Top 10 Super Mario Games With the Best Soundtrack

Ah yes. Mario. More specifically, Mario soundtracks, among the greatest collections of soundtracks in video game history. Literally each game has at least a few excellent songs that just deserve a medal because of how awesome they are. Wait, there isn't already a list like this? Well there is a list of the greatest Mario soundtracks but, not Mario games with the best soundtrack. Eh, that's just good. That way I can do this list. So which Mario games have the best soundtracks? Check this list for that info. With that being said, here's the list.
The Top Ten
1 Super Mario Galaxy

Definitely the best one of the franchise. Super mario galixy bring back a time of simplicity for most of us, and its beautifully choreographed music is that of legend, with every song having 100% passion poured into it. No song is underwhelming, and I love the fact that I now can just sing almost all of the 2.5 hours of music from memory.

The soundtrack in SMG was great. I really payed of for Nintendo to get a full orchestra. It doesn't have my favorite Super Paper Mario has my favorite Mario song of all time, but SMG has slightly better songs in general. The result is their soundtracks are even in my book.

Original and remade songs combine to form this masterpiece of a soundtrack that shows off how good video game music can really be. You have koopa's road, remade from 64, Gusty Garden Galaxy, the main title, fated battle, the observatory theme, and so many others.

2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

The sequel to Super Mario Galaxy doesn't have as good soundtrack, but it still has excellent soundtrack in my opinion. Since I got this game before the prequel I find this game to have a bit more memorable soundtrack and stuff. It's a very good thing that a lot of soundtracks from the first game are brought back here, such as Buoy Base Galaxy, Gusty Garden Galaxy, Purple Coin Theme, etc., along with new awesome songs such as Megahammer Battle, Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, Yoshi Star Galaxy, etc. I love the mix of old awesome songs alongside new songs which may not be as good as the prequel's but still. Super Mario Galaxy 2 still deserves to be on the list.

3 Super Mario 64

This is the king of them all. Nintendo was able to make a hybrid of full on bands and retaining that easy to hum theme. Standout goes to Bowser's Road, a classic for the ages.

An old game, but a classic with wonderful music like Peach's Castle theme, Koopa Road, Bowser's theme, the slide theme, and last but not least, Bob-omb Battlefield.

I will just list off some great songs. Koopa's road, the music that plays when fighting bowser, the slide theme, cool cool mountain, dire dire docks, bobomb battlefield, and the ever iconic castle theme

4 Super Mario Odyssey

Yeah, the most recent mario platformer surely does have loads of good soundtracks here and there. Originally when you play the game the music isn't too terribly memorable (apart from Fossil Falls) but as you play and play the game you start to notice all the excellent songs put into the game. I mean they are so memorable and catchy. Not only is there Fossil Falls which is so adventurous, but there's Honeylune Ridge: Caverns (my favourite), Bowser's Castle 1 & 2, Torkdrift Battle, Shiveria Town, Steam Gardens, Bubblaine, and so on. Super Mario Odyssey may not have the most memorable music when you first start the game but as you play and play it gets so good. And who could forget "Jump Up, Superstar! "? That one is the icon for Pauline.

Wonderful soundtrack, very catchy music.

It's a cool soundtrack

5 Super Mario 3D World

Yeah. Even though I think Super Mario 3D Land has loads of good soundtracks as well this one is superior to that game in every way. More characters, better story, better levels, more colourful, and better music of course. Yeah you can't play this game on the car but eh. The music is our focus this time and it's surely awesome. It has a bit of a jazzy feel like most Wii U games (and Switch games for that matter). The saxophone is a frequently used instrument here along with the trumpet. Some songs have a more chaotic heavy metal feel though. That's the case with my favourite song from the game, which is Simmering Lava Lake, and it's so good and memorable it's one of my favourite songs of all time. The rest is pretty solid too, such as Hisstocrat Battle, Chainlink Charge, Fort Fire Bros., World 6, Hands-On Hall, Mount Must Dash, etc. Simply this game has some awesome soundtracks.

Really underrated soundtrack. Galaxy and Odyssey have great ones, but the Jazz music just sounds so good. This has my favourite level one theme and the soundtrack is so fitting to the design of World Bowser. This is my pick for sure.

6 Super Mario Bros. 3

Great music, one of the songs is remixed in Galaxy in the Sweet Sweet Galaxy, and is probably my favorite music from that game.

