Best Eminem Songs

The Top Ten Best Eminem Songs

1 Lose Yourself

Well written, Has a Message, great sample. Fantastic song.

Greatest of all time.. The rhythm the writing the beat it just says it all the way he starts slow then turns it up like a bomb it's just something only marshall mathers can do all props to the best rapper there is or ever was or ever will be EMINEM!

This song blows my mind the lyrics are great it's catchy the beat goes perfectly with the song this is no doubt the best song I have ever heard
you Eminem you are the best rapper that ever lived

Best rap song...ever
I started to enjoyed this song before knowing who's the singer and don't even know that this song and artist would be one day the number 1 song and number 1 artist the world would ever know. And this song lead me to the HIP-HOP WORLD...!
THANKS Eminem.

2 Stan

Song tells a story, once again great lyrics from the greatest rapper ever. Its awesome how the beat compliments the narrative.

So sad for the fan
"its good to be the star but bad to be a fan" true
Eminem rocks he is the best of all
He is cool his songs are the best his lyrics are awesome
He feel everything
He is the best

It's just awesome, start with a lovely song "thank you" as it's base, AND the story line of song is touching..

This samples "Thank You" from Dido, a British singer/songwriter. "Thank You" was used in the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, and became a hit almost two years later after it was used on this.

Dido told MTV: "A hip-hop producer named DJ Mark 'The 45' King sampled the first part of 'Thank You' from the TV - and he put it on a beat tape, as they do, and sent it to Eminem and he used it. It's that simple. I got this letter out of the blue one day. It said, 'We like your album, we've used this track. Hope you don't mind and hope you like it.' When they sent it to me and I played it, I was like, 'Wow! This track's amazing.'"

3 'Till I Collapse

This song pumps me up so much! It eats Not Afraid alive! This song is one of the best pump up songs of all time (if not the best)

You know those songs that you have to listen to multiple times to get the full effect of it. I had this song on repeat for 7 hours

The energy eminem displays in this song is amazing - whenever I hear it it makes me wanna hear it once again. Without a doubt undoubtedly one of the best rap songs ever.

You said it so well, it came from nowhere and blast the mind, you could feel your skin thrilling...

4 Not Afraid

Super cool songs... Always gives me inspiration when I'm down!

The cool song for the fans who love eminem and rap songs see this song official video a cool song with the cool video. Don't really understand why Lose Yourself is on top because it's nothing compared to Not Afraid. This song is really inspiring. At one point in my life I liked lose yourself better. Now that Not Afraid came out it tells you that you can overcome anything. This song is the best song by Eminem, and one of the best of all time. Super cool songs... Always give me inspiration


Don't understand why it is Number 4, should be number 1. Lose Yourself doesn't have any hits or low. Should be Number 1. Stan is not good, pretty sad. Not afraid is like a song for hopeless people.

5 When I'm Gone

How is love the way you lie before this?! Get real people where else could you hear rap like his?!

Raw emotion. It is crazy how much this song makes me cry. I used to hate rap and this song made me love Eminem.

this song is the best song ever for me between all of eminem songs. this song is a very meaningful song for me. seriously I like it so much. eminem is one of the best rapper ever in the world.

My mother dedicated this song to me and my younger brother but now she is soon going to lose custody of us because of her bad choices and what she has done to us. I just cry when I hear this song. It is still so good to remember the few good times we had then.

6 The Real Slim Shady

So good! It will demolish Not Afraid and Love The Way You Lie this is what Eminem is about not the pop you hear today!

This song should be in number one position. It's hilarious. This one made him known to the world, remember?.

The greatest and funniest eminem song of all time! I don't know how Eminem is so funny, even in 8 Mile he is hilarious!

My first Eminem song. (By the way, I'm 10, so don't judge for listening to songs that curse.)

7 Sing for the Moment

This song should be on #1.
If you've ever read the lyrics then you know its true.
Quote: "It's all political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal,
How the f*** can I raise a little girl? "
The quality of the lyrics is just as good in the beginning as in the end.
Its just a great artist and I'm glad that he's still making good music.

