Top 10 Favourite Color Birthstones

I've added color birthstones because they all look nice, so I've decided to reveal this list to this website.

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1 Blue Sapphire - September

Blue got to be the worlds prettiest color. The story of it is interesting too how do snake guard the sapphire. Its my birthstone too! :-)

Sapphires are way better then peridots are. Your just jealous of the sapphire people

No doubt blue sapphires are the prettiest stones EVER!

Noo way girl, opal is way better

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2 Diamond - April

Because I do deal with it

I love diamond because there is so many colors

That's a nice crystal color! - Adamshane1999

Diamond is to dia for :D

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3 Garnet - January

I like crimson colored diamonds. - Adamshane1999

It's my birthstone! I think its beautiful

Favourite Crystal Gem


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4 Blue Topaz - December

Light blue diamonds look nice. - Adamshane1999

It's funny it is in my username but I'm not even born in December. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

December 6th still going strong

Worst birthstone of them all! It's a disgusting colour

5 Emerald - May

I think this because it is one of the most rarest stones and it will bring you good luck and you will be successful if you were born in may and you must be wearing it.

This reminds me of Professor McGonagall - after all, it is Harry Potter weekend on Freeform (new name for ABC Family) (again). That actually makes me happy to have an emerald birthstone. Go McGonagall!

It's my birthstone and it's so pretty green

This is the best

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6 Aquamarine - March

Pretty nice Birthstone. I maybe biased though because that is my Birthstone. I just think it is lovely shade of blue also.

I love this birthstone because of it's color and shape. If you search up it's folklore it's interesting!

A spectacular blue that also reminds me of ocean and lakes and fishing

Yes it is great

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7 Citrine - November

I like light orange sunset diamonds! - Adamshane1999

8 Amethyst - February

That's a nice purple diamond! - Adamshane1999

It's a pretty purple

It's a lovely blue and purple

Aquarius's birthstone

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9 Pearl - June

That's a unique birthstone! - Adamshane1999

Beautiful birth stone

I'm trying to vote that because this is me

10 Peridot - August

Peridot's are extremely unique and beautiful. Some say that they can protect you from nightmares. It is my birthstone too!

It's a lighter emerald! - Adamshane1999

It is the best it is my birthstone!

I like it because of its color

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The Contenders

11 Opal - October

I think it's a gorgeous gemstone! The way it glimmers in the light is beautiful!

"All I want to do, is see you turn into, a giant woman" - Steven from Steven universe

I love opals they glimmer in the light

Opal is like rainbow and I love it

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12 Ruby - July

You can were the birth stone every day and the birth stone is extremely rare and natural and a corundum and harder than a natural gem and the color of the gem is more value

It's so hot and I think it should be second (by the way first should bee diamond).

I think this stone is AWESOME because I love the color ruby red in everything

I think julys is the prettiest and should be first

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13 Topaz - November

Topaz is the most prettiest #1

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1. Blue Sapphire - September
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