I love listening to the soundtracks of the different worlds in this game

7 Super Mario World

It's an awesome soundtrack, especially the ending theme.

8 Super Mario Sunshine

Even though the game is really hard, the Soundtrack (mainly) sets you in a better mood (except Corona Mountain, that place is just terrible).

The tropical music is very nice to listen to, especially Delfino Plaza's theme.

Nice beats, catchy tunes. I listened to the music of it before I played it!

9 Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario has my favorite video game songs of all time. I'm a big fan of Count Bleck, and I can literally listen to the extended soundtracks of Champion of Destruction, Count Bleck's Plan, The Evil Count Bleck, Closing Battle, and Castle Bleck for hours. The Vibrant Echoes Remix of The Evil Count Bleck is also great. It has a few other great songs, too. Like Lineland Road, Dimentio: The Charming Magician, Ultimate Show, O'Chunks: The Warrior and Mr. L's theme: Green Thunder. It just had so many great songs, especially Count Bleck's many different themes.

Oh yeah! Super Paper Mario is the best mario game of all time. Facts! Just kidding. However I have never met a mario fan saying that the soundtrack for the game isn't good. Eh, that's obvious. After all, the game has some of my all-time favourite tunes in a mario game so there's that. I really love how the RPG's stay away from the main platformer series in terms of music as it's nothing like them. For most mario platformers, all the soundtracks kinda at least feel somewhat similar to each other despite different games (the only exception would be Super Mario Sunshine). The RPG's soundtracks have a completely different type of theme and sound so much more unique and sometimes even better. While Super Mario Galaxy has overall better soundtracks, this isn't far behind at all. It's just slightly worse in terms of music. I love how in the beggining there's mostly happy songs and as you progress through the game it gets darker and darker. River Twygz Bed and World of Nothing are the finest examples of how dark mario games can get. And these are only a few of the awesome songs found through out the game. The Ultimate Show, Closing Battle, Castle Bleck, Sammer's Kingdom, It's Showtime!, Champion of Destruction, Lineland Road, Gloam Valley, Francis Battle, Fort Francis, Floro Sapien Caverns, Open Plane, Outer Space are some of the most excellent soundtracks in the game. And this game was so close to beating Super Mario Galaxy but that game just had a little bit better soundtrack

10 New Super Mario Bros. DS

A fresh start for the series requires new music, and I love the soundtrack of the new super Mario games. But what makes this one stand out is the castle theme. I like nsbu's castle theme, but this one is easily the best. If you haven't, go listen to the New super Mario bros DS castle theme

Best soundtrack ever. It will always have a special, nostalgic place in my heart because it is the first Mario game I ever played

One of the best soundtracks I've ever heard!

The Contenders
11 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This game totally has the soundtrack of any SNES game, if not the best video soundtrack in the world along with Superstar Saga!

12 New Super Mario Bros Wii

The final boss phase 2 is the most epic and dramatic ever, really fits the grand finale boss fight!

Well, the overworld is my top favorite of all in wii AND in the mario games.

13 Mario Kart Wii

Best soundtrack in the Mario Kart series. The other MK games have great soundtracks too though. Coconut Mall, Luigi Circuit, Mushroom Gorge, and Grumble Volcano. I also like the main theme and the track preview theme.

Pick literally any track, musical or in game, in this game and I guarantee you won't be able to get it out of your head. Highlights: Maple treeway, DK summit, coconut mall, rainbow road

The best stuff you can find is the credits. They were able to make a jazzy and easy to hum theme that is still around today.

14 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Yeah so I may not have played this game yet. That doesn't stop me from listening to its soundtrack. And to be honest it has among the best in terms of soundtrack. I just randomly went on youtube to listen to at least a few songs that people consider to be the best of this game. They didn't disappoint either at all. There's In The Finale which is one of the best final boss themes in the mario series tied with "The Ultimate Show", "Adventure's End" and "Final Boss Phase 2 (from New Super Mario Bros. Wii)". It's not the best of the gang but it's definitely one of the best songs in the series nevertheless. There's some other awesome tunes as well such as Dimble Woods, Deep Castle, Tutorial Time and many more awesome soundtracks.

The absolute best. The best in my opinion are The Grand Finale (In the Final), Deep Castle, and Bowser's Castle. The Remade versions are really good as well. They gave the Dark Star and Dark Fawful their own battle themes.