Best song ever, He is the best rapper in the world and needs people to see that. They all want to talk about him but really they don't no anything. They didn't have to go through what he did. Haters have never been in Marshalls shoes to know that his music is crap (which its not) cause really his just rapping about his life and if you think his music is bad then if only you had to live the life he did I would laugh in your face because you wouldn't be able to live one day there.

This song should be on 2 in my opinion :: after lose yourself this is the next awesome track ::

This song is perfect (behind Lose Yourself). It's an amazing blend of rock and roll and rap that shows the more caring side of Marshall Mathers through the quote "It's al political, if my music is literal and I'm a criminal,

How can I raise a little girl? "

Shady's life is reflected in his music, and most people would not be even close to where he is in the world if they grew up like he did. This song shows who he really is. I bet most people don't know that when he was nominated for an Oscar, he didn't attend the ceremony. His daughter wanted to spend time with him, and so he stayed home and watched cartoons with her.

8 Mockingbird

Daddy's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird... Man Heard this song like awesome times.. Never gonna forget a single word of it... On My List.. Its number 1. Love You Eminem.. Always have, always will!

man, I herd this song and was like love it! its like heart touching, made me think of my dad.

Pure passion and emotion, this is a serious song on a unserious album and is a welcome change from the standard hoes, drugs and money rap topics.

A tasteful change of pace for Eminem. Out of the many songs written for his daughter, Hailie, Mockingbird is easily the most touching.

9 The Way I Am

This is song is just so emotionally raw. This album is by far his best. Don't know why the singles from his new album are in top 10. This is pure Eminem at his greatest. No featured singers like Rhianna or Lil Wayne, to interrupt the power this song depicts.

How is this song behind love the way you lie?! That makes no sense at all. True Em fans know that this song deserves to be in the top 3 at least.

I know right? Love The Way You Lie is a cool song but people like it only because it's mainstream. The Way I Am is one of the best rap songs ever, not just Eminem songs.

C'mon man this should be at least included in the top ten!

This is by far the best Eminem song. The aggression and hate it shows is just pure Eminem.

10 Rap God

6minutes of rapping and not just normal rapping. No, it's Marshall Mathers. This is the best rap ever made in the history of rap. 7million views in 1 day on youtube, that is something. If we could all just vote for this song, that would be great. And he is not the king, he is the God.

Guys you have got to vote for this. Marshall Mathers is a genius. 6 minutes of the same continuous flow, no one can rap like this. I know this song is only low because it's a new release, but we have got to get this in the top 5. Eminem has returned, with a mix of Marshall and the return of Slim Shady has made an appearance on this new album. I can't wait.

Eminem truly is the KING! SLIM SHADY IS BACK PEOPLE!

This is the best Eminem song ever. Then Stan. Then Lose Yourself. Then it’s debatable.

The Contenders

11 Beautiful

Awesome... The meaning is very good. Inspirational. Should be at least TOP 3... Eminem is yet the Best Rapper of the World.

Best song of Eminem by a distance.. it is made superbly... I love this song... Vote this to make it the number one...

This is it man... I swear

Who the hell are you huh? This is who you should be... It is beautiful

A touching confession of mental illness not often seen at the time of its release.

12 My Name Is

Wow how is this not in the top 10!
Awesome lyrics that'll make you laugh and that'll get stuck in your head constantly one of his best deserves better then this ranking...

Its an awesome song with awesome lyrics (you wont stop laughing) it must be in top 10 if not in top 5..
Its a very different eminem song and you must listen it (at least for the lyrics)
A way better song than this and deserves a better ranking (absolutely didn't expect this rank in the TOP10)
So a must listen song for all eminem lovers..

Can't believe this song is so low, it should right up with Lose Yourself!

I know right? People don't appreciate it as much because they see it as this goofy song.

