Favorite Heroes in Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty is probably the best PC game ever created. Too bad it's pretty much unheard of. :( If you've never played it, you should. If you have played it, vote for your favorite heroes from the game. :)

The Top Ten

1 Wizards

GOOD: They have the coolest spells in the game, they can take out enemies faster than any other hero, they have far range, and high intelligence.

BAD: They have slow speed, low life, no armor, they run away a lot, and they level up slowly.

2 Padalins

GOOD: They are very have fast speed, they are very brave and don't run away much, they have great weapons and armor, they have high life, and some spells.

BAD: They level up slowly, they are hard to get, and they have no range.

Strongest and most eager heroes to fight evil also pair well with healers

3 Warrior (Knight)

GOOD: They have high life and attack, they have great armor and weapons, they are very brave and don't run away much, and they level up quickly.

BAD: They have no spells, slow speed, no range, and low intelligence.

4 Warrior of Discords

GOOD: They have extremely high life, they have some spell, they are very brave and don't run away much, they have good weapons and armor, and they have high attack.

BAD: They have low intelligence, no range, slow speed, and they are hard to get.

5 Priestess

Good: Can spawn an army of skeletons to absorb damage and has a powerful life stealing spell. She can also use mind control on undead at high levels.
Bad: Extraordinarily low hp, very slow and no armor.

6 Rangers

GOOD: They have very far range, they have fast speed, they have good weapons, they level up quickly, and they explore the land and act as scouts.

BAD: They have bad armor, they run away a lot, they have low life, and no spells.

7 Barbarian (Krolm)

Strongest hero in duels. Have little chance to kill opponent with one hit.

8 Elf
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