Top Ten Most Disturbing Disney Movies

Some Disney movies can be unsettling, they can have creepy moments, such as a death, or maybe it's an extremely strange, out of nowhere scene. Well, this list will detail the Disney movies that are filled to the brim with disturbing moments - Disney isn't the family friendly company you've come to know all the time, sometimes they can be dark.

The criteria for this list is that the items have to be disturbing, unsettling, creepy etc. not necessarily scary at all, so it's different from the scariest Disney movies list.

Anyway, I think I've cleared everything up, let us proceed with the list as we count down the Top Ten Most Disturbing Disney Movies!

The Top Ten

1 Return to Oz

Return to Oz is the sequel (? ) to the classic The Wizard of Oz! The original movie was charming, innocent and just overall a lovely family film...why could the second one be so bad? It's the sequel to a wholesome movie and it's Disney for crying out loud!

Dorothy gets shock treatment at an asylum at the beginning of the film because her aunt and uncle think she is crazy for talking about Oz. Excuse me? This movie is strange, there are these creepy guys on bikes called 'wheelers', which disturbed me a bit, and there was also a whole scene in which Dorothy entered a place full of severed heads...which talked. There are plenty of other things to mention, but I think you've gotten the gist of how disturbing this movie can get. - DapperPickle

The wizard of Oz was a wonderful classic why did they have to ruin it?

I never knew this even existed - Mcgillacuddy

I actually liked this movie, but yeah, the scariness/shock value was quite extreme for a Disney film, it would have freaked me out when I was little. - SailorSedna

2 Pinocchio (1940)

Pinocchio is a cute movie on the surface, but it has some very disturbing stuff in it.The most obvious and well known one being fun island, where every child is invited to do anything they want...what they don't know is that there are sinister motivations behind this...a child turns into a donkey, and is then ENSLAVED by the man running the land - he isn't stopped, neither are the children rescued. The giant whale and the animals trying to kill our puppet pal aren't exactly helping the film either. - DapperPickle

Kids turning into donkeys, being enslaved on fun island and a whale eating Pinocchio enough said - Randomator

I love Pinocchio and it is my favorite of the Walt Disney Animated Classics, but yeah...I wasn't the only one scared by the whole turning into donkey segment...and that still gives me the creeps even today.

And the whole smoking and saying of the word "jackass", well, it was 1940 and there were no rating systems back then... - SailorSedna

This film basically had non-sexual child trafficking in it. What was even scarier was the added humiliation of turning into them into jackasses. - Mcgillacuddy

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3 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a great movie...but it's just a bit dark. Most of the disturbing elements of the film come from the villain - who murders a poor innocent cartoon shoe to show the new way he has found to kill toons. Then at the climax of the movie the main villain and all of his henchmen are all murdered on screen, and even more disturbing is that the villain is a terryifying looking toon himself, and it's just disturbing. Not to mention the whole plot is more mature than your average Disney movie so It's overall a pretty disturbing one. - DapperPickle

Judge Doom melting always scared the crap out of me as a kid. It even creeps me out a little today.

"Remember me, Eddie?! When I killed your brother, I talked JUST...LIKE...THIS! " - phillysports

4 The Black Cauldron

This is Disney's first attempt at some kind of fantasy epic...they failed. But if they were meaning to make it disturbing, then they kinda got it. The Horned King is quite disturbing with his army of the dead and scarily deep voice, and Gurgi sacrificing himself is quite depressing as well. - DapperPickle

Wait till you see some of the deleted scenes/unused animation cels...*shudder*

I hear Jeffery Kratzenburg was the reason for the film failing. - SailorSedna

5 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

I'm more talking about the second half with the headless horseman than anything else. The suspension in this segment is high, the horseman is creepy and the ending is terrifying - you have no idea whether Ichabod lived to see another day for was beheaded by the horseman, if the latter outcome is true it's scary to think that this character you've come to know in the story is actually dead. Just staight on disturbing. - DapperPickle

It's even more disturbing when told through the Disneyland ride because it shows that Mr. Toad went to Hell after dying. - Mcgillacuddy

6 Something Wicked This Way Comes Something Wicked This Way Comes

I own this movie at home and it's quite good, but dark for Disney, definitely.

7 Alice in Wonderland (2010)

This is mostly the CGI- it's good, just quite uncanny and disturbing, especially those bald twins and the big headed queen. - DapperPickle

I regret watching this as a kid - TwilightKitsune

This only seems like part one to the second one.

A awesome film. - girlcool

8 James and the Giant Peach

This movie was good but in my opinion skeleton Donald Duck was scary.

