DuckTales Review - Season 1 Episode 4: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! (SPOILERS)

MegaSoulhero YOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What is up guys!? This is a late review because I’ve been busy with school. Plus, I had a birthday over the weekend so I was busy with that as well. Speaking of birthdays, let’s discuss episode 4 of DuckTales! The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

The episode starts out with the kids about to go riding in a little boat. And we find out something major about one of the characters. Louie hates hot dogs! How could anyone hate hot dogs? That’s just not right! But seriously though, Louie has become my favorite of the nephews so far. I also find it funny how the other two call him “Captain Lost” due to him getting them lost once. They’re kids. It’s what they do. So as the kids are getting into the boat, they realize that they can’t fit all four of them in it. So Webby decides to sit it out. And the expression on her face really makes me feel bad for her. She wants someone to hang out with since she has never made any friends before she met the nephews. But luckily, she finds a bottle with an SOS message and it leads her a girl who would later become her friend. Her name is Lena. She spends her time sitting by the ocean and sending fake emergency messages in bottles. Isn’t that kind of illegal? Anyway, Webby acts socially awkward around her but this is completely normal for people who don’t really interact with people that much. Including me. Which is why I’m afraid to talk to people. Everyone found me very annoying in elementary and middle school! Because of that, I get very shy around people. I don’t want to accidentally ramble and say the wrong things! Here I am in college with no friends to talk to and with nothing to do other than making these reviews and lists in my free time! It’s sad! It’s really sad!

What was I talking about again? Oh right. DuckTales. Lena invites Webby to crash a party at a junkyard. So at this point, they start hanging out with each other. Webby helps her break into the party and it’s revealed that it’s a Beagle Boy party. This time it’s not just the three Beagle Boys that we saw in a previous episode. The entire family is there to celebrate their ma’s birthday. Unfortunately, one of them recognizes Webby and brings her to Ma Beagle. But then they manage to get away. Most of the episode focuses on the friendship between Webby and Lena while trying to get away from the Beagle Boys. They basically have to work together. And they do a pretty great job at doing so. And despite Webby being able to handle herself against them before, this time there are a lot more of them. Which makes things a lot harder. There’s a group of Beagle Boys the come across who ride skateboards and dress up like daredevils. I like how they gave most of the Beagle Boys different traits so that they stand out. And there’s this other group that they get away from by pretending to be British. I thought that scene was pretty funny. They escape them for now and then it leads to my favorite scene in the episode. Webby is talking to Lena about Huey, Dewey, and Louie. She tells her that she feels left out since the three nephews have so much more chemistry. All Webby wants is to be included. This makes her a very relatable character. So the fact that she was able to make a friend is really heartwarming.

So after that, Huey, Dewey, and Louie show up and say that they have been looking all over for Webby since she left after they started sailing. They hear a sound and then the Beagle family members that are dressed as rejected IT clowns go after them. So now all five of the kids need to work together. Also, Scrooge McDuck doesn’t appear in this episode. Neither does Beakley or Donald. It’s mostly just about the kids. So it’s nice getting to see an episode with just the kids. It shows that they don’t need an adult to help out. Lena tries to convince Webby to escape, leaving the nephews as bait, but Webby refuses since she doesn’t want to leave them behind. She is still shown to care about them even though they left her alone on the beach. They manage to stop the clowns with banana peels but unfortunately, Lena left. Webby has a sad look on her face because she thinks that she ditched her and was really happy that she had finally found a friend. So seeing her upset about that is very heartbreaking. But she gets a message in a bottle with a real emergency saying Lena was captured by the Beagle Boys. When they go to rescue her, she is shown to be tied up. Wait. If she is tied up, how was she able to send the message in the bottle? Webby tries to untie Lena, but she gets caught and the Beagle Boys tie her up with the intent on giving both of them to Ma Beagle as a birthday present. And then we get a little argument between Webby and Lena. But it makes them realize that they really are true friends. Because even friends get into arguments from time to time. Lena makes the Beagle Boys get into a fight by making them decide who will hand over Ma’s present. The kids escape, Ma gets mad at the Beagle’s for letting them escape, and then we get a very big plot twist. We find out that Lena’s aunt is Magica! YEEEEESSSS!!!!

This episode is great! Seeing Webby actually making a friend is really fascinating to watch! Seeing the kids working together and handling themselves show that they are very capable of doing things for themselves! And that plot twist at the end was very surprising! I was not expecting that! I really hope Lena appears in more episodes! And I am so looking forward to Magica appearing in the show!

Score: 9/10


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