Top Ten Fanfiction Rogue Names

This is my first list, as I have made up MANY fanfiction rouge names, as I wanted to tell them to someone.
Or a whole website (maybe).

The Top Ten

1 Toxicana

A pitch black cat, with extremely bright green eyes, like poison. She tricked the clans against each other, to make a huge, a huge war between them. She is really a replacement for Sol, because she was his younger sister. - xcToxicana

2 Shattered

Used to be a clan cat, but kicked out of becoming a physco killer in his clan, killing cats while they were sleeping, and burying their bodies, but the leader found out what Shatteredheart has been doing, and kicked him out. - xcToxicana

3 Amethyst

A light red cat, with mixed colors on her tail. When she was born, she found a amethyst in the ground, somehow was in the dirt. She made it a necklace, and buried the necklace in her fur. She was invited into Thunderclan, killing cats, and somewhat like Shattered. She did NOT bury the cats, and the clan found out extremely fast, and kicked her out, but one cat killed her, and she was sent to the Dark Forest. She was never heard of again. - xcToxicana

4 Fawn

A brown cat, female, and she created a clan called DeadClan. She killed most cats who did not obey her, and she killed some clan cats. Yet one of the Windclan leaders stood up and killed her, while she was sleeping. And she was tooken to the Dark Forest. - xcToxicana

5 Dead

A dark black cat from the mountains, acting like a wolf. He was the brother of Fawn, killing cats with her side. But after Fawn died, he was killed by the same Windclan leader as well. - xcToxicana

6 Paintedflowers

This does not sound like a rouge name, but frankly it is. She was ALSO born into the mountains, yet pushing cats into streams. And the wolves as well. The clans found out, and she was pushed into a lake. Revenge after what she had done, doing the same death. - xcToxicana

7 Honeyheart

Sweet as honey, but bitter as the bee's make it. - xcToxicana

8 Night

Pitch black, with yellow eyes, killed by the clans, for pushing cats into Ashfur's fire while they weren't looking. - xcToxicana

9 Core

She, hot as the core, but as fierce as the fire in it. She killed all her mates. Tooken to the Dark Forest. - xcToxicana

10 Anre

This name does not make sense, but when she was a kit, she killed many other kits, but she was killed instantly after killing 12 kits. - xcToxicana

The Contenders

11 Phantom
12 Fury

Was a clan cat called Maplefrost she got kicked out of the clan for really no reason she accidently got a rabbit from windclan so she renamed herself Fury and went to the dark forest

13 Horror
14 Cocoa

€¢Dark brown she-cat. •Kittypet. •Has 2 kits, Amber and Max. •Mate is a golden tabby named Leo.

15 Butterfly

Born in Bloodclan,the daughter of the leader,Ice.Never liked fighting, and decides to just take care of the kits,rather like Daisy and Ferncloud. She has three kits,two she cats and a tom,with her mate,Night.After many moons,she has a second litter,but Night never gets to meet them because he died in a fight with another cat,Scar.Her four new kits are named Night,Dawn,Flower,and Snowy.Night looks exactly like his father.

16 Clara
17 Boots

White tom with bright yellow eyes and gray paws.Used to be a rogue but was adopted by a kind family and their other cat,Alexia.

18 Flower

Brown she cat with amber eyes,lives in an alley.

19 Spots

Black and white tom with green eyes and a pink nose.

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