Top Ten Easiest French Words

French is the official of France and and one of the official of Canada.

I'll have French word (translation) and my comments are tips to learn each word.

The Top Ten

1 Bonjour (Good day)

The first French word I learned was Bonjour. Most people think this is hello and so did I, but it's good day. - Randomteenager

2 Bon Bon (Candy)
3 Bon (Good)

I think I can just about manage to say this without any real danger of sounding like I have a speech impediment. - Britgirl

I talked about bonjour. Since it's good day so bon is good in French... - Randomteenager

4 Jour (Day)

And jour is day so it make's sense. - Randomteenager

5 Papa (Dad)
6 Maman (Mom)

You don't pronounce the N in maman in French. - Randomteenager

7 Allez (Go)
8 Brun (Brown)
9 Rose (Pink)
10 Bien (Good)

Its easy if you have already learned Spanish

Like Spanish

The Contenders

11 Non (No)

By far the easiest. - PianoQueen

12 Zut! (Damn!)

It's an interjection. It's actually a cuss word. - Britgirl

13 Au Revoir (Goodbye)
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