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1 Lose Yourself Lose Yourself Cover Art

Well written, has a message, great sample. Fantastic song.

Greatest of all time.. The rhythm the writing the beat it just says it all the way he starts slow then turns it up like a bomb it's just something only marshall mathers can do all props to the best rapper there is or ever was or ever will be EMINEM!

Lose Yourself, one of Eminem's best songs he has ever made. The rhymes, the motivation, everything about this song has something good about this. It also has a moral to it, which is that you can do anything you set your mind to, man.

Lose Yourself is an absolute bop. I don't care what you say, this is my favorite song of all time. Good beat, good lyrics, good everything. Lose Yourself might be the G.O.A.T. Actually, change my mind, it is the G.O.A.T. It's not "might be" it "is be".

2 Stan Stan Cover Art

One of the best storytelling Eminem songs he has ever made, the award winning Stan. Easily one of the best songs Eminem has ever made, to the outstanding rhymes, to Dido's beautiful singing, this song is a total 10/10. Absolutely marvelous.

This samples "Thank You" from Dido, a British singer/songwriter. "Thank You" was used in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, and became a hit almost two years later after it was used on this.

Dido told MTV: "A hip-hop producer named DJ Mark 'The 45' King sampled the first part of 'Thank You' from the TV - and he put it on a beat tape, as they do, and sent it to Eminem and he used it. It's that simple. I got this letter out of the blue one day. It said, 'We like your album, we've used this track. Hope you don't mind and hope you like it.' When they sent it to me and I played it, I was like, 'Wow! This track's amazing.'"

Song tells a story, once again great lyrics from the greatest rapper ever. Its awesome how the beat compliments the narrative.

I used to never listen to rap because I listen to the music in songs instead of lyrics. One day my friend showed me this song and I really liked the music, so I continued to listen to it. I figured that it was rap, so I might as well listen to the lyrics. This song tells a sickening story but the story is great. After this I decided to listen to more Eminem and I listened to the words and I absolutely love his music, he is purely genius. This song made me like rap so it is definitely my favorite.

3 'Till I Collapse 'Till I Collapse Cover Art

'Till I Collapse is one of Eminem's best songs out there. You got the outrageous beat, Nate Dogg executing that chorus, and Eminem's motivational lyrics and rapping, creates heaven in a song. This is actually one of my pump-up songs that I'd listen to when working out or something like that. An amazing song by an amazing person.

This song pumps me up so much! It eats Not Afraid alive! This song is one of the best pump up songs of all time (if not the best)

There were so many to choose from! But this song seems underrated so I chose it. Very good flow, great lyrics, great music! And Nate Dogg just adds to its awesomeness. My other favorites are No Love, Not Afraid, Wont Back Down (I'm shocked that wont back down is number 45?! ) Insane, Lose Yourself, Fast Lane, SpaceBound, and I loved him in Romans Revenge, he got the best lyrics, although its quite insulting that he'd work with someone as shallow as Nicki Minaj

Till I Collapse is the most motivating song ever. The way he displays his anger through his lyrics is excellent. This should be in the top 3 along with Stan and Lose Yourself. Love the Way You Lie is only so high because it is mainstream and the people who don't know a true Eminem song when they hear it got for it. Love the Way You Lie should be "rock bottom" as Eminem would say.

4 Not Afraid Not Afraid Cover Art

The cool song for the fans who love eminem and rap songs see this song official video a cool song with the cool video. Don't really understand why Lose Yourself is on top because it's nothing compared to Not Afraid. This song is really inspiring. At one point in my life I liked lose yourself better. Now that Not Afraid came out it tells you that you can overcome anything. This song is the best song by Eminem, and one of the best of all time. Super cool songs... Always give me inspiration

Super cool songs... Always gives me inspiration when I'm down!

Best Eminem song ever! The reason why is probably because this songs inspires people who don't have anything or anyone to help them with there tough lives. A lot of people are following their dreams on this world and people will always tell them they can't do it. An example is what I go through everyday as a white kid pursuing the rap career, people tell me I can't rap because I'm white and white people are not supposed to be rapping but I follow my dreams. This song has helped me follow my dreams countless times. Especially when I'm feeling down and I feel like "white trash" because people including my family call me that but when I play this song I can't describe the emotion I feel because it helps me go through all the obstacles in my way and follow the right path of my dreams.

