Best The Chronicles of Avantia Books

I have just read the last book in the fantasy quadrology book series known as "The Chronicles of Avantia". You might have heard of the book series Beast Quest, and this is basically the prequel series of that series, and in my opinion it's better. It has a lot more effort put into it and the characters all feel so alive and recieve tons of character development, and it wasn't over-saturated. It only consists of four books and IMO all of them are great. Here is my ranking on these books, so with that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Call to War

Choosing between Chasing Evil and Call to War was difficult as I find both books to be highly excellent. But this one definitely took the W. We are definitely speaking of epicness and awesomeness when we're speaking of "Call to War". This was one of the most interesting books in this series and even the beginning just made me want to read more of it. Every moment in this book has something interesting and action-packed into it, such as the brainwashed town of Hartwell, to the exectution, and the epic war at the end of the game. It's such a good book. I still think Chasing Evil is

2 First Hero

This was in my honest opinion a great start to this prequel book series because while it may be the weakest of the tetralogy due to the fact that this book is mostly just setting up for the series by introducing the "main" main characters and the ones that need introduction in order for the reader to understand the plot, and that the battles aren't as intense or epic as in the rest, there is one thing I must say. This book does an EXCELLENT job at doing just that. All the battles and moments feel so real and interesting and it was so great I doubted the other books in the series could beat this one. It happened to be the weakest of the series though. But it's actually very great.

3 Fire and Fury

Of course the finale takes the first spot on the list. Even before I read this one I knew this would be my favourite. Final books in book series are almost always the most epic ones and have the best stories and unsurprisingly this one ain't any different. The story was much more spine-chilling and the battles were much more epic and intense than otherwise and the settings and acts are all amazing. Don't want to spoil too much so I'll leave it here but it's a masterpiece.

4 Chasing Evil

This one got better as it went on. Yeah the start was a bit boring but interesting too as we are greeted with the character of the wizard Vendrake, a servant of the evil Derthsin who is quite interesting to say the least. It gets better as it goes on. The battle with Castor was downright straight-up awesome and intense, and the mines are my favourite part. Super interesting and good climaxes, and the "endgame" was pretty darn epic for a second book in a series. Very emotional end in my opinion.

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