Top Ten Temporarily Playable Final Fantasy Characters

This list will talk about the characters in the Final Fantasy series that are only temporarily playable before they leave the party in some way. It will not include any characters that are readily available at any time or any character that makes it to the end of the game in these cases.
The Top Ten
1 Galuf (V)

FFV has Galuf in a game that has only five playable characters. While he sticks around perhaps the longest of any of these characters on the list, he makes a noticable impact overall because not only does he move all his skills to his granddaughter upon his iconic death scene, but it was also one of the greater FF death scenes of all time due to the circumstances.

2 Leo (VI)

Obviously I cannot leave out General Leo from VI who was only playable in one particular battle against Kefka before he get unceremoniously murdered in cutscene.

3 Delita (Tactics)

What's weird about Delita is that he's temporarily playable in multiple moments in the game, but is never a final character. Furthermore, even though he opposes Ramza's side in the ongoing conflict of the game, every scenario with him and Ramza in it has him as a playable ally, and usually a strong one too.

4 Aerith (VII)

Should I really need to explain this or no.

5 Beatrix (IX)
6 Ricard (II)

The first FF Dragoon, Ricard, or Richard or Gareth depending on your version, is one of the strongest allies that Firion, Maria, and Gus/Guy get in FF2. The way he leaves the party is exceptionally brave.

7 Tellah (IV)

Of all the characters in IV Tellah had the most compelling backstory, how he was to find his daughter, but then she's found dead, and that he, a powerful sage, then gets his revenge on Golbez and uses Meteo even at the cost of his life.

8 Josef (II)

He's among the ones who doesn't stick around that long, but is still iconic as the first major death in the entire franchise, after you defeat Borghen his last trick is to send a boulder, and Josef stops it.

9 Cid (IV)

The freaky Cid Pollendina of IV, the first playable Cid in the whole franchise, and also the roughest-looking, this madman of an engineer joins with Cecil, Tellah, and Yang, offers his airship, and has one of the craziest sacrificial moves ever. And LIVES.

10 Laguna (VIII)

He along with his buddies Kiros and Ward are playable several times throughout the game as he ends up in his own adventures more or less.

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