I felt a conection with this song and I made me more confident. I don't do it well at school, or life. And this song made me more... I can't actually describe it, but I get a good rush from this song and it feels like I se everything more clearly (eksept from my spelling as you might se) and it made me think about the most important life qualities, like respect, honesty, faith, hope. And I hope I am not the only one (even tough I always has been) who managed to get more out of life than you should. Everyone need it, it can happen from everything, a person, a word, a song. And I know I didn't deserve it, but life feels more like it is worth living.

5 The Real Slim Shady The Real Slim Shady Cover Art

The Real Slim Shady, one of the best songs ever made. You got the humorous lyrics, the catchy beat, and just plain old Slim Shady. He isn't Marshall, nor Eminem, but he is indeed Slim Shady.

The Real Slim Shady is a classic. Every Eminem fan knows and loves this song. The beat, the melody, the lyrics, everything. It's catchy, it's a great song to listen to when you're bored, it's just a good song and a great stress reliever when you listen to it.

So good! It will demolish Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie this is what Eminem is about not the pop you hear today!

This song should be in number one position. It's hilarious. This one made him known to the world, remember?.

6 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone Cover Art

Jokes aside, When I'm Gone is a true masterpiece. This is Marshall at his core. He didn't write this song for his audience, he wrote it for his kids, for Hailie, for his family. It's indeed a beautiful song consisting a great beat, great lyrics, and pure, raw, emotion.

This song always brings tears to my eyes. I've never been able to have children, and me and my husband felt like giving up. After years (well, two years), of paperwork and applications, we finally adopted a baby girl from India. When she would cry, I would put on songs that helped me when I was down. To this day, this song is something that holds me and my now eleven-year old daughter together. She's been raised on hip-hop, rap and alternative, and it helps her cope with hardships just like me. I hope she always knows that she shouldn't feel my pain. Just smile back.

This is probably Em's 2nd-most powerful song behind Lose Yourself (his best one). But this is one of the only songs that has made me cry, especially at the end of the song. The lyrics are so meaningful, so relateable, and powerful. This is one of Em's most underrated songs. I guarantee you, no one will ever be able to write stuff this powerful ever again. Eminem is one of a kind, and he can never be replicated. Ever. I don't care how good Drake or Kendrick Lamar is. There will never be another Eminem.

How is love the way you lie before this?! Get real people where else could you hear rap like his?!

7 The Way I Am The Way I Am Cover Art

Ok this is better than real slim shady and not afraid and love the way you lie this song is in curtain call you know greatest hits and I think this song should switch with beautiful like you guys don't know do you see not afraid being the alum that made him famous marshall mathers lp had 2 mil sold in a week... DAMN and the song was funny even for a serios song that's what makes eminem eminem he SAIS things that are insain you don't hear lose yourself saying he the meanest mc and stuff I think this in the end this should be the list
1stan guys his whole fanbace is baced one the song
2lose your self umm 8 mile
3when I'm gone
4the way I am
5not afraid
6till I colapse
7mocking bird
8sing for the moment
9 toy solders
10real slim shady

This song evaluates Eminem's ego perfectly. The chorus is really catchy and really let's you know it. I only know a couple songs by him, but I just apparently know that Eminem creates a lot of songs about his life. And this song is about what's going on and how it effects him, although I really only remember the chorus and the two stanzas: "Rock 'n Roll stations" and "The radio won't even play my jams".

This is song is just so emotionally raw. This album is by far his best. Don't know why the singles from his new album are in top 10. This is pure Eminem at his greatest. No featured singers like Rhianna or Lil Wayne, to interrupt the power this song depicts.

This is not a typical rap. More like a massive run on sentence. However it is amazing. I mean he rhymes every other word, great haunting beat and basically sums up the marshall mathers LP. So much energy and he keeps going on never slackening his pace. A must buy for any Eminem fan even one from recovery

8 Sing for the Moment Sing for the Moment Cover Art

Sing for the Moment is the best song in The Eminem Show. Say what you wanna say about me, but my opinion is fair because I listened to the whole album. Sing for the Moment is a very motivational song with an amazing beat, amazing chorus, amazing everything. You can do anything you want, just Sing for the Moment.

