Top Ten Fictional Non-Lethal Fighting Moves


The Top Ten

1 Vulcan Nerve Pinch

(SPOCK FROM STAR TREK) : Spock Did not Mess About he's our Number 1 non killer move! ▪ JOBS DONE BEAM ME UP.

2 The Crane Kick

Can you please put my info about crane kick back on here please - matty1954

(DANIEL THE KARATE KID) : Johnny now doesn't like cranes :P ▪ YESSS DANIEL SON

3 Van Damn Chest Kick

(FRANK DUX FROM BLOODSPORT) :Frank Kicks some guy In the torso and it Looks good But very painful at the same time. ▪ CDYAARR

4 Johnny Cage Spitz Punch

(JOHNNY CAGE - MORTAL KOMBAT) : JC as I liked to call him was the real deal in the Mortal Kombat Games, Cool, Calm & Collected. ▪ FATALITY

5 Matrix Flykick

(TRINITY - MATRIX) - The Stunning Trinity performs the Flykick on some cop and it just looks awesome. ▪ WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME OFFICER.

6 Sweet Chin Music

(SHAWN MichaelS) : The Former Wrestling Superstars Finishing Move got the Crowd Going. ▪ THE HEARTBREAK KID AT HIS BEST.

7 The Chuck Norris Round House Kick

(THE DEADLIEST WEAPON IN Hollywood THAT IS CHUCK NORRIS) : A Powerful kick that Chuck's enemies just couldn't handle. ▪ & SLEEP ZZ.

8 Rocky Bodyblow

(ROCKY BALBOA - ROCKY I-VI) :Rocky wasn't the tallest guy in the ring. So he'd bring the big guys down with his body blows ▪ GET UP YA BUM because MICKEY LOVES YA

9 Phooey Chop

Where is my info I put on can you please put it back on? - matty1954

(Hong Kong PHOOEY) - The Deadliest Cartoon Pooch About. ▪ PENRY'S FAVOURITE MEAT A LOVELY JUICY CHOP.

10 Force Push

I don't know what a force punch is n I didn't put this on my list someone has edited this - matty1954

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11 Liu Kang Bicycle Kick
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