Top 10 Best Features Between Another Metroid 2 Remake and Metroid: Samus Returns


The Top Ten

1 Gyroscopic Aiming (Samus Returns)
2 Melee Counter (Samus Returns)
3 Realistic Metroid AI (AM2R)
4 Fast-Travel System (Both, but Samus Returns did it better while AM2R did it more realistically)
5 Aeion Abilities (Samus Returns)
6 Automatic save checkpoints at boss battles (Samus Returns)
7 Logbook (AM2R)
8 Morph Ball Button (Both, but AM2R did it first)
9 Realistic Ice Beam (AM2R)
10 Lower Brinstar Theme (Samus Returns)

The Contenders

11 Anti-Spider-Ball surfaces (Samus Returns)
12 Post-game Metroid-block breaking (Samus Returns)
13 Fully rendered 3D graphics that are actually some of the best on the system (Samus Returns)
14 Classic 2D sprite art style, executed to perfection (AM2R)
15 Screen-sized minimap (Samus Returns)
16 Moonwalking (AM2R)
17 Ridley Battle (Samus Returns)
18 Scripted counterattack sequences during boss battles (Samus Returns)
19 Upper Brinstar Theme (AM2R, with traces of it also appearing in Samus Returns)
20 Classic Control Style (AM2R)
21 Diggernaut Chase Sequence and Boss Battle (Samus Returns)
22 Queen Metroid Fatality (AM2R)
23 Robot Torizo and Badass Arachnus boss fights (AM2R)
24 GFS Thoth Flashback (AM2R)
25 The Tower being converted into a lava area (AM2R)
26 The Tower being converted into a jungle area (Samus Returns)
27 Reactor Core Escape Sequence in The Tower (AM2R)
28 Completely Reimagined-From-The-Ground-Up Layouts Of Areas (Samus Returns)
29 Explosion physics (AM2R)
30 Realistic Beam Doors (Samus Returns)
31 Hopper Physics and Remote-Controlled Hoppers (AM2R)
32 Spazer Machine Gun (much more so in Samus Returns)
33 Balanced Difficulty (Samus Returns)
34 Distribution Center (AM2R)
35 Wall Weakness Detector (Samus Returns)
36 Chozo Laboratory (Samus Returns)
37 Fully aggressive AI for even the most basic of enemies (Samus Returns)
38 Lower Norfair theme (Both, but Samus Returns did it infinitely better)
39 Almost-but-not-quite Lower Brinstar theme in the Distribution Center (AM2R)
40 Fully detailed area backgrounds (Samus Returns)
41 Zero Mission Norfair bubbles in the Metroid Nest (AM2R)
42 Health/Ammo Restoring Save Stations (AM2R)
43 Grapple Beam (Samus Returns)
44 Actual Speed Booster (AM2R)
45 Pitch-dark, overgrown Metroid hive in the power-outage section of Area 3 (AM2R)
46 Actually showing explicitly, in person, how the Metroids evolve from their previous stages (AM2R)
47 Dark Samus cameo when Samus acquires the Gravity Suit (AM2R)
48 Flashback to the actual reason why the Varia Suit got its design change (AM2R)
49 Beam Switching (Samus Returns)
50 Beam Stacking (Both, but AM2R did it considerably better)
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