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81 Snuzzle the Muzzle

Snuzzle the Muzzle?! What kind of name is that!?!?

Awesome name! I'm going to name my dog this

cool name - ChuckLaunching


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82 Snoopy
83 Ringo
84 Buttsniffer V 3 Comments
85 Wolfie

I have a stuffed dog with this name!

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86 Sadie

I used to have a black Lab named Sadie! She got killed Wild Dogs! If you love this name and are sorry for Sadie please Vote this name!

I am sooo sorry for your loss :(, I love this name, if that makes you feel better.

Sorry RIP sadie

That is so sad.☹️ I love you Sadie!

87 Barney
88 Sparky

My grandparents dog is sparky: he is an adorable white poodle! Wonderful name

I have a dog named Sparky he's so cute

89 Kona V 1 Comment
90 Candy V 1 Comment
91 Rio
92 Simon V 2 Comments
93 Layla
94 Toby
95 Sherbet V 1 Comment
96 Charlie Brown

That's my friends dog's name and he is the cutest thing - astro_kitty

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97 Pepper

My pit bull blue heeler mix is named pepper. It's the perfect name.

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98 Riley

I have a dog named riley he's awesome

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99 Bridget

Bridget is such a cute name, boy dog or girl doggy!

100 Shadow

I have a dog named Shadow. Most commonly used for black dogs. My dog is a Black Lab but also follows behind us everywhere like a little shadow

My dog's name is shadow too. I love him he is so soft.

That is my dogs name in real life

Midnight works too

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