Best Pixar Movie Moments

Pixar is best known for making great movies, besides some flaws, but there are very awesome scenes. Lets discuss what they are
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1 "Where is My Supersuit!" (The Incredibles)

I loathe the introduction to Up, it's boring and unnecessary to the rest of the movie, which thankfully is not as bad as that montage would suggest. Let's get something entertaining to the top.

I, uh, put it away...

2 Andy Leaves for College (Toy Story 3)

This is why Toy Story 4 will not make it.

This is why I don't want TS4. The third one had the perfect conclusion

Made me cry a lot.

3 Chasing the Van (Toy Story)

Woody screams while being flown by a rocket attached to Buzz Lightyear. The rocket explodes after Buzz breaks free from it with his pal. Woody shouts: "To infinity and beyond!" They land in Andy's van.

One of those masterpieces... "Buzz, you missed the truck" "We're not aiming for the truck"... was so good that the conspiracy theory community introduced this as the official clip of "Inside Job Bush"

This isn't flying. This is falling - in style!

4 The Intro Montage (Up)

Don't know how anyone can't cry watching this incredibly touching scene.

This one scene is one of the most emotional scenes in animated movies. Super suit is just number one for the meme.

Best opening of any movie, ever.

It makes me sad every time.

5 Door Chase (Monster's Inc.)

I loved this scene as a kid! It was always so intense and it reminded me of some crazy roller coaster.

. Best scene in the entire film!

My favorite Pixar scene.

Best scene of them all

6 Miguel Plays Remember Me to Mama Coco (Coco)

Coco is just a compilation of some of my favorite scenes in movies in general, and this one is an example.

I don't get emotional very much and didn't cry at this moment.

This is the one that always gets me.

7 The Garbage Fire Scene (Toy Story 3)

I love how they are all about to burn. Gutting

8 McQueen Lets the King Finish His Final Race (Cars)

This took my vote over the Van chase scene from Toy Story because of McQueen's humility.

9 "He Touched the Butt!" (Finding Nemo)

Ok, seeing it spelled out, even I know that doesn't sound right! But it was hilarious

I think it's so funny

10 Jack Jack Fights the Raccoon (The Incredibles 2)

This felt like something out of Ice Age. So comically slapstick.

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11 Wall-E and EVE Flying in Space (Wall-E)

Best use of a fire extinguisher!

I loved this moment

I love this movie

12 "Boo?" "Kitty!" (Monsters Inc.)

*Watching the moment right before this*
My brother: Niamh, prepare yourself for the tears! Here are the tissues!

This one is the only one that makes me cry!

Boo is adorable!

13 Bob Discovers Syndrome's Plans (The Incredibles)
14 The Prison Breakout (Toy Story 3)
15 Flaming Death Fail (A Bug's Life)
16 Return to Earth (Wall-E)

Last bit so dramatic

17 The Bird Attack (A Bug's Life)

A Bug's Life has lots of great scenes and things about it. More proof that this movie is getting overshadowed by other films...

18 Dory Speaking Whale (Finding Nemo)

Am I the only one who tries speaking whale after watching this movie?

Dory is so...wait, what was I gonna say again?

19 Fighting the Omnidroid (The Incredibles)
20 So Long Partner (Toy Story 3)

This is kind of emotional.

21 The Final Battle (Up)
22 Jessie’s Back Story (Toy Story 2)

I used to cry every time.

23 The Intro (Toy Story 2)
24 "You are a Sad, Strange Little Man" (Toy Story)

Not only is that a legendary line, it is also a hilarious line!

"You are a sad, Strange little man. And you have my pity."

Good riddance you looney!

25 Our Town (Cars)
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