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1 Bonnie Caused the Bite of 87 Because His Mouth Is Big

I don't think it was Bonnie, it was most likely Freddy because they had just closed down Fredbear's Family Diner due to the bite of 83 by Golden Freddy. Also, Freddy's mask has a children's handprint on it which is probably most likely from him malfunctioning and biting a child hense when Phone Guy says "The animatronics used to be able to wander around, but then there was the bite of 87. Yeah. It's amazng how a human body can live without the frontal lobe." He says this to us in FNAF 2 I think.

No this isn't true his mouth isn't that big am I'm not sure he had a face at the time. There's a big deal about foxy and Freddy and it's either one of those. But not Bonnie.

No. The bunny bully was the one who caused it because he p,Anne's it from him bullying mike til he joined and said he will stop on his birthday and he does the prank then so Chris will DUCKING DIE! Also, I don't think that people do play the game and then makes theory. Only Game Theory does.

People need to like stop making theories when they haven't even played the games.
Also everybody knows that Fredbear caused The Bite of 87 not Freddy not Mangle not Bonnie all of the above were shut down at the time.

2 When Foxy Jump Scares You In Five Nights at Freddy's 2... He Hugs You!

I believe that foxy is good because as you see in the first game foxy doesn't actually try to kill he is just in the doorway and his jaw is hanging loose which may explain the out of order sign on the curtain on his stage. I don't believe in the second game he's trying to hug you though. He was already out of order when he turned all old and his wires were hanging out in the second game so his programming was obviously all messed up. So if he was originally good in the first game the programming being messed probably just caused him to not be set what he was supposed to do.

This is by far the dumbest theory in FNAF. The dumbest theory: Foxy is a good guy. It's actually not even really a theory! A theory is when people come up with a conclusion due to evidence that points to it. But this has absolutely NO proof that Foxy good. In fact, there's enough evidence to show that Foxy is evil. I've never heard of a hug where you stretch out your arms and open your jaw WIDE open. Just some stupid fangirl of Foxy made this up. This theory needs to die, cause it's NOT true.

No, he is definitely trying to kill you. This is really stupid. The theories where Foxy is trying to warn you about something, that makes sense! But this, this is crossing the line. The line of stupidity!

No. Just no. Foxy. Is. Just. Like. The. Others. How many times do we have to say this? What about in game 2 and 4? He attacks you just like the others! There is no evidence that he is trying to help you.

3 The Endoskeleton Belongs to the "Purple Guy".

Ok, so Smike once said that the purple guy might be an animatronic, which means he had an endoskeleton skeleton inside of him... What do you think? And the purple guy inside of Springtrap is not what I'm talking about. There's two different purple guys. I'm talking about the one with the white pupils and the phone... Or was it his animatronic hand?

Ok, so many of these are so stupid, but I had to say something on this one. Purple guy is a human, he started decomposing from the inside because of ennard, as shown on secret cutscenes in fnaf 5. Which made him become purple.

doubt it, but its possible. Also I am talking about william afton purple guy, I mean mike afton purple guy has an endo in him already in the form of ennard, and I do not think that he has an endo because in silver eyes, twisted ones and fourth closet he has normal skin so he is probably not an animatronic

Which endoskeleton? Purple Guy invented all of the animatronics.

4 The Purple Guy Isn't Purple

So in the mini games, purple represents shadows, correct? Such as Fazbear's in one scene. So he could just be in shadow. I mean, really, I'd be kind of concerned and not let my child anywhere near someone purple. I'd be calling the ambulance for him.

He actually isn't. As proven by fnaf 4, purple in the minigames represent shadows. It's meant to give him a "in the shadows" look. Also, in the graphic novels, he has normal skin.

This one IS right! Purple guy/William Afton isn't purple. It was revealed the Scott needed to make him a color sprite and he's like: I have idea. And Michael is purple

He isn't, it's called a shadow. Just like how in the fnaf minigames, shadow freddy is purple.

5 There Was Actually a Whole Band of Golden Animatronics at Fredbear's Family Diner

I mean, I guess that would make some sense I mean Endoskeleton could be Golden foxy and Chica was part of Fredbear's diner 'till she was moved to Freddy Fazbear's pizzaria or at least that's what I've heard before.

My friend told me his theory that the endoskeleton belonged to... A Golden Foxy. Or maybe, it could be A... I actually have no idea.

There are only two proven olden Characters that performed at Freddy Fazbears, Golden Freddy (Called Fredbear) and Spring Bonnie (Later games he was called Springtrap because of the incident with Purple Guy.)

