Top Ten Most Famous Dwarf Planets of the Solar System


The Top Ten

1 Pluto

It changed into a dwarf planet on my birthday. Well it wasn't my wish but still it is pretty unique. It's A DWARF PLANET. You can't admit that isn't cool!

Poor pluto. Don't worry, you'll always be a planet to me. - ToptenPizza

Mainly because it used to be a planet. - Minecraftcrazy530

Discovered in 1930, Pluto has an eccentric and highly inclined orbit that takes it from 4.4"7.4 billion km from the Sun, light from the Sun takes about 5.5 hours to reach Pluto at its average distance - MatrixGuy

2 Eris

Eris is 27% more massive than Pluto which makes it the most massive dwarf planet known in the Solar System - MatrixGuy

3 Haumea
4 Makemake
5 Ceres
6 Xena

I'm surprised this wasn't originally on this list. - Animefan12

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