Top Ten Easiest Demon Levels In Geometry Dash

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1 The Lightning Road

I agree! It was my first demon to complete! Still I have gotten to 79% on the nightmare! Demon mix got to only 15%!
So I am so good at the lightning road! 100% on the lightning road!

Ummm pretty easy but memo I think harder than then nightmare by the way

What? Nightmare, Death Moon, Platinum Adventure, Speed Racer, and so much more are WAY easier than this. I mean, its hella easy, but it doesn't deserve to be #1. Insane Club does, it's a MEDIUM demon, but guys, lets face this, I'm on mobile, I suck at the game, and I completed it in 237 attempts. But, its not even on the list. Anyway, its really easy, but Nightmare and IC are way easier.

This demon remains completely untouched excluding the coins being added. It's very straightforward

2 The Nightmare

My first demon practiced on practice mode for a bit then I completed the nightmare

My first demon, I think this is easier than TLR because the nightmare hasn't memory - dtc09

Order that I beat my first 4 demons:
1. The Nightmare
2. The Lightning Road
3. Clubstep
4. Invisible Clubstep

I can get beyond 5% in this level, so I'd say it's not really a demon level.

3 Demon Mixed

There nothing hard in this demon, only demon park triple spike a little bit?

There are some annoying parts, but other than that, this is a cakewalk!

I beat The Nightmare and say that Demon Mixed is way, way, wayyy, easier than The Nightmare. Like, seriously, it is a mix of the easiest parts of other easiest demons. In that part where I usually fail on, after the Demon Park part, you basically hold after the first part.

I beat this level; still, it shouldn't be a demon.

4 Bloodbath

Why is an Extreme Demon the 6th easiest demon, according to this list?

Why is this rated easy it’s actually rated the hardest level in the game

Why is it on the easiest demon list sike joke

This is so easy for a demon! It should have like a 3 or 4 star rating

5 Galactic System

Pretty sure no longer demon

No there's no this demon

Its harder now - dtc09

The level has been deleted

6 Platinum Adventure

I did this in 100 attempts (and I suck), this should be on top 5 (nightmare, lightning road and demon mixed are easier but this one is ez too)

Super easy I would rate it harder my first demon u have to try it

The easiest demon, practically FREE! I hate the UFO though...

First demon I beat

7 Crescendo

Everything easy, maybe except Cancer mini ball part...

I believe I will beat this, but I'd say it is probably an insane level

This is literally demon mixed

The ball is the only hard part - dtc09

8 Demon Park
9 Hextec Flow

Um, haven"t completed it yet.

I actually think it is quite hard.. ;) (my opinion)

10 Xstep V2

I made through 30 percent on this level and that is better than I did on any other demon

I kinda hate the creator of this level to be honest

I beat this only once; I am not sure if it should be an insane or demon.

This should be an easy demon

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11 Partidorafunnymul
12 Impulse

Very easy demon honestly almost completed it will be my first demon

-Robbie Stracham

Personally the easiest on the list.

I think this is the easiest demon

Buggy but easy - dtc09

13 Flappy Weird

The only reason this is easy cause of the secret way


14 Speed Racer

Its pretty easy! good for people to get good at speed changes!

15 Ystep

Uhhh could I get a boneless pizza and a 2-liter coke?
but for real my 4th demon gg

I did it at the first atemp. The easiest. but well it wasnt bad.

16 Sonic Wave

Who put this here?

Beat this in one attempt, totally... AUTO LEVEL

Oh yes definitely

Hardest level should not be in list can’t get to 1% with 140-160 user coins.

17 Stereo Madness

This Level is impossible I can recommend bloodlust by knobbelboy

This level is super hard yatagarasu is obviously the easiest

No its like the easiest level ever

Stop... Just, stop.

18 Castle


19 Bloodlust

Who was the idiot who said this is a legendary demon. It is an auto level, dunno why it is here - fwed

So easy beat it in 14 attempts

This is wrong.


20 Death Moon

This was so easy but it I think it is worthy of easy demon only because of how long it is

Easiest, tied with nightmare and comodo.

21 Clubstep

Easiest RobTop demon, have 29%

100% easy

Got 12% but easy

22 Problematic

Easier than Infinite Circles

316 attemps for 100 percent is just so awesome. That's lower than my practice on Sirius by Funnygame which took me 400+ attempts

4% with nine demons beaten :( - dtc09

23 Black Blizzard

So ezz


24 God Eater

God Eater? Pfft I beat that first try. Now if you look at Stereo Madness... - fwed

A very easy demon with at most 360,000 objects in the first 30 seconds

This is like, a hard level.

More like god yeeter

25 Back On Track

What oh ya it's a demon but easy

What do you mean? It’s an EXTREME DEMON

26 Blue Hell

Some harder 6 levels are more difficult than this.

Easiest demon lol

GG 10 attempts

27 Silent Circles II

Why is this here - randyr

Where is silent circles 1

28 Uprise

Um...Which Uprise

29 Demon Jumper

I have beat this on a phone!

90 attempts including practice mode.. literally easier than the nightmare once u know the fakes

30 Chasm
31 Ultra Paracosm

Can you circle?

lol easy

An incredibly easy level. only took me 69 attempts.

32 Dimension Machine

Easiest hard demon
I recommend this as your first hard demon

33 Aftercatabath

No comment._. wait, one comment... this is too hard to be on this list

34 Hexagon Force

What it is Insane - fwed

very hard


It's easy even for me,I m a mobile lol

35 Laser Room
36 Seeker of Demon

I am a NOOB at Geometry Dash and I beat this!


37 Theory of Everything 2

Any dedicated person could beat this!

38 Noobaman Adventures

Medium demon

39 Orochi

This is the easiest by far


40 Nine Circles

Medium Demon, not easy, ya know what is easy? Dex Arson

I know you guys think this is a joke but it actually is an easier hard demon

Nine circles should be on the hardest list

Yeah it should

41 Deadlocked

Harder than Stereo Madness, Eastier than Back on Track

42 Lightning World
43 The Robotic Rush

I am a noob at this game and got 26 percent in 12 attempts. Then I had to go to the dentist. Andromeda's easiest level.

44 Water Temple
45 Blender
46 The Final Liar

Really easy hard demon.

I accidentally put Liar instead of Lair. Sorry:3

47 Phobos

Guitarherostyles is triggered

when I mean pretty very

48 Demon Step

It's The Easiest Medium Demon. Almost No Memorization Whatsoever, Pretty Easy Gameplay

Why is this 51 is very easy and it was my 4th demon - dtc09

49 Xyz Step

69 machine is easier lol

So ez only a bit harder than Demon Step

I don't know

50 Insomnia

To tell the truth, the only hard bits are the 2nd and 3rd ball parts. I haven't beat the level yet but I know.

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