Such a funny song. And what he meant by sticking Nine Inch Nails through each one of his eyelids is that he's saying that things like movies, video games, rock music, etc, can also cause people to become violent besides rap. He using the rock band Nine Inch Nails (really amazing band by the way. Check them out if you haven't) as an example.

13 Without Me

Lyrics are just amazing and music video is great. It's just classic shady having fun!

Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me, and we need a little controversy cause it feels so empty without me.

The Most awesome Eminem song CONTROVERSY

I love the rythmn. so awesome. I've never heard song with that kind of singing to it. I never knew it came from eminem

An excellent exhibition of Eminem's biting wit and vicious verbal attacks.

14 Love the Way You Lie

One of the BEST, the 3rd stanza just takes your emotions to a whole new level

Very emotional and strong song about a difficult relationship.

"Maybe this is what happens when a tornado meets a volcano... "

The love, pain, anger, and strong emotions of this song makes it my favourite. (Rihanna also does a good job. )

It's a brilliant song. The Beats, lyrics, tempo everything is so flawless. The Best rapper did an excellent job once again

A cathartic collaboration by Em and Rihanna, both no strangers to domestic abuse. Their first team-up sheds a light on conflicting emotions associated with toxic relationships.

15 Like Toy Soldiers

Best most meaningful song I have heard. Brilliant rapping and beats his new stuff by miles

Absolutely incredible the chorus ads so much more to the song and its just so much deeper than most songs as he shares his frustration toward Ja Rule and it also has the best beat out of any eminem song. Straight across the best eminem song!

What an amazing song. His lyrics are so good and actually tell a story. This one is absolutely amazing.

A surprisingly poignant plea by Eminem to put aside our differences and stop killing each other over meaningless gang wars.

16 Cleanin' Out My Closet

such a good meaning and it's so deep... I don't like his new album as much as his old ones but I do like beautiful - LYmetal

It is a great song. Expresses Eminem's enraging past.
So good that it should at least be in the top 10.
The beats and the tune of it especially at the end of each stanza is awesome!
Love you Eminem...

The sheer lyrics, voice and raw power that is produced all throughout the song are just wicked! This is basically the most detailed six minute life story you will ever get in your life, that's for thirty nine years of Eminem's life anyway. The video to this song also makes a big statement and slightly underrated and just needs a bit more people to realize how great this song is. - EMIN3M

This is an absolute outrage! This is EASILY one of the best Eminem songs of all time, this song is LEGENDARY! The rhythm, the beat, the music video, the chorus, the meaning EVERYTHING about this song is EMINEM at his FINEST! Should be in the top 5! Other underrated songs which deserve to be up there include: Bully, Mosh, Forgot About Dre, My Name Is, No Apologies, Rock Bottom, The Way I Am, The Real Slim Shady and We Made U. Sort it out people, the new album "Recovery" is terrible although Relapse was good, especially with Beautiful and all those dark unique songs.

17 Guilty Conscience

I could not believe myself when I saw this song so far down it should be in the top 5 for sure. Both dr dre and Eminem do great.

This is the best song ever! I love how Dr. Dre is like the angel conscience, and Slim is the devil conscience! It's great how they tried to outdo each other. Great!

A brilliant collab between Em and his mentor, Dr. Dre. The devil (Slim Shady) and the angel (Dre) butt heads in an incredibly enthralling series of stories.

This is supposed to be way higher!
Guilty conscience is like the best collaboration of slim and dre.
I love the way the song tells the stories of 3 men, and how their counterparting consciences come into being. I especially like the last stanza.
This song is just to awesome to be at 47!

18 Rock Bottom

Most underrated eminem song. The first time you hear it seems a little boring but after a bit its like.. Wow - awesomenessdefined

best way to enter his life. great eminem, great struggler. great song.

This song's going up now... It has to man. Just has to, most underrated Eminem song ever. Just listen to it if you haven't and you'll get the point like rock bottom.

