Best Ed Sheeran Songs from Divide and X

The Top Ten

1 Perfect

Yes, it is perfect... and what I love about his songs is that you can clearly hear each and every word he sings, unlike many other singers' songs that seem to be mumbled, even though they're not. Plus Ed has a lovely voice and this song showcases it perfectly. It's the perfect wedding waltz song and I've read that a lot of couples choose it for that purpose.

This song is PERFECT.

2 Castle on the Hill
3 Don’t
4 What Do I Know
5 Galway Girl
6 Sing
7 Photograph
8 Thinking Out Loud
9 Dive
10 Bibia Be Ye Ye

The Contenders

11 Supermarket Flowers
12 Shape of You

This is the worst Ed Sheeran song, not to mention one of the worst songs in general. - Firepower

It's the best song sang By Ed Sheeran! - Sugarcubecorner

13 One
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