Best song ever, He is the best rapper in the world and needs people to see that. They all want to talk about him but really they don't no anything. They didn't have to go through what he did. Haters have never been in Marshalls shoes to know that his music is crap (which its not) cause really his just rapping about his life and if you think his music is bad then if only you had to live the life he did I would laugh in your face because you wouldn't be able to live one day there.

This song is perfect (behind Lose Yourself). It's an amazing blend of rock and roll and rap that shows the more caring side of Marshall Mathers through the quote "It's al political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal,

How can I raise a little girl? "

Shady's life is reflected in his music, and most people would not be even close to where he is in the world if they grew up like he did. This song shows who he really is. I bet most people don't know that when he was nominated for an Oscar, he didn't attend the ceremony. His daughter wanted to spend time with him, and so he stayed home and watched cartoons with her.

Sing for the Moment consists of raw emotion. This song is absolutely fabulous and really catches peoples hearts. A lot of his song also do this, but I think this one really does stand up tall against many others.

On a bad day, or in general your going through a tough time - you listen to this song and it just gives you them chills that strike down your spine because it's so amazing. It lets you know that you're not alone & gives you a lot of hope and comfort.

I'd personally say this song should be at least in the top 5.

9 Mockingbird Mockingbird Cover Art

Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird... Man Heard this song like awesome times.. Never gonna forget a single word of it... On My List.. Its number 1. Love You Eminem.. Always have, always will!

Although I appreciate that some of Eminems song will always be viewed as lyrically better and more famous than this. For me, this song epitomises Eminem's music and life. This is an incredible song about battling faterhood, with financial struggles and lots of other issues he faced throughout his song. The emotion he pours through it is powerful. You listen to this song and you simply are put into the shoes of Eminem. Amazing.

This should be at least in the top 5. This, like When I'm Gone, is emotionally genius writing. The message is heart warming and pulls on you're heart strings like a puppeteer. The last line is easily the best and reminds you not all is bad with the little maniacal laugh. Reminds the hard life Eminem has had to face. Good on you Em you bloody legend

Beauty of a song... I mean look at the lines.. The best lines which I felt were :- 1- Daddy had a job, but his job was to keep the food on table for you and mom. @2-I sat up the whole night night crying. This song has touched my heart and that of everyone whom I made to listen to this song. Thank you Eminem for this song.. Imma great fan of yours..

10 Rap God Rap God Cover Art

Rap God is heavily overrated. Doesn't mean I love it though. Rap God is a really great song, and might be one of the best 6 minutes of your life. It isn't 6 minutes of your life wasted, it's 6 minutes of your life in wonderland. Top 5 song. Love it.

I get that Lose Yourself was his first song and he climbed the peak of fame with that. I get that Stan is dedicated to his fans and is very well written. I get that Not Afraid was his comeback song to tell his fans that he is back and is gonna stay. I love all those songs but Rap God is totally different. If we were to choose one song that can define EM and that can represent him than RapGod is the undisputed choice. He wrote this song only to tell the world that he is the king of hip hop and will remain untill someone better than him comes which is not going to happen for generations. Lose Yourself is 17 years old and has been listened by most people that is why its at the top. Same goes for all other songs. But if all his songs were released together, undoubtedly Rap God would have been first choice of fans. And it would have been as difficult to remove it from Rank 1 as it is to remove Eminem from rank 1 of best rappers. So, don't judge the song by its rank. Just do yourself a ...more

It consider as one of his most amazing songs with incredible voice although his flow wasn't depositing on one level and does not fit his voice but that not the point may affect the impressive and successful of the song never affected it. Also, he still rap legato, fast flow turning from slow to fast but that not consider as bad thing it make the song incredible but bad points in that song which made it get a little back it's all about homophobic and some verses performance was a little strange and not  consistent or shapely but it's still great verses
After all, however all I said it still one of his best songs ever and the point is he didn't have to use slurs of homophobic and if he didn't he would won Grammy award 2015 for best rap performance for rap god instead of Kendrick Lamar "I" song besides best rap album and best callob
Finally, it could be at top 10 maybe ranked 7th or 8th.