Good movie but skeleton Donald Duck was scary

9 Fantasia

4 words. Night on Bald Mountain. This isn't scary but don't tell me it isn't disturbing at all.The atmosphere, the music, the visuals...everything in this scene is so perfect but also disturbing at the same time - but not to the point that is lessens the quality of the scene at all. - DapperPickle

That scene totally scared me as a kid. - SailorSedna

10 Hocus Pocus

I haven't seen Hocus Pocus but I've seen it been thrown around as disturbing, most likely because the witches do some horrible stuff in the film which if you think about it, it's very disturbing. I'm not certain here, my apologies. - DapperPickle

This movie looks stupid in my opinion

I honestly like the movie. The only dark thing is a witch hypnotizes children’s to suck their soul to make them young.

The Contenders

11 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo is disturbing, but interesting and was voiced by the amazing Tony Jay. - girlcool

I remember being very creeped out by this movie as a kid. Definitely darker than the average Disney movie

12 Dumbo

What about the scene where dumbo drinks alcohol and has hallucinations about pink elephants, that was very eerie and creepy - Wolfenstein_Follower

This. So disturbing with the animal cruelty and suffering

13 Bambi

Good movie (albeit not my favorite), but scarily enough, this film almost displayed a man's corpse of a hunter killed by his own folly but it was cut because a test audience was horrified. It's funny how they cut that out yet at one point when one scared pheasant tries to fly out of fear and is killed, we see her corpse fall to the ground. - SailorSedna

Probably in the list because Bambi mourns the loss of his mother onscreen. - Mahaer_Mahmud

14 Frozen

I have nightmares


15 Wreck-It Ralph

Let's watch her die together, Shall we?

16 The Little Mermaid

No, go and read the book by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel has long hair with white lilies and eight oysters attached to her tail and is unclothed, is 15 years old. Ariel decides to go to the sea witch for help obtaining an immortal soul. The witch makes a potion for Ariel to get legs but walking will feel like she is treading painfully upon knife blades and make her feet bleed. The price for the witch's help is voice. The witch cuts off Ariels tongue. Her tail is painfully split into legs. She wakes up the next morning to find the prince looking at her. She sees she is naked and covers up with her long hair. Ariels walk was so painful she left red marks from blood where she walked. She soaked her feet in the cold sea in the evening to ease the pain. Her sisters visited her each night and one time she saw her father and grandmother in the distance. The prince is arranged to meet and possibly marry a girl from a neighbouring kingdom. But he loves the girl from the temple believed to ...more

17 Princess and the Frog

This has no moral whatsoever.

This movie was distubing, I didn't like the movie at all.

18 The Nightmare Before Christmas

It's just the Halloween theme. Nothing else. - Mahaer_Mahmud

19 The Watcher in the Woods
20 Pocahontas

Now, how is this movie disturbing? But I don't mean to vote this, just wanted to say.

I can't see how it is compared to others that are more darker than this. - htoutlaws2012

21 Old Yeller
22 Brave

This movies had no charactures to like...except the little brothers. Another disney dud!

The story is basically Brother Bear to me when you look back on it how this beat Wreck It Ralph I'll never know. - htoutlaws2012

23 Enchanted

Ok by now your just putting on really good disney classics

24 Tarzan

After rewatching it when I got older I was shocked how disney hung the main villain. His shadow was also a bit freaky.

My favorite Disney movie - BlazingParasol

25 Zootopia

In my opinion, one of the most realistic and better disney films. It is about realities from our society, like prejudices, and discrimination, and the use of fear to control the crowd.

Breaking Bad and Silence of the Lambs references in what's ostensibly a kid's movie.

The naked animals, the Lady Gaga parody and her backup dancers, and the scenes at the asylum and the museum are what qualifies this here. And no, I for one am not giving it a pass because of its timely bleeding heart SJW pandering.

That it's so heavy on blatant social commentary and is getting overpraised for it is disturbing on so many levels.

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26 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

While this is an amazing movie, it's also really creepy at times.

Don't believe me? Look it up.

What about Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too? There's an extremely creepy scene in that one... - Rocko


27 The Black Hole
28 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The scene where the protagonist goes through a scary forest, and then she reaches the Dwarves' houses. That's it. - Mahaer_Mahmud

29 Mulan
30 Tangled
31 Beauty and the Beast
32 Sleeping Beauty
33 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

The racism disturbs me, and I'm Caucasian!

34 The Lion King
35 Toy Story 2

I cried during woody dream where woody is thrown away and these broken toys are killing him

36 The Lone Ranger (2013)

A heart gets torn out and eaten!

37 Lego Jurassic World

*pissed my pants with terror* MY PEEPEE IS SMALL

38 Chicken Little

Way too mean spirited for a Disney movie.

Disturbingly mean-spirited.

39 Cinderella (1950)

The dress ripping scene is self-explanatory.

40 The Incredibles
41 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
42 Home on the Range

Man that utter joke at the beginning...

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