Let me give my review:
The song enters with a semi catchy and semi monotonous beat that does not have many changes throughout the song, not saying it isn't good but it's kinda monotonous throughout.
It kinda does that thing in music where it starts in this place and once the verse ends the beat kinda disappears. The song really is about the struggles of being broke and having no hope in the world. Marshal tells about getting in and out of a job, being excited over job openings, getting fired on the first day, and the struggle of not having the power to take care of his family and his children. The lyrics are very powerful and might even make you shed a tear, also the flow of this song is just phenomenal. The story telling is a great thing too, it tells his past in a very detailed way. This song is definitely 10/10 it has very few flaws and the flaws are really tiny things that don't really matter in terms of music but in terms of quality and "oh is this song gonna be as good as ...more

19 Berzerk

He brought Shady back with a mix of some Beastie Boys and 80's music, what more could you ask for?

Can't get this song out of my head. Eminem still got it bang bang

Slim Shady back this song is a classic. Might not have many votes cause it just came out but come on people must vote for. Can't wait for the Marshall Mathers 2. ^.^

This is one kick-ass song. Great tempo and and killer lyrics from the rap God. This songs makes me want to get off my ass and do something...

20 Role Model

What the heck?! This is easily one of top 5! The video is also fantastic, the lyrics are funny and it's actually a very catchy song!

Well, don't YOU want to grow up to be just like me?
- Mushroom99

Should be higher up this song is awesome

THis list is ridiculous, all you damn pop fans are ruining it. Can't believe I had to scroll down to number 23 to find one song from the shady lp.

Hillary Clinton slapped me and called me a pervert, I ripped her tonsils out and fed her sherbet

21 No Love

One of the best Em verses ever. The complexity and speed... wow. He kills Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne gradually speeds up, and Eminem just blasts the nitro!

HOW COME IT'S NOT in the top 10! Great song.. Great lyrics.. Simply epic!

This is mind blowing! Some of the lyrics are out of this world! I am not normally a fan of Lil Wayne but when I first heard this song I was greatly surprised and inspired about standing up for your rights, your equality and how bad bullying is and the effects it has on your personal life, the video is inspiring and the song is inspiring, I am struggling to describe this mind blowing piece of music, watch the music video and see how impressive is this. - EMIN3M

22 Bad Guy

This song is by far the best on MMLP2, even above Headlights or any of his singles. This sequel to Stan is incredible. Amazing beat. Amazing lyrics. And the fourth verse is one of the best rap verses of all time, if not the best. This song deserves to be right below Lose Yourself in these standings!

"Headlights or any of the singles" Headlights is a single. Anyway yeah I agree with that comment entirely. - WonkeyDude98

This is possibly the most distinct song on the album. It starts off with weak, somewhat forced rhymes and delivery. However, that was one of the most clever moves Eminem has ever done because it is to show that Matthew (Stan's brother in the song Stan) is not an expert at rapping, and then suddenly there are a ton of callbacks that work (such as a line containing the "I hope you hear it" from Stan), and my personal favorite callback is the one picking up where the last song on the MMLP, Criminal, left off, making sense as it is the first song off of the MMLP2.

And then it changes entirely...

The instrumentation is heavier and more dramatic, Eminem's voice is rougher, and Matthew has become a figure of Eminem's imagination and he reveals Eminem's biggest fears, mainly with karma biting him back for his lyrics. This verse is so impactful, powerful, and well thought out, it has drastic replay value, and I will go as far to say it is the best verse in all of rap.

My ...more - WonkeyDude98

Amazing flow, genius lyrics, and awesome story.

One of my personal favorites. Honestly you can argue for the final verse as his best, or at least one of. He's rapping from Matthew, the brother of stan who killed himself and his pregnant wife because eminem was late to respond, and just goes off. Matthew kidnaps em and kills him, but in doing so, eminem realizes that matthew is just an emotion inside of him, representing all those he ever insulted, offended or hurt in his raps from years earlier, and how all that was coming back to hit him harder. Pure genius. You won't find anybody else in the world, dead or alive, with the ability to do that.

