Top Ten DotA Scourge Heroes

Here is a list about Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients Scourge Heroes. No Sentinel is listed, only Scourge!

The Top Ten

1 Doom Bringer, Lucifer

Doombringer is dual capable hero. He has very good strength and strength gain and on the other hand he has a huge mana pool, specially at higher levels. So you can use him both as a warrior hero and as a mage hero...

But he sucks in case of base agility and agility gain (but that can be fixed by buying good items).

He leads the Scourge and really is an evil hero! His epic abilities like Doom and level? Death is beyond awesomeness. He is obviously my favorite hero. Six-Six-Six

Lucifer is my best hero.., many times I win, I use this hero

He last technique so awesome to sucks enemy health

2 Night Stalker, Balanar

It's attack speed is totally terrible when it's night it can kill any hero it becomes more easier to kill intelegent hero.

Oops sorry... But I can't stop killing during nighttime, so please stay out of my way

He is very aggressive hero and he has a powerful skill

I am joshua villanda and I using balanar in 5v5 because if I use balanar I am the god in the game because I am darkness

3 Lich, Kel'thuzad

No one can escape with lich frost to frost nova chain at certain many dead without safe opponent was the Lich settle with a skill...

Lich Frost chain same with the name its chain with frost techniques on a frost spell to slow opponent move speed

When he is silenced he can't do any thing..

Dark ritual is just insane

4 Netherdrake, Viper

The best hero for me. Because, this hero have some skill good, and can be a king on late game. Sorry if my English is bad

Awesome viper strike and damage return
Has spell immunity too and 3rd best speed reduce

Because he can beat an enemy even he is not using its own skill.

Perfect one can smash any hero after level 6

5 Bloodseeker, Strygwyr

I were awesome he can regen HP and best killer ever.. I'm like his ultimate skill cause it become powerful when the other hero run away... And the effect from this skill is HP become lower and maybe die when HP under 500...

Sure kill because he have a rapture!

When I play Bloodseeker, I ALWAYS GET ULTRA KILL. But no rampage, sorry. I always play Insane (no battle net) and almost every game I kill OVER 30 and 0 DEATHS. HAHA

Her rapture is solid! When the enemy running whee enemy die easily because is confusing

6 Skeleton King, King Leoric

Can use Reincarnation and kill some dumbass hero

His first technique just like some characters storm bolt to stun opponents then you have chance to attack

He can tank kill the well haha

Just can't die and has a awesome dps

7 Butcher, Pudge

This hero some as a fool because he can decreased his own self for a little damage. And the last technique is like a bitting and opponents you may have a good perfect timing for mass attack

This is ma best hero in dota... I can hook and kill anyone in the game... This is the best hero I have ever seen :D

I choose butcher, because butcher can catch people

Why this guy so low in list, this was they guy who I took my first ramage with please vote him up he deserves at leaat in top 4

8 Shadow Fiend, Nevermore

Can own early game, Mid game, IF fat can OWN

Not best at early games but if you fat him up well, he's gonna rule the game for you.

Killer, but easily killed too.

Just best crazy strong hero

9 Lord of Avernus, Abaddon

Awesome hero, easy to play with and very fast. All his powers are also very effective against every hero

Playing with him is fully safe as he is having his forth power of healing his life when gets damage and he is probably the best dota player for me

This can easily kill heroes in the early game because with level 5 his third+second can be overkill

Because his ss is very cheat

10 Faceless Void, Darkterror

His ulti is the best

The Contenders

11 Invoker, Kael

You know the right spells? Then you own the game, no one in the game no hero can touch you if you are smart enough to buy good items for kael and able to get a killing spree early in the match... Apllicable for DoTA2 as well.

His multitude of spells make him a big asset on any team

Deadly with the right combination of his spells

Probably the best hero in the game.. Incredibly fun to play him...

12 Phantom Assassin, Mortred

Stupid's phantom assassin is the best carry hero. Noobs fully here.

