Top 10 Best Eminem Songs that People Don't Like

people don't like these songs but i do here are the top 10 best songs Eminem songs that for some reason people don't like

The Top Ten

1 We Made You

I don't know why people don't like this song

2 Kim

This song was made because of how Kim treated him and it wasn't that bad of a song (by that I mean bad sounding I know he acts crazy but that's Eminem if you don't like it you can just not listen to him

3 Ass Like That

A lot of people hate this song but I love it

4 Evil Deeds
5 Big Weenie

This is a extremely hated song but it wasn't that bad

6 Untouchable

This isn't that good first listen but it takes a couple listens to start liking it

7 The Monster

I think the reason people don't like this song is rihanna

8 3 A.M.

This is one of the better songs on Relapse - cjWriter1997

9 Crack a Bottle

This song is so catchy

10 Insane

The Contenders

11 Fack

I swear to you someone is going to throw a brick thru my house but I think it was really funny I laugh every time I hear it and everybody needs a little laugh sooner or later

The ultimate troll song - cjWriter1997

12 Rain Man
13 Just Lose It
14 Puke
15 Drips
16 My Mom
17 Superman
18 Baby
19 Medicine Ball
20 Bagpipes from Baghdad
21 Shake That
22 Walk on Water
23 Phenomenal - Eminem
24 Remind Me Remind Me
25 Crazy in Love
26 Heat
27 Bad Husband
28 Framed
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