Guys you have got to vote for this. Marshall Mathers is a genius. 6 minutes of the same continuous flow, no one can rap like this. I know this song is only low because it's a new release, but we have got to get this in the top 5. Eminem has returned, with a mix of Marshall and the return of Slim Shady has made an appearance on this new album. I can't wait.

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11 Beautiful Beautiful Cover Art

The message of this song is to simply don't care when people diss you, insult you or say you are this or that: just know that your beautiful and amazing. Which in my opinion is very important as some people think they're in hard times with what people say they're ugly or unlovable which is totally false! Everyone has their own type and everyone is different which makes them unique and special in they're own amazing way and this is totally what this song provides. The lyrical genius and beat, chorus (Wow the chorus is amazing, Eminem has a great vocal voice. It wasn't auto tune) All mix together to make this more of a powerful and bigger statement of a song.

Awesome... The meaning is very good. Inspirational. Should be at least TOP 3... Eminem is yet the Best Rapper of the World.

This is as real as he's ever been, no filter, no comic relief, just marshall Mathers being himself, I canf even listen to this song without being instantly depressed and then overcoming it by the end. If your song can have that affect on people then I'd say you did something right. Just remember, god gave you the shoes that fit you, so put 'em on and wear 'em

Best song of Eminem by a distance.. it is made superbly... I love this song... Vote this to make it the number one...

12 Without Me Without Me Cover Art

Pure, classic, Slim Shady. I changed my mind, this is my favorite song from The Eminem Show. The humorous lyrics, the chorus, oh my god this song is amazing. This is just a flashback from The Slim Shady LP. This song shows Slim Shady at his core.

This song belongs to first position...what a flow man!...old-school vibe love it...This is a perfect fusion of art and Entertainment...this song totally deserves every music awards and it!

This should be in at least no. 4, I mean come on. The song is just great. How come people think Love The Way You Lie is better? I mean that song is more to the 'Pop' feeling.

Anyways this song is a very good song with very comedic lyrics and it also has unpredictable rhymes, In the beginning of the song it gives you the feeling that Shady is back.

Lyrics amazing, beats were also amazing, speed was also amazing, just one of the best Slim Shady songs.

How is this not #1? How is it not even in the Top 10? This song is quintessential Eminem, funny, edgy, insulting, not safe for work or parents and with one of the most lines in music history ("guess who's back, back again... "). Plus the music video is amazing, and is definitely one of the most catchy rhythms from his repertoire. Seriously worth in his top 5 at least.

13 My Name Is My Name Is Cover Art

His name is, Slim Shady. My Name Is is one of the songs that got me into Eminem. The lyrics, the chorus, this song is monumental. This is rap. This is Slim Shady. This is going into the rap history books. This is Eminem at full power. And just remember one thing, his name is Slim Shady.

My Name Is is the really great song. Good beat, good melody, good lyrics. Love this song, and in my opinion one of the best Eminem songs. Remember, his name is Slim Shady.

Its an awesome song with awesome lyrics (you wont stop laughing) it must be in top 10 if not in top 5..
It's a very different eminem song and you must listen it (at least for the lyrics)
A way better song than this and deserves a better ranking (absolutely didn't expect this rank in the TOP10)
So a must listen song for all eminem lovers..

Such a funny song. And what he meant by sticking Nine Inch Nails through each one of his eyelids is that he's saying that things like movies, video games, rock music, etc, can also cause people to become violent besides rap. He using the rock band Nine Inch Nails (really amazing band by the way. Check them out if you haven't) as an example.

14 Love the Way You Lie Love the Way You Lie Cover Art

I don't know if this is my favorite song by him, but it's definitely the one I find myself listening to the most. I love it so much and all the emotion behind it. I don't even like Rihanna that much, but she did a great job with this song. Eminem and Rihanna just nailed this song. It's so good, and it's relatable for a lot of fans who have found themselves in the situation of an abusive romance. I think it's a really powerful song overall and speaks some very difficult emotions and lets us know that it's okay to love someone who might not be good for us. It's just a really powerful song and I find it to be musically brilliant.