23 White America

Really? 47th? Wow people listen to a good Eminem song this is terribly low why doesn't anybody actually listen to a good number of Eminem songs before they vote on this messed up list?!?!

White America! Woo! Elaborates his country's mistakes and dumpings! Really should be at the top 20 songs!

Look At These Eyes Baby...!
One Of The Most Energetically Made Eminem's song

Eminem has so many songs that it is almost impossible to make a list and put them in an order. This is a track that makes it more difficult. Not even Eminem can do better than this again. You can feel his anger and frustration in every line he raps. It must be way up!

24 Space Bound

In my opinion, better than Love the Way You Lie. Definitely shows that Em is still the king. I can relate to this song so much.

Man. This song is my favourite of all time. So much emotion. You could easily hear em's heartbeat.

Really touching song! Should be listed in the top TEN! Can't stop listening to it. Vote GUYS

This song makes me cry tears of utter joy, I love it so much I named my son Enrique Space Bound Gonzalez. Thank you Eminem for this stunning tribute to spacebound rocket ships.

25 Headlights

Definitely ranked 10 for me, this is one of his best emotional/ apology songs

Superb lyrics.em apologies to his mother very emotional

No song like this. This is incredible. It is catchy, soulful and mesmerizing. The way Marshall Mathers can weave words together like this is extraordinary. The way he forgives and apologizes to his mother is great. My favourite song.

His best song ever in my opinion. He touched my heart with this song, forgiving his mom and saying that he loves her no matter what happened in the past made me cry. Also Nate Ruess with his amazing voice made this song even better. So much emotions put in this song.

26 I Need a Doctor

One of the few rap songs that actually conveys a good message--a song about a friendship. Eminem's verses are heartwarming and Dre's verse is just absolutely bad ass.

Skylar grey's part is great and dre in the end make it a song to remember

This song was so great. I like eminem sing his fast rap. With skylar grey sweet voice, and dr dre sing his rap.

Actually, a good contender for worst Eminem song. The tone of the chorus is such a tired cliche, as well as the lyrics. "I'm about to lose my mine, you've been gone for so long, I'm running out of time". Compare those to another pretty poppy Eminem song, love the way you lie. "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, well that's alright because I like the way it hurts." It sounds pained, it sounds emotional. It describes exactly how someone in an abusive relationship would feel. What does the other chorus describe? It just beats around the bush with no lyrical direction.

27 Criminal

Should be in the top 5 at least same with forgot about dre. It's better than anything from recovery, just listen to the hilarious lyrics and his awesome flow. Listen to some real Eminem songs before you vote on some piece you heard on the pop charts

One of his greatest songs ever! This song should definitely be in the top five! Nobody listens to his old stuff anymore. That is when he poured out all he had in the rap game.

Great song should be around 14 th, better than without me in my opinion and I've loved em from the start

Such an underrated song

28 Just Don't Give a F***

This is one of shadys best songs
how can it not be in 5
originally of the slim shady EP
Eminem is The greatest Rapper Ever

One of the most lyrically brilliant and best flowing songs out there, from the hands down best (and probably smartest) rapper out there. This is Em at the top of his game, no doubt

So much better than anything from Recovery, this is top 5 material. Has the best punchlines in any Eminem song.

I think this is the most underrated song em has put out

this song is up there lyrically with his best songs

29 Forever

Haha Eminem killed those other rappers

Eminem verse was good on it not, it wasn't close to his best verse, but really everyone else sucked, lil wayne was lazy on this. Shouldn't be in the top 100 so many better songs from his other guest spots and his actual albums. There is no reason for this to be over Renegade one of his best quest verses ever - germshep24

I only liked west and em verse the rest was nothing

Em was okay on this the others were just trash

30 Forgot About Dre

this song should enter in the top 10 defenetly...
Swap it for Love the way you lie or not afriad...
This song is one of the songs that gave eminem the fame he has!

This made him how is it not in the top 10 I love his older stuff better yes this should be number 1!

