Top 10 Flipline Studios Characters

I only play Papa's Donuteria and other Papa games in flipline studios so this list talks about Papa's Donuteria characters

The Top Ten

1 Willow

WILLOW IS MY FAVORITE FLIPLINE STUDIOS CHARACTER. She wears black and greenish turquoise dress. She is very hot Flipline studios character

2 Papa Louie

Papa Louie is the best he builds so much resturaubts for his chefs to work on his resuraunt

3 Roy

He may be cowardly, but I still like him.

Roy looks awesome from Pizzeria delivering

4 Utah
5 James
6 Carlo Romano

CArlo is cute and that hair was cool I like it

Carlo is cute and hair was awesome if similar of pinch hitwell of the trivia.

Good character of romano family

Carlo is look awesome and their great mandolin player also Awesome game of Papa's Scooperia he's a worker.

7 Penny

Penny looks less hotter then Willow

8 Austin
9 Allan
10 Rudy

The Contenders

11 Cooper

Cooper is the popular male character he work at papa's pancakeria and he's good and cute of this hair style.

12 Kingsley
13 Olivia
14 Sasha
15 Mandi

Her daughters are adorable=D - MasekM24

16 Clover
17 Prudence

I like her dog. She’s so cute!

18 Joy/Ninjoy
19 Tony
20 Johnny

Lumberjack is a Best

21 Alberto

Alberto is a best customer ever that wear of band like vocalist but he's professional of soccer sports and worker of Freezeria

22 Sundaesaurus
23 Gremmie

Men with long hair are cool.

24 Akari

Motorcycle banana girl

25 Janana
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