Top Ten Sonic the Hedgehog Video Games With the Best Graphics

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1 Sonic Unleashed

The opening cutscene and the final boss cutscenes featuring Dark Gaia prove that this game was ahead of its time. Almost Pixar-quality, if I do say so myself. If the entire game's cutscenes were redone in the same style and quality as the opening, it would make the perfect movie. Not to mention the Werehog's outstanding fur graphics and the environments of the continents. Blown away that this game was the successor of Sonic '06; they're so far apart, both game and graphic-wise.

This games graphics looks really over done but in a good way in some sorts, the only problem with the engine is obviously the frame rate, if unleashed were to be brought to the ps4 or pc that handle graphics and specs better than the 360 and PS3 then no other sonic game could compare to unleashed.

I loved the realistic looking graphics and while the characters didn't look realistic they looked like cartoon characters in the real world.

2 Sonic Generations

I love the graphics on this game. I used to want this game on Wii (even though it never came out for wii) when I did not have an Xbox 360. I see why a Wii version was never released. THe graphics are amazing.

I love the graphics for this game, but what did they do with Modern Sonic's lips?

While not as good as Unleashed's graphics, the graphics in this game were still great and at times are quite gorgeous (most notibly in Sky Sanctuary)

3 Sonic Colors

Best graphics of all games! I don't think it deserves 4th place.

4 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

I quite hate the graphics of Sonic Next-Gen. They are silly, dull, modern (not that I don't like the modern times, it is just executed in a somewhat excruciating way) and outdated. If anything, the Sonic games for the SEGA Genesis deserve to be higher. Sonic Next-Gen has a silly fanbase as well as a wild hate-base. If anyone hates Modern Sonic, other people could hate you even more if you hate Sonic Next-Gen.

Although this game is trash it has pretty good graphics but I think it deserves to stay in 3rd place!

I wish the Wii version of this wasn't cancelled.

5 Sonic Lost World

Wonderful graphics and level design. Definitely a Solid game worth picking up.

The Wii U's graphics irritated me actually.

6 Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric

Sorry, but graphics in this game are just awful! And hard to look at them! They just annoy me a lot! PS2 Graphics are even a quit bit better...

Nah these graphics were awful. Nothing compared to lost world.

Unlike 06, this game's graphics literally annoy me!

7 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Nothing wrong with preferring this game over a Modern Sonic game. Take for instance, presentation-wise. We didn't have Modern Amy Rose back then.

Just because games have good graphics don't mean they're good. Call the genesis dated you want, but Sonic games on that system were the best

Best sonic game graphics. I really like how stuff look in that game.

8 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
9 Sonic Heroes
10 Shadow The Hedgehog

Love the graphics

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11 Sonic Forces

Graphics looks nice in my opinion.

12 Sonic CD
13 Sonic And The Black Knight
14 Sonic Adventure 2

I love Sonic Adventure 2's graphics mainly because they are similar to the graphics of Super Monkey Ball (original) except they are more retro!

15 Sonic Mania
16 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
17 Sonic the Hedgehog

I put the original 16-bit version on the list. This game has such underrated graphics. What's wrong with 16-bit graphics with no flickering issues, extraordinary sights (especially how the sky in Starlight Zone is starry) and etc?!

18 Sonic Adventure
19 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Really nice graphics!

20 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics

Good for a 2011 game, even thou I'm an adult, I got addicted to this game!

21 Sonic X-Treme
22 Sonic R

What's to expect from a video game released in the 5th generation era of gaming?

23 Sonic Blast
24 Knuckles' Chaotix
25 Sonic the Fighters
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