Wow all I have to say! This is top three easy! Come on people this is one of Eminems great songs. Come on

It is no 11th greatest rap song in the greatest rap songs list. So why it is 24th in here? Should be at least top ten. One of best duo of rap. Shady and dre kills it

31 Kill You

Its everything that makes Marshall who he is, all rolled into one song.

Minimalist beat is sinister and great. rhymes are incredible and offensive

This is a wonderful song with a catchy music. One of the best created by Eminem and reflects his quality of music as well as his lyrics.
This song should be at least in top 15.

What? You kidding' me..? Kill you at 52...?
At least in the top 5 man, this song is just an example of awesomeness..!
Guys, please vote..! Get it up!

32 The Monster

Guys vote for this amazing song the way eminem and rihanna sing it its unique and this song top in chart listen and enjoy this song!

What do you think? , its the king Eminem and Rihanna

1 OF The Best Songs Ever...Gives You The UniqUe FeeLing That Comes From Only Some Of His SOnGz...
A Much Better Chorus By Rihanna This Time...

It's by Rihanna and Eminem, so there really isn't anything to expect here but one of the BEST songs written in history! The music video for this came out like two months ago and ALREADY has over 100,000,000 views on it!

33 Kim

This may not be Eminem's best song. But you can hear his emotion being poured out. It should really be much higher than 29.

Best Song Ever made. The only reason it isn't higher is because of these punks who started liking eminem at relapse.

I think it's safe to say this is Eminem's most controversial and violent song. But what I admire about it is that it goes into depth of what was on Marshall's mind when he saw Kim cheating on him and how much it hurt him. Kim got what she deserved with that song. Hearing that song, as insulting as it is to her, she had to realize that SHE caused that kind of pain reflected in the song. Sure, Em cheated on Kim once, but at least he owned up to it, and he wasn't fully grown; he was just being young and dumb. A lot of people criticize Marshall for making this song, but put yourself in his position: You work hard for your fame, which started off from nothing, you earn the money to support your family, and how does your wife repay you? By cheating on you. I would've been this mad if something like that happened to me too.

I just don't find anything entertaining about this song or interesting. Like in sslp Eminem blows you away with just how controversial and also cleverly funny his lyrics are. Mmlp he is more serious and raw, and just says whatever he wants. It sounds like a very well done independent album, in the sense that it sounds like he held nothing back and it was done exactly how he wanted it. But this song... I don't know, like he doesn't even rap in it. He more talks than anything. I don't find the subject matter why I don't like it, I like 97 Bonnie and Clyde, because of his lack of emotion while hiding from his daughter that he murdered his wife. He downplays it to the point that it is almost comical. This... well it just came exactly how expected, and because of that it was the opposite. We expect the unexpected in that sense. Here, well if I was told someone made a track depicting him murdering his wife, I would expect it to be exactly this. It just is a murder scene, nothing clever or ...more

34 25 to Life

One of eminem's best songs. Great verses and shows a lot of emotion behind it, he doesn't just rap about money, girls, and drugs, he raps on a deeper level, really gets you thinking.

Shows great emotion between em and the business as a conflicting relation through some of his best lyrics which make it a truly great song

it's a wonderful song the instruments rhyme perfectly with eminem and the co-vocalist has a great talent. PLUS THE WONDERFUL LYRICS. That's all crap who is the singer at the beginning of the song

Lyrically speaking, this is by far one of his best songs ever. Just when you think it's about his relationship with a person, the lyrics reveal it's actually about his relationship with Hip Hop; how it's both made and destroyed his life all at the same time.

Coupled with a brilliantly catchy verse, I can't see how this isn't top 5 at the very least. Go listen to it. Now.

35 Cinderella Man

How is this song not in the top ten? In my opinion it's the best song from recovery or at least better than not afraid

Great SOng Absolutely amazing Greathink this is the most inspirational song em has ever made, every line from start to finish is simply awesome and can pump up any one
Hats off 2 him for this one pump up song! Absolutely unstoppable.

