Top 10 Worst WrestleManias of All Time

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1 WrestleMania 11

This felt more like a regular Pay Per View then an actual WrestleMania, as bad as WrestleMania IX was at least it felt like an actual WrestleMania.

This mania sucked it was so boring and all the matches were awful.

2 WrestleMania 27

Wrestlemania 27 and 29 are the worst in my opinion!

Don't mention this junk

3 WrestleMania 9

Anything involving The Giant Gonzalez is guaranteed suckage, but then you've got some disgusting politicking from Hogan to get into the main event. Unforgiveable.

Wasn't even at a stadium

4 WrestleMania 2

The sad thing is there was only one decent match and that was the steel cage match which was the main event.

5 WrestleMania 29

Rock vs Cena was boring. Fandango vs Jericho, in my opinion, was the worst WrestleMania match ever. It was so terrible the way they treated Jericho. Ryback vs Henry and Lesnar vs Triple H were very disappointing. I was even rooting for Lesnar and was upset with the results. Kane & Bryan vs Ziggler & Big E was boring. This match would have been higher than 5 if it wasn't for the good Undertaker vs Punk match.

There has not been a decent wrestlemania since wrestlemania 26

6 WrestleMania 32

Where do I start... The burial of the whole Wyatt Family? Unnecessary appearances? The lackluster main event? The injury plague that affected WWE that kept Neville, Cesaro, and Seth Rollins on the shelf? This whole WrestleMania was a dumpster fire from start to finish. Erick Rowan being squashed by The Rock in 6 seconds was so uncalled for and Roman Reigns vs Triple H could put you to sleep faster than listening to rain outside. This whole PPV felt like a glorified, 7 hour episode of Monday Night RAW. It is so forgettable.

7 WrestleMania 13

The Austin and Bret Hart match was the only salvageable thing about this WrestleMania the min event was dull and it was rumored that Sid soiled himself during the match.

Every match blows except of course austin hart submission match

8 WrestleMania 34

Brain and Nicholas was an amazing idea, one of the best teams in wwe history. Aj nakamura,although it should have been better, was an incredible match.

9 WrestleMania 16
10 WrestleMania 30

Lesnar is the reason I didn't like this wrestlemania.

It should have been a different wwe star like Daniel Bryan to win

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11 WrestleMania 4

There were too matches with many of them having screwy finishes.

12 WrestleMania 35
13 WrestleMania 15
14 WrestleMania 36
15 WrestleMania 39
16 WrestleMania 5
17 WrestleMania 7
18 WrestleMania 37
19 WrestleMania 1

It was the first one

20 WrestleMania 25
21 WrestleMania 19
22 WrestleMania 22
23 WrestleMania 10
24 WrestleMania 33
25 WrestleMania 20
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