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241 ElangBRaps

He knows how to he can even rap busta rhymes in look at me now

242 Big Pun Big Pun Christopher Lee Rios, better known by his stage name Big Pun, was an American rapper. Emerging from the underground hip hop scene in The Bronx borough of New York City, in the early 1990s, he was the first Latino rapper to have an album certified platinum as a solo act. more.

Have none of you heard of him? He was a lyrical genius

243 8Ball
244 AloyZeus
245 Matisyahu
246 Plies Plies Algernod Lanier Washington, better known by his stage name Plies, is an American rapper. He is known for his singles such as "Shawty", "Hypnotized", and "Bust It Baby." Unlike his sing-songy singles, Plies' albums mostly contain realistic material about the street life and trying to survive. His first more.

Plies to understand plies you gotts be from the hood straight gutta came from nothing bbt he's a good rapper

247 Macklemore Macklemore Ben Haggerty, known by his stage name Macklemore and formerly Professor Macklemore, is an American singer and songwriter from Seattle, Washington.

He is damn fast. I suppose he should be in at least top 10.

Have you even heard Can't Hold Us. I try keeping up with him he's way too fast at least you gotta give him some credit

Macklemore your new song you rap fast your amazing keep it up man yes your th man hope you make new song mackamore just heard can't hold us that's fast

He is fast and cool

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248 Sonic
249 Brown J
250 Mac Miller Mac Miller Malcolm James McCormick, best known by his stage name Mac Miller, is an American rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Should be way higher on the list

He has pretty quick rap in his album blue slide park especially in smile back and blue slide park
Mac for life

251 Crazymix

He's the king of triple time in the Philippines clarity and hard hittin bars

252 Doseone
253 Sole
254 Adeem
255 Gift of Gab
256 Shotty Horroh V 1 Comment
257 Kursun
258 Ayben Ayben
259 C-Mob
260 P-Folks
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