Every time I hear this song it motivates me to kick some ass. I love it.

This needs to be first. This song is the climax of Recovery. WAY better than Not Afraid! EVEN better than Lose Yourself. BEST Eminem song ever.

36 Rabbit Run

This song is right behind Lose Yourself. The Beat is awesome, the lyrics are legendary, as usual, and its very underrated. Eminem at his finest.

This song is so amazing and underrated! It is one of Eminem's greatest hits! It has great lyrics and a mad beat!

Awesome beats... awesome lyrics... awesome flow... this must have been a lot higher at least above the recovery songs...

This song according to me is the second best rap of Eminem after lose yourself... I guess for some people 3 minutes of non stop, no chorus rapping is too much but not for true Eminem fans, they just can't have enough!

37 Marshall Mathers

Should be at least top10. Much better than not Afraid and love the way you lie. Tells the story of what happened after he became famous. Must listen to song

One of the greatest songs ever made! A definite top ten contender

Underrated, one of his best songs, w/ witty remarks too. Should be at least top 15

The lyrics in this song are intense even more then any of his songs - Sabbath

38 Hailie's Song

So my favorite Eminem's song lies at 23... That's a shame, I don't know how this is eve possible that this song is not in top 10! Such a beautiful rap with amazing and I mean amazing chorus, a must, must listen!

Great song from a dad to his child

This song do need some credit

"Awesome lyrics and beautifully executed"

Why is this not in the top 10? The amount of meaning and passion definitely reserves a spot for this masterpiece.

This song is the best song ever and it should be number one I listen to the song to get happy and it works so you guys are stupid for thinking anything except that this song is the best song ever.

39 Legacy

As a huge Eminem fan, not a wanna be fan, like, this is all I listen to, I have a playlist of 300 songs by him, know them all and this is in my top 5 if not top 3 and I can relate to it, it's so personal, emotionally raw, catchy, soothing, creative, etc. Its just a great song overall, should be higher up, at least in the top 10, but not everyone can appreciate the art in this song like I can.

"I used to be the type of kid that would always think the sky was falling"

This song illustrates a young and bullied Eminem that builds his confidence on his skill with words to break free of the world he knew and rise to fame. Really a great song. Probably my favorite on the mmlp2.

Marshall is giving his story and strength to anyone that was like him. I respect how open he's been with the kind of things most people try and hide.

This deserves to be in the top 10, it is new, so it needs to be heard more, but the lyrics are genius, beat is catchy, female vocalist is excellent!

40 Soldier

Yo this is my 2nd favorite eminem song out of all his songs this song go hard asf I don't understand how it didn't get big because this song SNAPPED

This song is like a stream of river... Flowing and making it's own way downhill. Intense rapping with meaningful lyrics not just blabber.

This is real rap and my favorite song of him.. I wonder why he didn't make more of that of a kind

Yo this song is real rap why is it in 20's man vote this at least till 15

41 Survival

So-good eminem rapping is so awesome of this song and it kills till I collapse he sings it for call of duty ghosts what a song liz also does good part of this song it rocks man

WOW, this is an epic song, definitely should be up in the charts.

Nice song, used in the game call of duty:ghosts!

Why is this song so low? It should definitely be on his top 10. The chorus just takes you away, very inspiring, love the energy, it DO OR DIE!

42 8 Mile

Simple music just like stated. It makes this my number one Eminem-drug, shaking my head back and forth whole night. This is cocaine!

Complex lyrics + simple music = fabulous song!
Please consider what just wrote

This song is pure awesomeness and I think that Eminem can greatly express what he feels inside, this song is for proof. It's more than amazing, that's my opinion.

It's for Proof? But Proof was killed in 2006, I thought this song was a part of 8 mile and that means 2002.

Honestly don't know how this isn't in the Top 5. It's right up there with Lose Yourself in terms of quality, in my opinion. Gets me pumped up. I can't believe people are putting any songs from his most recent albums above this.