This could be true because there is chica who is already yellow or gold (? ) same with Spring Bonnie and Fred Bear (or Golden Freddy) and I don't know about foxy...

6 BB Has a Girl Friend

I see JJ, and Dee Dee. (Ballon girls) to ballon boy as best friends or sister and brother. Nothing more then that. FNaF is a horror game so I don't have many ships for aniamatronic.

I honestly don't know... But it's weird.

Is it Balloon Girl or his balloon?

Wouldn't that be Balloon Girl?

7 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Will Take Place at the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Site

Actually I came up with this theory because it's the only possible place to have the game set. Will Scott Cawthon surprise us with the scene? (We ALL love surprises)

1.Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is already out.2.Five Nights at Freddy's 4 takes place in a house.

No. It was in C.C afton's room. How dumb are people today!? People really think a bedroom is a pizzaria!?

Game is already out and takes place in a house.

8 There's a Reason Behind Night 8

I am very ashamed to admit this, but I thought this theory was true and everyone thought that I was crazy.

TRUE! they are hidden behind the sence things some can be darker then the others tho...

Were people living under a rock?

There IS a night 8 look at the levelskip walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

9 Bonnie is Elsa from Frozen

I mean, just because they're both blue doesn't mean he's Elsa. I'm literally dying after reading this tho!

This would explain why he lets his guitar go when he leaves the stage...

End my life please. I don't want to be on this planet anymore.

May I please have evidence? I am genuinely curious on what your evidence is

10 The Mark On Freddie's Face Is His Hand Mark

Lots of people say that it's Freddie's handprints, because it shows him ripping off his own head in the poster. But, Freddy has 4 fingers, and the handprint has 5.

The theory behind the handprint hasn't been proven, so stop treating it like it's canon. Plus, Freddy didn't cause the Bite of '83, Golden Freddy (Fredbear) did.

It is a hand mark from the poster of him ripping off his face do we all read the fnaf game manual the freddy files?

In cannon, Freddy caused the bite of 83 and the child tried to escape, which is why there is a hand pint on his face.

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11 Fnaf Was Based On a Real Life Incident

Yeah actually, however it is not about any children going missing or anything, and getting stuffed in animatronics on top of that. The actual incident was in Aurora, Colorado, a chuck e cheese in 1993. A former employee, Nathan Dunlap was furious about being fired five months prior to the attack. He hid in the restrooms, just a couple minutes before closing time. At 10:05pm, he exited the restroom and had shot five employees, with one survivor by playing dead. He was sentenced to death of course, this was a very sad incident.

Yes. I hate to say this because Chucky-e-cheese used to be my favorite, but there is a rumor that the robots left the stage and kids went missing.

Yes it was. At Chuck E. Cheese, kids died and where stuffed into the suit, and the animatronics did sometimes move off the stage.

Took you long enough to figure that one out. The incident was at Chuck-E-Cheese and I'm pretty sure it was a shooting or some kid getting stabbed by some 19 or 18 year old kid.

12 Freddy is a Robot

WHOA that is so amazing, its not like we all knew that before.

Nice job. *claps/congratulates sarcastically*

Wow how long did it take you to figure that out.

Wow, how did you figure that one out?

13 Foxy is Darth Vader

Ok, I love star wars but this is insane! None of the other ones made me laugh but I couldn't stop laughing at this one! Just how is this possible?!?!?!?

I need to kick something this is even stupider than any of the other theories well accept the Bonnie is Elsa Theory that's sad that's a sad Theory.

So, Foxy was a slave boy turned Jedi who turned to the Dark Side after having a nightmare about his wife dying and was then extremely burned and needed a specialized suit to breathe? Riiiiight.

Foxy is an animatronic, not a leader for the dark side.

14 Homer Simpson is Fredbear

Why, just why. It's almost as if you're trying to kill me with laughter!

This has to be the weirdest FNAF theory ever. Paws down. I mean, what?! They're yellow and that's it. No more similarities

Most idiotic theory ever!

Stupider like a Fredbear!

15 Carl Has 2 Counterparts.

What this means is that people have believed that the parrot on Mangle was a cupcake, and the eyes in BB's mouth were also a cupcake. Maybe it could I don't know.

So the dummies who don't know who Carl the cupcake is,Carl the cupcake is Chicas cupcake.

16 Funtime Foxy is Mangle

This is actually true. Funtime Foxy was made by fixing Mangle and adding some extra things for the location, and her soul just stayed in the animatronic

Okay, essay time. Kinda. Funtime foxys body shape is different to fixed mangles body shape. So there... You... Go...

