Top 10 Least Unhealthy Junk Foods

Everyone craves junk food. And we sometimes worry about how much fat and calories they have. But until when I found examples of junk food that has a low percentage of being unhealthy, I wanted to make this list. It depends on how much calories or sugar it has, while it is low on mainly fat or something else.

Note: I am not trying to tell someone what they should personally eat. Be free on what you want to eat, just as long as you take care of yourself. I'm just giving you examples if you wish for junk food to be healthier.
The Top Ten
1 Dark Chocolate

This has less sugar than milk chocolate, and is more for some cocoa like hot chocolate, even though some people say it has a bit of fat and calories.

Dark Chocolate is one of the most healthiest chocolate ever.

Also a powerful source of antioxidants.

2 Popcorn

It is of grain value, since it is a variety of corn. You can control how much butter and oil it goes into. Less butter and oil makes it have a very low chance of being unhealthy.

3 Pretzels

Pretzels are known for being a low-fat, salty snack, unless you make them into honey mustard or spicy buffalo wings, then no.

4 Potato Chips

Not all chips are created equal. So surprisingly, they can actually be good for you. If you want healthy brands, make sure you choose those without MSG, which is an addictive in chips that can cause headaches, allergic reactions, and obesity.

5 Ice Cream

As long as if you don't overdo it, it has some good nutrients in it, such as calcium and protein. You will also get probiotics and B-vitamins if you move away from the Ben & Jerry's stuff. Try Adonia, Enlightened, and Yasso.

Depending on the flavors. Ice cream ca be healthy too especially fruits.

6 Tortilla Chips

It has less fat and calories, even including Doritos. So have this nice snack and dip it on salsa! You don't have to, since I don't dip it into sauces.

7 Popsicles

Look for some with no sugar and 0% fat! One is 40 calories in average and comes in a huge variety of flavors.

Just same with Ice Cream, it can be healthy by it's flavors.

Some popsicles have no sugar!

8 Pretzel M&M's

While I have already mentioned about pretzels, they have lower fat than chocolate, making the entire bag 150 calories, compared to the 240 calories of the milk chocolate bag.

9 Sweet Potato Fries

You are likely to get as many carbs and calories, but sweet potatoes are more fiber and a massive amount of Vitamin A.

10 Oatmeal Cookies

It is the healthiest type of cookie there is. It has a lot of vitamins, fiber, and protein.

Made of oatmeals.

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11 Nachos
12 Breadsticks
13 Fried Chicken
14 Mints
15 Hot Dogs A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.
16 Soda
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