43 I'm Back

Yo this is true stuff he is rapping about man. This is like his most passionate song on the whole Marshall Mathers LP cd

I murder a rhyme/one word at a time/you've never seen a mind/as perverted as mine. Sit the hell down.

This was the best song he has ever made in my opinion

This is my 4th favorite Eminem song but I voted for this because of how underrated it is.

44 We Made You

Eminem is the only rapper, the ONLY, I bring myself to listen to. And this is the first a Eminem song I've ever heard, and when I watched the video, I nearly wet myself laughing...oh, that made me sound a bit like a baby...

Whatever! He's so funny and he doesn't rap all sorts of stupid lyrics like most rappers, he's songs actually mean something, and they are so damn funny! - Oldia

The best song on this list by far... - Celestius

It's a sin that I actually had to look for this song on this list. Best. Eminem. Song. Ever! It's so catchy, and whenever it comes on, you just can't help but to sing along.

Hey! What in the world this song was in #76?! This should be at least in the top 15.

Top 15 is too low. It should be in the top 5. All the radio abused songs are there instead and should be knocked off and this be in the top 5 for how much better it is than the overrated tracks. - PrinceZarbon

45 Brain Damage

One of Eminem's greatest songs! Why this isn't even in his top 135 songs I do not know! He shows great emotion in this song about how he got bullied as a kid, it must be hard for little Em! This is an amazing song! :-)

One of his best songs

Brain damage is Eminem's most underrated songs

I put it firmly in my top 10 - defmay

46 Cold Wind Blows

UNDErrated, this song really fires you up! Very flow and great chorus!


This song is a true representation of Eminems ability

Underrated. This Song is just so fired up. Some people might find it a bit too hardcore but that's what makes it so awesome. Eminem raps with all his might. Deserves to be in the top 5.

47 Mosh

amazing song... this song is actually a "pump up" song for me. This brings goosebumps to my skin. I understand where he is coming from, and I can understand his feelings in this song

The fact that this song is THIS low makes me upset. True emotions, probably his best song. And I'm not even American.

You guys suck this is by far the best em song
Just listen to it

Big fan of this song

48 Renegade

"See I'm a poet to some/A regular/ Modern day Shakespeare/ Jesus Christ the
King of these Latter Day Saints here/ To shatter the picture In which of that As they paint me/ As a monger of hate and/ Satan a scatter-brained atheist/ But that ain't the case/ See it's a matter of taste.. "
This is probably one of the greatest Rap Collaborations ever! Eminem and Jay - Z, a timeless classic!

Absolutely fantastic! You've seen me compliment this song before, so you know why it's a winner. Fantastic song.

How can anyone forget this masterpiece. This song is by the greatest collaboration ever Eminem and Royce the 5'9. Never get bored with this song. Amazing flow and awesome hook... All Eminem fans must listen it...

This song is probably the most underrated song in this list. Eminem has such incredible verses in this song. Both verses of Eminem are amazing.

49 Crack a Bottle

Too smooth of a beat to pass up! This song is amazing, you here it once and you sing for months. Definitely a top twenty for sure.

50 Cent has good flow and mainstream lyrics but mediocore singing please stick to rap.
Dr. Dre has good lyrics that tells the true meaning of love
SLIM SHADY sings without auto-tune (something most singers can't do. ) Raps better, is chaotic, no mainstream and barely any love lyrics and still proves to be the king of rap. No wonder he has the longest and coolest intro at the beginning go slim SHADY! - trainsobel

This song is gets stuck in your head. This is really low. Should be top ten for sure.

64? That's a joke right? Because a great song like this should NOT be 64 or anywhere under top 20.

50 Drug Ballad

Brilliant rapping, it's amazing how he can mix the combination of words together to create the lyrics

My favorite hands done man. Should be in top 25.

Great beat, better lyrics, Eminem at his best.

Just an amazing song, you can truly just relax and feel the beat and the flow is incredible.

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