This is true, if anyone read the novels in The Fourth Closet F. Foxy unfolds into mangle and chases charlie

Mangle has two heads who's to say that Mangles other head isn't Funtime foxy?

17 Chica is a Cheeto

What the actual f who came up with this?
Although it would be really funny if Chica's suit just opened up and you see Chester Cheetah's body I would laugh so hard

May I please have the evidence? This theory is by far the dumbest one on this list.

Chica opens up and you see chester cheeto. Help me

N o . Chica is NOT food even tho she a chicken.

18 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is Just a Nightmare

Actually no, William made Evan have hallucinations of the nightmare animatronics at night to make him scared of the pizzeria. Know one knows why tho

I heard that the animatronics are exiled to the freddy fazbears diner, but this would make no sense, because game #4 takes place in your house. I back this up because all the animatronics names start with "nightmare".

I actually do believe this. One piece of evidence is that your room in the night-end minigames looks WAY different than it does in the main game.

I guess I can believe this because every single animatronics name in that game starts with nightmare.

19 Freddy is Gay

Uhm you got any reason why Freddy is gay I mean people ship stuff like Freddy x Bonnie, Foxy x Freddy, Freddy x Golden Freddy and Freddy x tiny and fem Springtrap x Golden Freddy which is illegal but it doesn't mean he's gay.

Okay no. Animatronics can't have sexual orientations and if he hangs out in a girls toilets he's not looking at guys, so he's a pervert not gay. Unless he's that guy from mean girls who says OMG Danny Devito I love your work

And how is this relevant? At all? Or even possible? I don't think animatronic fursuits can be sexually attracted to anything.

Sure, he does hide in the girls bathroom and I heard his chilling gir laugh, but still FREDDY IS A MALE!

20 Freddy is Mikes Mom

Let's see... Freddy is a boy, when the power is off, Freddy realizes that Mike is not sleeping and plays a song for him to sleep... Makes sense!

WHAT! I thought that Freddy was a male child not a female adult.

Just no and I thought Freddy was a boy child not a adult woman.

What! how I mean this is so dumb I don't mean to be some kind of troll but, come on! at least explain a little!

21 Fnaf 4 is a Dream of a Kid in a Coma

I seen a theory that evrything that happened in fnaf acally took place underground in that weird are underground to scare C.C and all the kids we see are just made out of ennards in skin suits and the ennard kids went to far to scare him a killed him in the underground facilty

Another true thing! Honestly who's saying these are rumours!

Yeah, I believe it. The bite from the minigames could be him remembering what happened in his coma

Why is this a 'dumb one'?

22 In Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, you are the Purple Guy's son.

The boy you see in Five Nights at Freddy's 4's mini game, you see a crying boy�"that's you! When they started Circus Baby's Rental and Entertainment, you are an adult by now. Not only your supposed to fix them, but you have another job�"freeing your sister. Your father is the Purple Man, and he wanted you to free her from Circus Baby. Your sister got killed by Circus Baby. At the end of the game, you are now Ennard, an animatronic who was formed by the others.

Here is some proof from the Cutscene:

Mike : "Father. It's me, Michael. I did it. I found it. It was right where you said it would be. They were all there. They didn't recognize me at first but then they thought I was you. And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She's free now. But something is wrong with me. I should be dead. But I'm not. I've been living in shadows. There is only one thing left for me to do now. I'm going to come find you. I'm going to come find you."

How do you count the key to figure out that one Sherlock?

*Claps sarcastically* You got one right ding ding ding.

I actually think this is true.

23 Toychica is a Guy

Who is Toychica? Toy Chica is a female, I mean she wears pink panties and has pink cheeks. And she has a curvy body. It's definitely female. So is Toychica a male? Is this even a character?

People are draining my faith in the human race slowly but surely draining my faith in the human race.

Chica means a girl. Why would it be a guy? And she wears bikini looking bottoms. Why would that be true?

That would why she's so ugly! And why won't she go to the dentist... PopularMMos has been suggesting this for a while...

24 The Puppet is Purple Guy

Purple Guy killed The Puppet and Marrionette and all the others. Also, Purple Guy is Adolf Hitler so he can't be The Puppet

Charlie was murdered by William so no its not true.

That is so true! Purple Guy probably was Hitler

What is wrong with the human race?!

25 The first game is set in a pizzeria

My god, how did you figure that Freddy Fazbear's PIZZA was a pizzaria?

Wow really? How on earth did you find out?

WOW! I don't know how you figured out that Freddy Fazbears Pizza was a Pizzeria

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