15 Mario Party: Island Tour

That's right. I'm going to have spin-off's on this list as well. Especially Mario Party: Island Tour. I'm not going to get too obsessive as I have a strong obsession with this game due to nostalgia, oh wait, the soundtrack IS nostalgia. Yeah. So there was back in 2014 when I was in Lithuania, and got incredibly sick. However what made that vacation so memorable and nostalgic anyway was thanks to this game. It kinda is the main reason why I love this game so much. Actually, I loved it before as well. Anyway, the soundtrack has definitely left me tons of nostalgia from that Lithuania trip and it shows. Whenever I play this game nowadays I start to miss that vacation so much. Yeah it's kinda strange considering the time I was sick back then was horrible otherwise. Oh well you see what nostalgia can do to a person's feelings there anyway. Some of the soundtracks that caused me to get so nostalgic for that event were for example: Battle With Bowser, Bowser's Rage, Battle With Dry Bowser, ...more

The Game sucks and the music sucks.

16 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is definitely my favourite Mario & Luigi game. The amount of originality, colours, characters and quality makes this one of my favourite mario games of all time. Wait I forgot to mention something. The music. This game has hands down the best soundtrack in the Mario & Luigi series. How would you describe it? Well I'd say it's nostalgic, memorable, catchy and spine-chilling. Yeah you heard me. Spine-chilling. My favourite songs, Break at Pi'illo Castle, Dreamy Castle Rendezvous, Adventures End, Sacred Somnon Woods, Size Up Your Enemy and Dreamy Somnon Labyrinth are all either one of those. And these are only a few awesome songs found in the game. There's also Shopping in Wakeport, Victory in the Dream World, Sunny Driftwood Shore, Glorious Pajamaja Dreams, Dream's Forbidden Depths, Mysteries of the Cave and The Law on Mount Pajamaja. I mean this is obviously a top five contender.

The Dream Team OST is actually amazing. Every single main area and battle theme is an absolute banger, some of my personal favorites including Victory in the dream world, Sacred somnom woods and Dreamy sandstorm.

17 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
18 Mario Party 8

The soundtrack have a "Techno" feeling. That's why they're good.

19 Mario Kart 64

Choco Mountain is the best!

Choco mountain rules

20 Super Mario Land

Birabuto kingdom. That's honestly it, but it's my favorite ground theme for a 2d Mario game. This song was also made iconic by SMG4

Probably the best game over theme.

21 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

All around amazing soundtrack and many many unforgettable moments made even better by the quirky and fun, but also surprisingly dark and creepy when fitting soundtrack

This should be much higher. The songs are so memorable.

22 Super Mario Bros 2

This had a very underrated soundtrack in my opinion.

I love the ground theme. The boss theme is quite catchy.

23 Mario Kart 7

My favourite Mario Kart game. Both in terms of music and overall gameplay. But we're just going to talk about the music here and it surely makes the game deserve to be in the top ten. Unlike the rest of the franchise, Mario Kart 7's tunes have a very charming feel that makes you feel nostalgic even the first time you play the game because they are like meant to sound nostalgic and don't just get nostalgic because you had it during your childhood (looking at you Mario Kart Wii, you're a nostalgic game with nostalgic soundtrack but it's only because I grew up with you). Even as soon as you start the game, the title theme and main menu theme are already mind-blowingly charming and nostalgic. And every course in the very first cup, the mushroom cup have a nostalgic theme in the courses. Yeah. That's impressive.

24 Super Mario Bros.

It has a classic soundtrack in my opinion like the underground theme, underwater theme, and the ever so famous overworld theme which has become a staple in Mario and video game music in general.

25 Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 was after all the first mario game I ever got. Oh well I'll try to not be obsessive like I were with Mario Party: Island Tour. But, to be honest I think most of us can agree that this game holds a lot of good themes and soundtracks and stuff. It's a big improvment on Mario Party 8 in every sense as it sounds so much more real and happy and memorable. Themes like Be Careful, Freshen Up!, Toad Road, Blooper Beach and Pandemonium all prove this. And these are only a few awesome themes. I especially love the boss battle themes, specifically, Chain Chomp and Blooper (both phases). I love how the themes here all have a nice touch that feels happy yet exciting.

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