Top Ten Silliest Final Fantasy Moments

This list will talk about some of the funniest moments throughout the Final Fantasy series.
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1 Tidus' laugh - Final Fantasy X

What else can be first? So I got a head start on this RPG although I don't plan to review it soon (it's bound to be a long game anyways) and I finally got to this scene. Tidus is depressed and Yuna shows him some tricks she picked from him, then to cheer him up he is told to smile and laugh, and the laughing is so fake. Of course, most people who played know this scene is just really silly.

2 Massage Minigame - Final Fantasy X-2

I am nowhere close to playing this one yet, but if there's one thing that most people will agree is absolutely silly above all else, it would be the massaging minigame. Yes, a minigame where you have to massage a guy just to progress with the plot.

3 Bartz and Galuf find out Faris is actually a girl - Final Fantasy V

Kind of speaks for itself, but given what the guys in this scene end up doing, it just makes the whole thing silly.

4 "Son of a Submariner!" - Final Fantasy VI

This one is blamed on Ted Woolsey and his hilarious translations of dialogue. It's like he tried his hardest to make sure Kefka doesn't cuss or something.

5 "You spoony bard!" - Final Fantasy IV

Another classic Woolseyism here, predating most of the other games on this list. Oh Tellah.

6 Cloud trying to save Tifa from Don Corneo - Final Fantasy VII

The rather infamous cross-dressing segment in other words. Actually different outcomes can be done if you get the right requirements.

7 Everyone crashes the theater play - Final Fantasy IX

Zidane and Blank put the plan to kidnap the princess in action, and she goes along with it but they run into Steiner and Vivi also gets involved. The whole play surprisingly doesn't go badly, as despite people running in they somehow get to craft lines to make it the best play that Queen Brahne has seen!

8 Tidus attempting to shoo Sinspawn by flailing his arms - Final Fantasy X

Tidus is a star Blitzball player at the start but the first combat section of the game is preceded by showing that Tidus has literally no combat skills and just flails his arms at the monsters that show up. It is completely ineffective of course and unmanly for someone his type.

9 Odin getting killed by Seifer and then Gilgamesh appears and defeats Seifer - Final Fantasy VIII

The last battle with Seifer can go differently if you had Odin as a GF before the boss fight. Odin actually gets defeated by a reverse Zantetsuken, then if the battle goes on long enough, Gilgamesh appears and takes Odin's sword to defeat Seifer right there. Considering it's the famous Gilgamesh from FFV this makes this encounter sillier.

10 Mukki and the Honey Bee Inn - Final Fantasy VII
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11 "ME? GONGAGA!" - Crisis Core
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