Haley Reinhart

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Haley Elizabeth Reinhart is an American singer, songwriter, and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.


Haley is the most diverse contestant to grace the Idol stage, period. There have been so many talented vocalists over the years but Miss Reinhart stands out as a class act. With the right team, she is destined for success. Believe it or not folks, Haley's time to shine is coming, and this time she is coming out on top.

Not to sound cheesy, it's hard to describe but very rarely have I come across an artist whose voice seems to pierce my soul and fall in sync with everything right in the world. She truly is a one of a kind, once in a generation singer and I should also say musician, as she constantly utilizes her voice as an instrument in what seems like an effortless stroke of brilliance. Beautiful inside and out and one of the most talented artists in the world right now and for many years to come.

I loved Haley from the start when I heard her voice on American Idol. I was in another room and I said to my husband, "who is that"? I have watched every season from AI and I can say Haley remains my absolute favorite. Her voice is distinct and one of a kind in my ears. I now follow her FB page, I support her music, I view any video I come across. I think she not only has an amazing voice but an amazing stage present. She is sweet and sexy all at the same time. Her voice and persona together will never be matched by anyone. She is fabulous. Go get em Haley.

Please. She was by far the most talented vocalist, and sexiest singer, to ever grace the Idol stage. While best categorized as a jazz prodigy, she can also sing any genre to the highest level...and demonstrated that on the show. Haley is uniquely gifted, and the complete package.

Haley Reinhart hasn't had all the music industry assistance that Kelly & Carrie have had...she has had to show the world on her own what a great talent she is.I could listen to her voice and lyrics she's created on repeat 1000 times and not get tired of it. She's the best advancing star to come out of American Idol with more diversity in genres, voice-overs, comedy, acting, interviews and the best overall warmth to her Halien fans.

Haley is an awesome singer. She should have won American Idol! The music she is now making is simply awesome. When she and Casey Abrams get together, they are as good as it gets! I love her unique style of singing and look forward to every video she makes. Her uniqueness and that awesome voice and style are all her own. I just love her and will continue to follow her career.

Haley is THE BEST singer I have ever heard hands down. She has the ability to sing any genre and in so many different tones. She can stand out on her own or harmonize with the best of them. Her stage presence has improved SO MUCH since she was on idol. And she is truly humble and down to earth. I'm really proud of the artist Haley has grown into.

Although Haley Reinhart didn't win because she was sabotaged from the beginning, she was obviously the most talented contestant in season 10, which also was the season that had the most talented contestants and the highest television ratings of all. Thus, that makes Haley the most talented American Idol of all time.

She truly is the best singer I've ever heard. She's absolutely amazing, I can listen to her songs for hours, and I do! Her voice still gives me chills. I'll always be a fan of hers. The Beatles, Queen, Elvis Presley, she's gonna be right up there with the best. Whenever I have kids, they're gonna grow up listening to Haley. I'm so excited for what she has in store for the future!

Haley Reinhart is seriously the whole package, she looks the part, she acts the part and she sings like a crazy mad woman. She has one of the best voices of all time and her voice is full of passion and soul. She has gone on to do amazing things with Postmodern Jukebox is now one of their main performers and loved by the whole world.

Haley reinhart was one of the best American idol contestants. She deserved to win her season and has been the most underrated contestant ever. She can sing any genre and was fantastic. It's about time she got the credit she deserves. She is amazing and I have loved her since her idol season...

Haley took every opportunity on American Idol to provide unique and very entertaining performances. She has built upon that in her professional career with strong original music and voice performances.

She is absolutely without a doubt the most talented Idol contestant EVER. There are others with beautiful voices but NO ONE can sing like her. She uses her voice as a true instrument and can sing anyTHING anyWAY. She will go down as the greatest singer of her generation.

I absolutely love her and her voice...I continue to follow her and have downloaded every song she sings! My all time favorite AI contestant ever! She should have won and had a much better and more versatile voice than the winner. I want her to make it to the moon and back...she is that good!

Haley Reinhart is so talented, but what upsets me is how people don't notice her as much as people like Kelly clarkson. This girl made idol history just like Kelly clarkson, and she deserves as many fans.

Where were all of you when Haley got eliminated? She is ranked above Scotty and Lauren on this list. She should have won being ranked 8th best idol finalist out of all of them this doesn't make any sense.

She was the best contestant by far in season 10. She worked hard and pulled off some amazing performances. This 3rd placers is definitely one of the best contestants ever.

Haley is my favorite contestant to ever appear on American Idol due to her incredible pipes and ability to do anything she was asked to do

She had been my favorite since I saw her AI audition. She has such a soulful, raspy, and unique voice and she should have won her season (too many country fans who will vote for anyone country...).

I had never watched Idol until I saw Haley perform during one of the first shows of her season. I was hooked on her sweet voice which had a touch of Janis Joplin thrown in. Sexy, vibrant and effervescent - she should have one that season, one of the best Idol's ever!

Haley is the best! One of the hardest workers and completely genuine. Her voice is unique and unlike every other " idol" there is no auto tune needed here. Right now she is America's best kept secret.

She's just so damn amazing! I love the way her voice sounds! It gives me goosebumps!

Haley's got such huge talent and is just starting to get accolades for her accomplishments! You got it girl! Your true fans have been there from the beginning and can't wait to see all the success that life brings you! Go Haley!

A truly one of a kind of voice, Haley deserves the recognition that was stolen from her on American Idol. What the judges were thinking is way beyond me.

Love this girl. Hearing her sing John Lennon's Imagine recently brought me to tears. Hands down the best voice and most beautiful girl that American Idol has ever produced.