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41 9/11 Was an Inside Job.

Seriously, 9/11 isn't something to joke about. A lot of people lost their lives that day. You must not know the nightmare those people went through.

This Item Is Very Offensive! Take This Off The List Now!

9/11 wasnt joke! It is rude and offensive to most people to post things like this! Shame on you!

42 The Legend of Zelda is a Ripoff of Minecraft

But Zelda is good and is fun after a week.. - Skullkid755

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43 How do I use Google?
44 I'm having an argument with my friend if it rains in Australia or not. My friend thinks it does, but I think it doesn't because rain lands on the ground at the top of the earth,so wouldn't the rain go to space at the bottom of the earth when it falls down

Really? Were you paying attention in school?

What about clouds then? What do clouds exist for. I think a cloud needs to come here to shower anyone who thinks it does not rain in Australia. - AnimeDrawer

I pity your friend... Having to deal with you is probably the hardest thing one could do.

Stay in school, kid - cartoonfan101

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45 Arthur is the best show ever

This isn't dumb, it's an opinion.
Plus, the five episodes of this show that I caught and watched were good, but I haven't watched it in years, so Arthur is a pretty good show, in my opinion. - TheLister

Saying Arthur is the best show ever is REALLY EXTREMELY DUMB! This belongs in first place!

I wouldn't say they need to be banned. They are still cool, even if they hate Arthur. - TheLister

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46 No, the Hunger Games is not based on WWII, but it is based on a true story. When America was being settled, they forced the Native Americans to do the Hunger Games. The reason Pocahontas is so famous is because she was the first winner of the Hunger Game

So she won by being the last person to die from starvation and disease? Wow - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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47 Does Napoleon Dynamite Sell Dynamite?

Someone keeps posting these idiotic statements.

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48 I'd rather be raped than be murdered

Id rather be dead then listens to your advice

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49 Deez Nuts

Okay, Please Don't Talk About Your Balls.

Darn ninth graders from my school. - AnonymousChick

Are gonna get cut off by me if you say that again. - Skullkid755

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50 Saw the dumbest elevator today. It had a button for the floor I was already on.

Then how do you get back to the floor?

I wish it didn't,I really don't want you to ever go back to the outside world and annoy the crap out of intelligent people

This guy needs to figure out that it's for the people that WANT to go to his floor. - NikBrusk

I saw the dumbest person ever, he's posting something about an elevator - Jonathan4Life

51 There is no I in Happyness

There would be if you spelled it right. - TheLister

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52 I just realized that Superman and Clark Kent are never together at the same time

OH MY GOSH! This is the most amazing this I've heard all day!

I just heard that miley cyrus and hanna montanna are never together - Jonathan4Life

53 (On a picture of the Great Wall of China) Is that Michigan?

Actually, believe it or not that's Pluto. It's very nice up there- I even have a summer home up there with Optimus prime.

Nah. It's a portal that takes you to the land of dancing unicorns - FireWasp2004

No it's the wall on the souther border that donald trump built - Jonathan4Life

Nah, it's the devil's lair - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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54 What's Ebola?

It's a very rare...very special thing. Find it and consume it, and you will have control on all elements, eternal happiness, and...immortality! You'll become...a God! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

A magical pill that gives you super powers and immortality. You should try it - FireWasp2004

It's a special chemical that makes you get beautiful. Go try some. Quickly.

An annoying virus - Neonco31

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55 Do The Kardashians Dash Their Cars?

Do morons post more and more on and on? If so then yes! You win 1,000 dollars if you can answer this question: Are you a nitwit?

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56 When are The 2020 Olympics?

It depends if they're asking the year or the month. - SamuiNeko

What year is the 2016 election going to be in - Jonathan4Life

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57 Does One Direction go in one direction?

No, they are going to wrong direction. - 05yusuf09

No, they go in two directions, Stupid West and Terrible North. - Skullkid755

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58 Is Walmart a Wall Store?

Yes, and target is where you go to buy stuff for archery if your wondering

I think Paris Hilton said this once

59 Is Sam & Cat About Uncle Sam and a Cat?

I wish this was what the show was about

Yes, and Drake and Josh is about Drake (the singer) and that one kid named Josh - cartoonfan101

60 Is Santa Claus Real?

Yes, and so it the stork. What happened was they hired a new guy and he had to make a few deliveries. He dropped one. I'm so sorry.

No, but you are to young to be on the internet. - Skullkid755

No, but unfortunately Hitler once did.

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