess
10 A Witch Princess

Disney, I'm begging you! Pay Steven Schwartz to make Wicked into a Disney movie and add Princess Elphaba to the franchise!

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11 A Bald Princess

Hair or no hair, bald is beautiful. You don't need hair to prove anything. You're automatically beautiful if you've shaved it all off or can't grow any hair.

12 A Princess with Short Hair

Rapunzel doesn't count because she had her hair cut, but it grew back that fast.

13 A Bisexual Princess

And she could be in a love triangle between a girl and a boy and have feelings for both.

14 A Tomboy Princess
15 A Fox-Girl Princess
16 An Evil Princess

She has glowing red eyes from her curse, pale skin, and black hair that goes down to her butt crack. She wears a sexy red and black dress that is long in the back and short in the front, reaching to her lower thighs. She also has a matching cloak and lots of jewels. She can fly, has a talking horse, and is somewhat paranoid and insane. She has schizophrenia and a bad reflex when someone is behind her. She regrets killing her own parents and younger brother.

She then realizes that her actions are not benefiting her or her people, so she takes a break. She tries to get her troubles under control with the help of her pets and her only remaining family, her people. It was a long journey for her, but she becomes good, and her eyes revert to their original blue color upon breaking the evil curse. However, she can still fly. Is this a bad idea? It sounds kind of satanic and chaotic, I know.

17 A Transgender Princess

The princess, born a male, is Princess Marcella (previously Prince Marshall). People threatened to kill Marcella just because she is transgender. Princess Marcella grew up around three girls and wanted to be just like them. She let her blond hair get kind of long and started experimenting with the makeup the queen had. One day, Marcella got caught wearing a dress, and her father laughed hysterically at her. Marcella started to cry.

After Marcella's moment of sadness and body dysmorphia, she sneaked out with about USD $250,000 of the royal family's money and went to get surgeries and hormones. This part was skipped over. She was in the hospital recovering from all the procedures. Her family thought she was missing, but Marcella was smart enough to disguise herself. She legally changed her name to Marcella and so on. This is getting too long, lol.

18 A Princess Who Wants to Be King
19 A Dark Princess/Princess of Darkness
20 A Part-Cat Princess
21 A Fairy Princess
22 A Unicorn Princess
23 A Princess Who Wants to Be a Superhero
24 A Japanese Princess

If this happens, then Epcot's Japan pavilion would finally be able to get a ride after all these years!

We already have a Chinese princess. Now I want a Japanese princess.

25 An Inuit Princess
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