Top 10 Examples of Good Tastes in Gaming


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21 "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is not a ripoff of Super Smash Bros. I like both games. You should try it."
22 "PS4, Xbox One and Switch are all good."

Let's not forget the other systems, too. They're all good in their own right.

23 "Some games are better than others. It is a matter of opinion."

Very true.

24 "There is more to F-Zero than Captain Falcon and "FALCON PUNCH!""

Too bad this awesome game series faded into obscurity nowadays. :(

25 "Bubsy 3D is terrible."
26 "Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is the worst Sonic game."

Very true. Much worse than Sonic 2006. At least Sonic 2006 has some pros to cover up it's heinous flaws. (The music and graphics being an example)

27 "Halo is pretty cool."
28 "I hate crossover couples"

Crossover couples suck and deserve not to be shipped. Mind you, I stick to same-universe ships, especially if they're official or canon.

29 "The game itself is better than all the fanfiction and art some people make of it"


30 "Rareware games are great"

Whether they're part of Nintendo or Microsoft you cannot deny that they've made some good gems. Rare Replay is a must-have for Xbox One owners who grew up with Nintendo, in my opinion.

31 "Sora should never be in Super Smash Bros."

Exactly. There are better ideas for a character in SSB, to be honest. Sora would never fit.

32 "Kingdom Hearts haters suck"

No they do not. The fans are worse.

33 "Karel is better than Harken"
34 "Kingdom Hearts sucks and has the worst fanbase ever"
35 "Disney should never buy a video game developer"

Now, that would suck.

36 "The original characters of Kingdom Hearts are terrible."

Bland designs and complete ripoffs who have sick fanbases full of yaoi fanbrats. There is nothing likable about Sora and company.

I respectfully disagree since I don't have any OTPs in that game - ParkerFang

37 Organization XIII are one of the great villains

They are not great. They deserve to all die.

Get over it.

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