Top Ten Reasons Students and Parents Should Respect Teachers

I had a rather eventful first teaching year at a certain grade level that I won't explain. But in any case, I've noticed a lack of respect from a few students, as well as some parents to that matter when they get called on their own kids' behavior. People don't seem to understand things anymore so here's some reasons why the teachers deserve respect.
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1 All the teachers are doing is trying to help the students learn

Okay so the students may be thinking the lesson is boring or hard, but give it some time and they will make sure everyone understand things.

I can definitely understand why this item would be number one. I agree this is true the vast majority of the time.

It's not their fault the school system is a total failure.

2 When the teacher attempts to have students learn material, they try to cater to their needs as best as possible

A little more specific here but it's certainly not out of the ordinary. It doesn't take long for teachers to understand the backgrounds and lifestyles that their students have, when they see them every day, when they conference with parents, they try their absolute hardest to make sure the learning works well for as many as possible.

3 Teachers get chewed out by principals often

Most people are imperfect and teachers are definitely up there. Sometimes the slightest misstep in managing a classroom ends up having teachers converse with principals but things aren't really as helpful for them because the principals really want all the responsibilities to be done their way and it doesn't work most of the time for most teachers.

4 Teachers have their hardships at home too

Every human has this, the most important thing is to make sure that you never give teachers a hard time because even though they probably won't tell you about what they deal with at home, if they seem more miserable with each passing day, it's a sign they have issues they have to deal with at home too. Some parents in particular don't seem to understand this nowadays, which is extremely odd.

5 Teachers have to deal with many students at once

So it's not just one specific student or parent, but they naturally have a whole class to manage and they know it. It's taxing but it's what they gotta do. Plus from middle school up (or even the lower grades) they have multiple classes and they know just how hard it can be

6 Teachers want to understand certain issues some students or parents have

Speaks for itself. Teachers have their own issues that they may or may not disclose, but any information to help with certain students and/or parents will help them understand things more. The students and parents should hold their end of the bargain too.

7 Teachers have a rough time planning things out

Anything can happen during a teacher's lesson, things will almost always go differently than expected and students may be behind on lessons and such. They can never be perfect as a result, as much as they try. Sometimes the plan comes right out of nowhere to help students feel like they're enjoying things as best as possible.

8 Teachers often spend their own money to buy things to make the students happy

I know for a fact that I offered games in my lessons and the prizes were candies or even in some cases no homework. This is a great incentive to help students learn.

9 Teachers hate punishing students and notifying parents

Another item that speaks for itself. The more you act up the more you are punished and good lord, it's hurtful for teachers to contact parents over bad behavior. Hurtful for parents too.

10 Teachers are trying to earn money for hard work

I'm not a fan of this item but it is true. Combine this with the hardships and other things and clearly they took this job both for the money and to help others which was #1.

And they're grossly underpaid, which makes me feel bad for them even more.

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11 Teachers have feelings
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