Favourite Alfred Hitchcock Movies

What is your favourite Hitchcock film? Personally, I've seen all but two as of 31/01/2018 and I'd have to say Rope is my favourite. While I agree this remarkable auteur, The Master of Suspense has had far superior films, in terms of pure entertainment, this takes the gold out of his entire, extensive filmography.

Hitchcock epitomises the classic cinema with a plethora of the most esteemed cinema has had to offer. His dark, apprehensive in the best kind of way films are gems, many adding a touch of humour he deserves much more recognition for. While he has by no means a perfect slate, it allowed him to perfect his craft to earn he the accolades he so rightfully deserves.

The Top Ten Favourite Alfred Hitchcock Movies

1 Rope
2 Strangers On a Train
3 Rear Window
4 Vertigo
5 Frenzy
6 Dial M for Murder
7 The Wrong Man
8 The Trouble with Harry
9 Psycho (1960)
10 North by Northwest
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