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81 Olivia

I have a neighbor named Olivia

82 Chester
83 Jumpman
84 Fenrir
85 Rudy

I like this one. But Nigel takes some beating. - PositronWildhawk

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86 Lucky

I have a 12 year old small poodle named Lucky! - Pegasister12

I like that name I could use that name for my dog in Minecraft

I've always wanted a little puppy named lucky

Such a adorable and good name!

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87 Snoopy
88 Ringo
89 Buttsniffer

I know a dog named like that... - PugLlama

What the heck?! LOL

This would be hilarious 😂

90 Wolfie

I have a stuffed dog with this name!

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91 Rickston
92 Sadie

I used to have a black Lab named Sadie! She got killed Wild Dogs! If you love this name and are sorry for Sadie please Vote this name!

I am sooo sorry for your loss :(, I love this name, if that makes you feel better.

Sorry RIP sadie

That is so sad.☚ī¸ I love you Sadie!

93 Barney
94 Sparky

My grandparents dog is sparky: he is an adorable white poodle! Wonderful name

I have a dog named Sparky he's so cute

95 Kona


96 Candy

Cute name!

97 Rio
98 Simon

That is a awosome name


99 Layla
100 Toby
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