Very emotional and strong song about a difficult relationship.

"Maybe this is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano... "

The love, pain, anger, and strong emotions of this song makes it my favourite. (Rihanna also does a good job. )

A cathartic collaboration by Em and Rihanna, both no strangers to domestic abuse. Their first team-up sheds a light on conflicting emotions associated with toxic relationships.

One of the BEST, the 3rd stanza just takes your emotions to a whole new level

15 Like Toy Soldiers Like Toy Soldiers Cover Art

Like Toy Soldiers is one of the deepest and meaningful songs he has ever made. There is so much raw emotion in this song It's madness. And the way Proof plays the guy who dies in the music video, and then dies a few years later from the same thing, it's just heartbreaking. This is very much the best song in Encore.

This is the most mature and powerful song, that Eminem has ever put out. A lot of haters say that Eminem is nothing but a racist, misogynistic homophobe, but in this one, he takes on an awful subject in hip hop, about how rap beefs aren't just showbiz anymore; they could be deadly. This song, in my opinion, is what stopped violence in rap beefs. But if the song, wasn't powerful enough for you, look at the music video. At the very end, Marshall puts down the mic and walks away, and the part that always gets me crying is when the pictures of 2Pac and Biggie are shown. Two of the greatest rappers of all time, who could have gone on to do much, much more, both died too soon, just because of some ridiculous East Coast-West Coast bull. This is one of those songs that makes you realize that there's only one Eminem, and there's never, ever going to be another person like him again, no matter how hard anybody tries.

This is eminems storytelling time at its finest. The chorus may sound a tiny bit cheesy but it provides a great break from the somber tone of the verses. Eminems most mature song, showing that he does have the ability to do a much milder track just as well as he does his more venomous ones. Tops anything from recovery, although space bound is pretty good

Absolutely incredible the chorus ads so much more to the song and its just so much deeper than most songs as he shares his frustration toward Ja Rule and it also has the best beat out of any eminem song. Straight across the best eminem song!

16 Cleanin' Out My Closet Cleanin' Out My Closet Cover Art

Cleanin' Out My Closet is a very good song. Good melody, good lyrics, and good everything. It also has a very deep meaning about it. It talks about Eminem opening up about his childhood and how his mom physically and mentally abused him. The song makes you feel good, but the meaning behind the lyrics makes you wanna cry.

This is an absolute outrage! This is EASILY one of the best Eminem songs of all time, this song is LEGENDARY! The rhythm, the beat, the music video, the chorus, the meaning EVERYTHING about this song is EMINEM at his FINEST! Should be in the top 5! Other underrated songs which deserve to be up there include: Bully, Mosh, Forgot About Dre, My Name Is, No Apologies, Rock Bottom, The Way I Am, The Real Slim Shady and We Made U. Sort it out people, the new album "Recovery" is terrible although Relapse was good, especially with Beautiful and all those dark unique songs.

The sheer lyrics, voice and raw power that is produced all throughout the song are just wicked! This is basically the most detailed six minute life story you will ever get in your life, that's for thirty nine years of Eminem's life anyway. The video to this song also makes a big statement and slightly underrated and just needs a bit more people to realize how great this song is.

Eminem describes his difficulties during his childhood, the conjugal conflicts and his conflicts with her mother Eminem there deliver a picture of the fact what he lived in his childhood and shows all his hostility to her mother through rather violent words He also criticizes his father who abandoned He says that he wrote this song not to hurt her mother but to explain what was really spent in his childhood.

17 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom Cover Art

Let me give my review:
The song enters with a semi catchy and semi monotonous beat that does not have many changes throughout the song, not saying it isn't good but it's kinda monotonous throughout.
It kinda does that thing in music where it starts in this place and once the verse ends the beat kinda disappears. The song really is about the struggles of being broke and having no hope in the world. Marshal tells about getting in and out of a job, being excited over job openings, getting fired on the first day, and the struggle of not having the power to take care of his family and his children. The lyrics are very powerful and might even make you shed a tear, also the flow of this song is just phenomenal. The story telling is a great thing too, it tells his past in a very detailed way. This song is definitely 10/10 it has very few flaws and the flaws are really tiny things that don't really matter in terms of music but in terms of quality and "oh is this song gonna be as good as ...more

Again I have probably made many people wonder " Are these made up songs? " " I think he discovered a piece of a practice paper on the floor" Type song, well its not! It's a piece of lyrical mastermind, his metaphors and similes in this song are bonkers! Eminem is simply the Albert Einstein of rap, not even rap the mastermind of whole music! This is just a great way to start getting known around. To be honest I did struggle thinking whether I should of put "The Way I Am" In replacement for this, though.

