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21 Stephanie

Stephanie is a loyal friend to Emily, but maybe a bit too loyal. And when it comes to the final cut she's not in the natinals team. She Houghton that if she stuck up for Emily then Emily will stick up for her. But Stephanie didn't know the choreography cause she was at acting class. Stephanie wants to be a triple threat so acting and dancing can't mix together.

Stephanie is better than chris

22 Amy V 1 Comment
23 Henry
24 Kate

Kate is a great owner of the studio. She is very very very supportive to all of the dancers.

25 Chris

Chris's dolphin tail is so funny. No one in the whole wide world can do that sound but hi. I think it is sooo funny.

26 Beth

Beth is so annoying. Her voice is annoying she laughs at everything and then she kissed James. What's wrong with her brain. Riley and James have even got a name Jiley. Beth and James don't work at all.

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27 Phoebe

I think she's nice and has lots of yoga training

28 Charlie

Charlie is a great dancer. But Charlie isn't really in a troupe he in b troupe so yeh!

29 Max
30 Cierra V 1 Comment
31 Cassie
32 LaTroy
33 Alfred

Alfie is so kind and so nice and a great friend!

34 Lucien

Lucien is horrible. He showed at Amanda at the mall infront of everyone.

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35 Daniel

Daniel is technical and strong. Even though I don't like ballet I think he is epic at it. Even though before reginals he broke his ankle and couldn't perform. But this time he's up on the natinals team for good.

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