First Person Shooters that Need a Remaster

These are some FPS game that deserve a remake, If there are any good games you want to add, Feel free to submit

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1 Half Life 2

Instead they make a crappy Dota cards game. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Yes I know everyone wants Half life 3, But this game is very good because of the gun-play, graphics, story and characters so Valve should get off their butts to remaster this game for consoles and PC or make Half Life 3 - Wolfenstein_Follower

2 Far Cry 2

This game needs a remaster because the game had a fun story and some of the game effects were very realistic of it's time (that were the fire spreading and the malaria). It also had a good location setting which gave off that vibe that you were were in Africa. - Wolfenstein_Follower

As a comment said on youtube, this game's graphic is about 2 colors: beige and blue and their variations

3 Doom

I know this game is from 1993 but what if it had the same graphics as doom eternal? , it would be a kick-ass game, the original Doom had very fun missions where you can just kill demons mindlessly for hours. - Wolfenstein_Follower

4 Call of Duty Black Ops

In my opinion, BO1 is the best Call of Duty game in the franchise (way better than MW2) because the campaign is supposedly the best out of all games and the multiplayer was very good (aside from a few unbalanced guns) and the zombies got more better over time with the inclusion of 10 maps out of all DLC. One thing Treyarch should do is to balance the guns and not adding microtransactions as everyone will be angry. - Wolfenstein_Follower

5 Battlefield Bad Company 2

This is one of the battlefield games that deserves a remaster because the gameplay was very good, the game and DLC's had a good soundtrack and it has some of the best multiplayer in a battlefield game. - Wolfenstein_Follower

I would love to see a bad company 2 remaster. - Not_A_Weeaboo

6 GoldenEye 007

Wow, golden-eye 007 is still a must play, it gives off that vibe of being a secret agent and it has some of the most fun multiplayer around and it also did popularize the FPS genre a little bit, but if Nintendo were going to remaster this, they need to add it to the switch. - Wolfenstein_Follower

7 Halo 2

Halo 2 is perhaps one of the best games in the series, the soundtrack just gives you goosebumps, the story is well written and the multiplayer is just super phenomenal as it did change online games as we know it today. - Wolfenstein_Follower

I think this is on the master chief collection on the xbox one - B1ueNew

True, But it should have it's own game instead of being in the Master chief collection - Wolfenstein_Follower

8 Wolfenstein 3D
9 Spear of Destiny
10 Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

The Contenders

11 Blake Stone: Planet Strike
12 Bioshock

Do I even need to explain this? this game is nearly 11 years old and it's graphics, game-play and story is top notch and a must play game and it does have some occasional scary moments as well. - Wolfenstein_Follower

13 Crysis

As you would already know by now, Crysis is well known for having over the top graphics for a 2007 game and the game play is very satisfying as well, so EA should remaster this but if they add microtransactions, I will be pissed off - Wolfenstein_Follower

14 Call of Duty
15 Doom II: Hell on Earth
16 TimeSplitters 2
17 Duke Nukem 3D
18 Far Cry
19 Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter
20 Soldier of Fortune
21 Medal of Honor: Frontline
22 Darkwatch
23 Clive Barker's Jericho
24 Fallout New Vegas

By far this is the best fallout game in the series, despite it being a re-skin of fallout 3 it has a great story about a courier surviving a head-shot and finding the person that tried to kill him and the gun-play is just outstanding with the better ADS system, A must worthy remaster - Wolfenstein_Follower

Never played it, if they were to remaster it that would be perfect - B1ueNew

25 Call of Duty 2
26 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Definitely - Spyrofan35

27 F.E.A.R.
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1. Half Life 2
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