Great, inspiring, admirable song. The song is about being broke and hitting Rock Bottom. Eminem is one of the only rappers who doesn't rap about girls and drugs. This is a great song, and helped me get through being bullied.

One of his deepest songs, but in my opinion the best of all his songs and also underrated. People should hear this song more an pay attention to it. His best album is also The Slim Shady Linkin Park.

18 Guilty Conscience Guilty Conscience Cover Art

For those who want to know which songs are the best Eminem songs, I believe this one is The best and most educating one. just listen to this and you'll agree.

This is supposed to be way higher!
Guilty conscience is like the best collaboration of slim and dre.
I love the way the song tells the stories of 3 men, and how their counterparting consciences come into being. I especially like the last stanza.
This song is just to awesome to be at 47!

A brilliant collab between Em and his mentor, Dr. Dre. The devil (Slim Shady) and the angel (Dre) butt heads in an incredibly enthralling series of stories.

This is the best song ever! I love how Dr. Dre is like the angel conscience, and Slim is the devil conscience! It's great how they tried to outdo each other. Great!

19 Berzerk Berzerk Cover Art

The Beastie Boys version of Eminem.
This song is his latest hit and it should be in top 10 and the producer of this song is th fame rick rubin who did many great songs with many worlds top artists such as linkin park beastie boys limp bizkit dr dre

One of Eminem's greatest songs of all times. Such a big hit, surprised it is not in the top 10. deserves a way better ranking and I can't get it out of my head. The lyrics too are awesome.

Can't stop listening! The song is spinning around my mind! Vote this and make it to the top ten! "Let's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch"

He brought Shady back with a mix of some Beastie Boys and 80's music, what more could you ask for?

20 Bad Guy Bad Guy Cover Art

One of my personal favorites. Honestly you can argue for the final verse as his best, or at least one of. He's rapping from Matthew, the brother of stan who killed himself and his pregnant wife because eminem was late to respond, and just goes off. Matthew kidnaps em and kills him, but in doing so, eminem realizes that matthew is just an emotion inside of him, representing all those he ever insulted, offended or hurt in his raps from years earlier, and how all that was coming back to hit him harder. Pure genius. You won't find anybody else in the world, dead or alive, with the ability to do that.

And hey, here’s a sequel for my Mathers LP just to get people to buy!

Such a disturbing masterpiece! The sequel that Stan deserved

Just listen this song once. No, it's not like his other songs which pumps you or make you stronger from inside but it's the masterpiece in story telling. It's a sequel to Stan. Stan's brother Matthew Mitchell takes revenge of his brother's death by killing Eminem. No other rapper has ever done a thing like that. It directly connects MMLP to MMLP2. Utterly hilarious, juicy, mouth watering lyrics it has. You won't be able to stop yourself from smiling in first 3 verses. Lyrically it's a masterpiece, best Eminem song

This song is by far the best on MMLP2, even above Headlights or any of his singles. This sequel to Stan is incredible. Amazing beat. Amazing lyrics. And the fourth verse is one of the best rap verses of all time, if not the best. This song deserves to be right below Lose Yourself in these standings!

21 No Love No Love Cover Art

This is mind blowing! Some of the lyrics are out of this world! I am not normally a fan of Lil Wayne but when I first heard this song I was greatly surprised and inspired about standing up for your rights, your equality and how bad bullying is and the effects it has on your personal life, the video is inspiring and the song is inspiring, I am struggling to describe this mind blowing piece of music, watch the music video and see how impressive is this.

