Top 10 Ways to Skip School or Class

School is the place that most kids seem to hate with a burning passion, and as someone with experience in skipping class (I've done this several times) or even school for that matter (I did this back in January 2020 when I was in 8th grade), I've decided to create a list about ways you can skip school. Between bullies, bad teachers, tests you know you will fail, having lots of work to do, stress, waking up early, or just having somewhere better to be, it's no wonder why children hate school (or at least a particular class) so much and want to avoid it.

In this list, I will be describing ways that people skip school. If you get caught skipping school or a class, it's not my fault since you're the one who chose to do it in the first place.
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1 Fake being sick to your parents

This one is the most obvious and the most common way to skip school. All you have to do is rub your forehead until it's warm, stick a thermometer into a lamp (if your parents normally take your temperature with a thermometer), and fake a few other symptoms of an illness (without faking anything too serious like meningitis so you don't get rushed to the hospital). If you don't get caught, you'll be able to stay home and relax for a few days. Bonus points if you stay up all night because having bags under your eyes will really make the act believable.

I faked being sick to skip a few days of school on January 16, 2020, and I got away with it. When I woke up the next morning, I pretended to feel better. The best part is that I didn't have to take my semester math final until Wednesday, 1/22/2020 (I had an appointment on 1/21/2020 and had to miss school that day, so I got a 6-day weekend).

2 Miss the school bus

Odds are, you probably have parents that could easily just drive you to school, so this one isn't an option for most people. For those of us who ride the school bus, especially for those of us with working parents, skipping school by missing the school bus is pretty easy. All you have to do is simply just miss the bus. Once that's been taken care of, you're home free for the day.

I never intentionally missed the school bus, but I've missed it a few times when it showed up earlier than usual without warning. Also, there have been some days where my school bus simply never showed up, such as on the morning of Friday, 12/17/2021. I got to stay home that day as a result.

3 Sneak out of school and go home

This one is very risky, especially if your school has surveillance cameras and/or security guards. I'm honestly surprised that my school always leaves the parking lot gates wide open and there are no security guards in that area. If you do decide to sneak out and go home, make sure your parents aren't home. When they come home, just tell them that you went to school. Also, make sure nobody sees you sneaking out of school.

4 Leave class and walk around campus

This is how I would usually skip a class. I would simply leave the classroom while class was in session and then I'd walk around my school for an hour and find something to do. I usually only did this when there was a substitute teacher, since I knew I'd be in trouble if I did this when my real teacher was there, though I did this once when my regular 7th grade gym teacher was there in May 2019.

I hated having to do 2 hours of pointless exercise instead of 1 during those few weeks my middle school went on block schedule due to 2nd semester finals, so one day, I simply walked out of the gym area, wandered around my school's campus for an hour, and then snuck back into class.

5 Walk around the school without going to class until your next class

When I decided to skip my English class on Thursday, 2/3/2022, I simply decided not to show up to my 2nd period class that day. I brought my phone to school with me that day (which is a pretty rare occasion for me) so that I would have something to do for that hour until the bell rang and I went to my 3rd period world history class.

During that 1 hour, I got to talk with some of my friends, went on my phone for a little bit, walked around the entire campus of my school, found a small field with lots of shade, and even drew something in my sketch pad during that time frame.

6 Sneak out of school and go somewhere fun

If you decide to sneak out of your school and go somewhere fun (which is riskier than just going home), make sure you go somewhere where nobody will recognize you. This means not going to the Chuck E. Cheese's or whatever across the street from or next to your school. To play it safe, go somewhere on the other side of town or out of town. You can also disguise yourself if you want, since if you're wearing something you normally don't wear, not too many people will be able to recognize you.

7 Make or fake an appointment on the day you want to skip

As an orthodontic patient, I usually get a day off from school once a month because of my monthly appointments with my orthodontist. My appointments are always on Thursdays during or shortly after school hours, which means I get the whole day off from school. If you have an upcoming appointment with the doctor, dentist, or orthodontist, schedule it on a school day during the morning or early afternoon.

Alternatively, you could fake an appointment and call your school (while pretending to be your parents) saying you won't be able to come to school because of your "appointment".

8 Fake being sick to the school nurse

If you want to go home from school early, or if you want to kill an hour, all you have to do is fake being sick to the school nurse. If you get sent home early, you will have to keep faking it to your parents, especially if they pick you up from school and/or stay home all day. This won't really be much of an issue if you're old enough (and have a license) to drive yourself home, unless of course, your folks are at home that day.

If you decide to stay at school and want to kill an hour, just say you have a headache and lay there for an hour before pretending to get better. I mean, you can't tell if someone actually has a headache or not anyways.

9 Ask your parents to give you a day off

This one usually doesn't work very well (especially if you've had multiple absences during the school year). Sometimes parents are willing to give their children a day off from school if they simply ask for it and haven't been absent too many times. If that doesn't work, it was still worth it to at least ask them politely.

When I'm last or tired, I force my parent to give me a day off. It's working, but my parents scold me.

10 Hide somewhere where you won't be seen
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11 Don't log into class if your school is online

I skipped most of my online Zoom meetings from March to June 2020 after my school was shut down due to the pandemic (since they weren't mandatory and were only optional). I skipped online school once back in the 9th grade in late April or early May 2021. I really didn't feel like logging onto Zoom that day and having to hear 50 minutes of some boring lesson about something I won't even need to know in life. All I had to do was pretend I was logging onto Zoom (when I really wasn't), step away from the computer, and then go do something else. It was simple.

12 Make yourself sick

Trying this on Sunday. Later, gonna comment later to tell if it works.

13 Fake dying

This one is super risky, especially if your parents/siblings tickle you, then you start to move. If you accidentally wake up directly, then parents/siblings have to bring you to school.

14 Set off the fire alarm

This one is risky level 101. Don't you know you can get arrested for this?

15 Lock yourself in the bathroom

But what if nobody finds you? You'll be stuck in the bathroom overnight!

16 Hide the car keys
17 Pick a fight with someone you can't beat
18 Fake being injured
19 Say your teacher has let you go to the toilet and then walk around for a bit
20 Run off campus during recess
21 Hide in bed
22 Beg to your parents to not go to school
23 Pretend to walk to school but just go to the park or some thing
24 Fake a kidnapping

This is so smart, also a little hard, but I will go for it maybe if I get a chance one day.

25 Play sports during class
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