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Final Destination, the original film came out in the year 2000, and ever sense then, the film became popular and spawned many sequels, but the point, where is it? Ah here it is, death scenes, the movie is about death trying to kill them all one by one after they survive and accident they were meant to die in, and the death scenes are scary! Let's do a top 10 of the final destination death scenes (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT)

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1 Tanning Bed Accident

2 of our fellow survivor's, go to a tanning bed, unfortunately for them, a board falls down leaving them stuck their as the tempurature keeps on rising, this is the slowest, and probably the most painful death in the series, I can't imagine what would happen after their bodies have been found, and that's why it's the most scary death in my opinion.

I remember I was like 8 and I turned the channel to this and this death was going on at the time. I for some reason thought it was a good idea to watch all of it. Yeah, I'm never going to use a tanning bed.

I like that Rollercoaster of Love is playing the entire time

Burnt like a Turkey!

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2 Pool Drain

A coin falls down to the bottom of a pool, so Hunt tries to swim to the bottom to get it, however, he gets sucked by the pool drain, his intestine's start getting sucked out through his arse, and become liquid organs, this death must have "Sucked"!

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3 Stabbed by Kitchen Knife

Valerie Lewton, has easily the most complicated death in the series, heres a quick recap: vodka spills on her computer, it explodes! Glass shards fly into her neck, some fire reaches the vodka bottle, it explodes, throwing her on the floor, so she tries to get a towel to stop the blood, put its on top of knives, that fall into her chest. And her house explodes.

Hey, this is a great list! :D the weird thing about this death is that she should know that if you pour hot liquid into a cup, than change it to cold liquid, is has a chance of cracking! Come on, any teacher knows that!

This one is so ridiculosuly over the top it's impossible for me not to vote for it.

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4 Elevator + Head = Death

Nora's hair gets stuck in prosthetic limbs, as a result, she begins panicking, and she runs out of the elevator, but her head gets stuck in the doors, as it rises, her head slowly starts coming more and more loose, until it gets ripped off of her head, the scary thing is, this really happened, I'll take the stairs.

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5 Gym Accident

Candice's death is so clever and really shows us what horror is all about, the thrill and suspense. The whole scene we know Candice is going to die, but we don't know how until the very last second and the whole time we dance around the possibilities. Also, the death itself is hardcore as heck.

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6 Shower Head Hanging

Tod slips, and a shower head tangles around him, as he tries to escape, some shampoo makes him slip, he can't reach a pair of scissors to help him cut the shower head, so he just painfully gets choked to death. Sounds scary, and besides, their is actually no way to escape that death.

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7 Bad Eye Sight

Olivia gets her eye burned during a laser eye surgery, trips over the metal nose that fell of, of a teddy bear, falls out of the glass window and dies by landing on a car

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8 Buddha Body Slam

Isaac Palmer, sees a fire, a large bottle of alcohol/bleach is knocked over, a phone rings that causes a candle to fall, igniting most of the room on fire, he dodges the fire going up against the wall, but than a Buddha Statue falls down from a shelf and onto his head, crushing it, and brutally killing him, quick, clean, and complicated indeed.

9 Ladder Impale

Evan slips on some pasta, he falls down, and a loose Fire Escape ladder falls into his eye, killing him, simple, yes, scary? OF COURSE! Anyways, the reason it's so low is because its not as brutal, that's saying a bunch for an eye being stabbed by a ladder, but final destination came up with so much more, you'll see...

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11 I Like Trains

Billy, gets decapitated by a piece of metal from the jaw, that's flung from a train that passes by, as his friends watch in utter horror, quick, clean, simple, why is it so low on the list? Well because their are much more scary deaths in the movies

12 Ran Over by Bus

The bus hits the girl.

13 Falling Onto Nail Gun

Erin Ulmer falls backwards onto a nail gun, sending a bunch of nails through her face.

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15 Blown Apart by His Own Tow Truck

This death is so boring. So what he gets dragged behind a tow truck and spontaneously combusts. Falling onto a nail gun or getting hit by an ambulance is much more excited

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16 Airplane

Hi, I made this list, please note that the premonitions do not count. So I suggest that people don't add premonitions, otherwise, Flight 180 is one of the best death scenes, But no premonitions.

I got sad when Sam and Molly died

17 Car Wash

She actually ends up surviving this.

18 Pole Through the Head
19 Subway Train Death

This is my favourite because it was funny :p. Because it is for the banter and it was really funny lel

20 Motorcycle Bomb

Sebastian tosses it over his shoulder and, against all odds, it lands right in the open gas tank, causing the motorcycle to explode

Sebastian tosses it over his shoulder and, against all odds, it lands right in the open gas tank, causing the motorcycle to explode

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