What the hell? No love is literally top 5 Material. WAY better than mockingbird, not afraid, and like toy soldiers. This song is extremely motivational in a neutral way ( a little good and bad), it shows how good Lil Wayne really is, or used to be, and is a very good pump song! How is this not even top 15? In my opinion Lose Yourself > No Love > When I'm Gone > Stan > Til I Colapse > Rap God. I have listened to more tracks than just that though.

Epic beat + awesome verses + cool chorus = this song!

This song is amazing and it should be in the top 10 in my opinion. 13 is pretty close though.

I listen to a lot of his songs and this is my favorite song by him. The amazing beats, his awesome verse, and the epic verse makes this song a masterpiece. Good job Eminem!

This should have been the lead single in Recovery. Great lines, amazing rhymes, incredible flow, flawless delivery and a great chorus all over one of the dopest beats I've ever heard. How is it possible for this masterpiece to be lower than mockingbird, beautiful and many other songs? Why does this song get no love?

22 Role Model Role Model Cover Art

This song is amazing. Just look at this:

Some people only see that I'm white, ignorin skill

Cause I stand out like a green hat with a orange bill

But I don't get pissed, y'all don't even see through the mist

How can I be white, I don't even exist

I get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave

Die from an overdose and dig myself up out of my grave

My middle finger won't go down, how do I wave?

And this is how I'm supposed to teach kids how to behave?

What the heck?! This is easily one of top 5! The video is also fantastic, the lyrics are funny and it's actually a very catchy song!

Well, don't YOU want to grow up to be just like me?

THis list is ridiculous, all you damn pop fans are ruining it. Can't believe I had to scroll down to number 23 to find one song from the shady lp.

This song is just insane. Amazing lyrics and sense of humor plus a catchy beat. This early Eminem Songs are the reason why I became a fan or rap

23 White America White America Cover Art

Eminem has so many songs that it is almost impossible to make a list and put them in an order. This is a track that makes it more difficult. Not even Eminem can do better than this again. You can feel his anger and frustration in every line he raps. It must be way up!

Really? 47th? Wow people listen to a good Eminem song this is terribly low why doesn't anybody actually listen to a good number of Eminem songs before they vote on this messed up list?!?!

The anthem of the alt right. With excellently crafted lyrics, talking about the hatred of whites, and our ever dominant struggle. The beats are great, and the singing is well done. Greatest hip hop song ever made.

When Em walks up to the mic onstage, clears his throat on Curtains Up and then the next track starts when he screams "AMERICA! "... goosebumps!

24 Space Bound Space Bound Cover Art

The whole "Love is evil, spell it backwards" thing is what derails it from being higher on the list. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, but that line is just a little idiotoc. That one line just takes away the power in the music. But the whole idea of Eminem's insane side compared to his softer, more caring side is just amazing.

Just seems so much more raw than most of his other songs - not saying that they aren't. I love the flow, his emotion and and the strain and just overall all of the song! The song makes me feel like everything has a meaning and helped me through a lot of stress... It should be higher

I don't understand why this song is not at least in the top 10. This song is how I started liking Eminem songs. Come on guys. Help me and every other Space Bound fan help this song reach stardom. This song helps me get through life in exceed expectations everyday.

I really like this song because the lyrics and rhythm are really powerful... Makes you sad even when you've never had a failed relationship. When Eminem is all fun then great songs come out, but when he gets serious you know a Masterpiece will show up!

25 Headlights Headlights Cover Art

Headlights is a beautiful song. It has good lyrics, good structure, and pretty much good everything. The lyrics have pretty deep meaning, as it is him apologizing to his mother for everything. Really beautiful song. Whether you like it or not, you know its beautiful.

His best song ever in my opinion. He touched my heart with this song, forgiving his mom and saying that he loves her no matter what happened in the past made me cry. Also Nate Ruess with his amazing voice made this song even better. So much emotions put in this song.

No song like this. This is incredible. It is catchy, soulful and mesmerizing. The way Marshall Mathers can weave words together like this is extraordinary. The way he forgives and apologizes to his mother is great. My favourite song.

This song is great. It’s grown on me for the past month. The lyrics are touching, give me goosebumps, and are great.

Another thing is that Nate Ruess also has a great cameo in this song, his beautiful singing voice giving me goosebumps.

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