Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments from Non-Disney Animated Movies

An now its time to look back at the most disturbing moments from Non Disney Animated movies not to be confused with the list of Top 10 Darkest Non Disney movie moments, as this lists is more about the most unsettling moments the moments that left you felling disturbed.from the gruesome, twisted or downright make you feel uncomfortable.

The Top Ten

1 Shotgun Scene - Plague Dogs

A really gruesome scene in which one of the dogs accidentally steps on the trigger of a shotgun as I blasts the man in the face as blood spurts out with the man covering his face as he drops down dead what makes it more terrifying is the creepy music that plays. - egnomac

This moment was horrifying to watch.

2 The Mysterious Stranger - The Adventures of Mark Twain

"Life itself is only a vision, A dream. Nothing exists, but an empty space and you. And you are but a thought." - Satan

3 Bunny Massacre - Watership Down

This is animal cruelty.

As if this movie wasn't disturbing enough enter the dog who and massacring the rabbits until Woundwort comes out to confront the dog as the two clash despite not knowing the outcome its safe to say it was not pretty. - egnomac

My gosh, this movie has some dark parts

4 Nolan Murders His Wife and Child - Dead Space Aftermath

After Nolan's experiment on the marker fragment goes horribly wrong and people start turning into monsters known in the game as Necromorphs and start killing the crew he goes to check on his baby child and due to the effects of the marker he hallucinates and sees the baby as a hideous monster and straight up massacres the baby then his wife shows up again looking like a monster in his eyes slaughters her to not realizing that he just massacred his own family still believing they're still alive and safe its not until during Cho's story we see the aftermath of what Nolan did to his wife and kid. - egnomac

5 Hospital Scene - Akira
6 Atomic Bomb Scene - Barefoot Gen

In this scene an atomic bomb is dropped on a city and we see people literally decomposing right before out eye's while others are killed in the wreckage. - egnomac

7 Joker's Torture of Commissioner Gordon - Batman: The Killing Joke

After shooting Barbara paralyzing her and apparently violating her Joker and his crew kidnap Commissioner Gordon and taking him to an abandoned amusement park where they strip him naked and force him on one of the rides where they torture him in order to break him one of which is forcing him to watch countless photos of Barbra from her injuries naked and in pain along the walls. - egnomac

8 Cooking Scene - Sausage Party

After making it to what they believe to be the great beyond the food characters are in excitement until they see what really goes as the movie then turns into a full horror movie as they all sliced, melted, boiled and eaten only one of the characters Barry a wienie manages to make it out alive while Carl another is sliced in half. - egnomac

9 Nightmare Scene - Felidae
10 Charlie's Nightmare of Hell - All Dogs Go to Heaven

The Contenders

11 Rasputin's Death - Anastasia

After Anastasia smashed Rasuptin's green hourglass thing he surfers a horrible death more gruesome than anything seen in a Disney animated movie as he begins to disintegrate as his skin literally melts away as he turns into a skeleton as he turns to dust. - egnomac

12 Rothbart’s Death - The Swan Princess
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