Phantom assasin is a hero with fast attack

Haha this list is a joke! Mort is like the greatest carry in the game and she's in 31st spot. NOOBS are voting this list I guess.

13 Soul Keeper, Terrorblade

Great hero... Capable of taking rampage... Great attack speed will increase survivability... Gg spell sunder...

One on one me I dare you

Why on the tenth? Why not on the firs?

Cool agility hero his attack speed is the best to track the enemy down fast

14 Axe, Mogul Khan

You guys need to wake up! If your hero is below 300hp (level 1), Axe just gonna use his "CULLING BLADE" to kill your hero. He should be at rank 1 in this list. And what if his Culling BLADE is in level 3, which he kills your hero below 625hp, how are you going to kill him? Can you? I think you can't.

Bloodstone to Axe = victory for the scourge

I can get almost 50 kills on insane because of counter helix

Axe must be in the first place!

15 Sand King, Crixalis

While not versatile SK works well for hero killing his epicenter alongside stun can easily take out heroes and turn the tides on a dominating lane.

Sand king is the toughest

This hero is my favorite, especially lv2 (the one becomes invisible and makes sand storm)


16 Spiritbreaker, Barathrum


Bara should be up, he can take off any hero in the map and he's the first call if your friend needs help, And develop agility to speed attack and stun more it never gives a chance to enemy hero to hit even. I took down 18 without die.

17 Lycanthrope, Banehallow

Lycan should be at rank 1! When he turns to the legendary wolf, his speed are unstoppable! And he got critical strike! Just give him a cranium basher or abyssal blade and RAMPAGE.

My favorite hero very op

This hero so powerful with his tehcnique he can chance his own self into a feral spirit or chance to a lycanthrope human(a werewolf)

Lycan is my hero From the Scourge... I really used him many times... When I was successfully late no one can beat me.. :D

18 Queen of Pain, Akasha

Why isent she in the list? One of the top 3 mid heros who with shedow strik and blink is unescapeable and if shis 2 far just throw a sonv wave to finish.

19 Lightning Revenant, Razor

He can get a multiple kill. Fast farming and pushing. Insane speed. He is a pain in the ass. He is a carry/tank. Haha

He takes all your damage and then your dead

His attack speed and move speed is his power.

He is son of a bitch chicken fat Razor.

20 Slithereen Guard, Sladar

The best crocodile in the world

21 Lifestealer, Naix

Naix is good for late killer..

Naix is the best because he can eat 7% of your hp each att...

You noobs naix can kill you all


22 Chaos Night, Nessaj
23 Venomancer, Lesale Deathbringer

Add up sange & yasha, ultimate orb, soulbooster and crystalys. Use his venomous gale and poison nova skill, then finish the enemy hero!

24 BroodMother, Black Arachnia
25 Obsidian Destroyer, Harbinger

Good at disabling... Especially those who have low mana pool

26 Demon Witch, Lion

Awesome Disabler + Powerful Ulti = GG

27 Nerubian Assassin, Anub'arak

Can kill any Int hero or lone heroes

5 secs cooldown of manaburn wich deals around 500 damage to an Int hero in 20-30 minutes of the game! What else do you want? :D

28 Enigma, Darchrow

One of the best utility heroes in DotA. With great farming capabilities.

Great for Counter Attacking.

29 Magnataur, Magnus
30 Slark, Murloc Nightcrawler

Jump and invisible, you may change your screen back to your base.

Using all his skill it can kill all enemy heroes

31 Arc Warden
32 Bane Elemental, Atropos
33 Timbersaw, Rizzrack

He is an annoying little prick at first who is not that hard to take down, but once he gets the Bloodstone, run.

34 Spectre, Mercurial
35 Kaldr, Ancient Apparition
36 Shadow Priest, Dazzle

Dazzle.. I think ypu guys are really noob plyers you all just like tankers you don't want to work your mind with inteligece hero.. DAZZLE will never die if he was in a top player's hands if there was a hero with him in the same line DAZZLE will not let him die eazly...
If ypu wanna be a top player just pick DAZZLE. and support your allies.

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