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The greatest collegiate football teams to play the game.
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1 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Plain and simple the best team ever! They would have beaten some nfl teams that year

Look at the stats and look at the film. No team is even close.

Best team I ever saw. Scary good. Dominant beyond words.

How good was this team? I'd lay 30 points against any other team on this list

2 2001 Miami Hurricanes

Easily the greatest team of all-time this team was insane.

All star team. Record number of first round picks

Greatest ever. Best ever. No debate.

This team should be at #1.

3 1992 Alabama Crimson Tide

This team had 4 future first round NFL draft pics starting on its defense, and the defense was on the field often due to an average offense, but it still managed to hold its opponents to 9.3 points, and 50 yards rushing, per game. If any opposing QB had not thrown the ball by 3 seconds, he was usually sacked or, at a minimum, hurried into making a bad throw. Of the starting 11 on defense, 8 made it to the NFL and one of the remaining players did not only because of a serious car accident. Since passing rules were liberalized in the 1970s, this team has the most dominant defense in college football.

Without question, the most dominating defense in college football since WW II. The defense could always be counted on for one to two touchdowns per game. Heisman Trophy winner Gino Torretta had the worst night of his life in the Sugar Bowl/National Championship Game that year. Copeland, Curry and Teague made his life miserable. Gene Stallings proved what a brilliant defensive coach he was that year. He just turned his guys loose. The offense was decent, but nothing special. They had a good running game and a Quarterback in Jay Barker who was a good leader who did not make many mistakes. A really fun team to watch.

Great to see a class act like Coach Stallings and his team win the title.

This team was the absolute best defense in the land (possibly ever). I watched them firsthand destroy the offense of the team I played for (Miss. State), while we tried to keep Derrick Lassic in check (no easy task when you're on the field for 3/4 of the game).

One of my best friends Danny was the quarterback for the Crimson Tide that year. They were unstoppable in virtually every way. They beat Miami 34-13 for the championship.

4 2006 Texas Longhorns

Goodness! Are Texas fans so uneducated that they think that the 2006 Longhorns was a great team. Vince Young ("Dream Team") had left. Good teams play important bowl games in January of NEXT year, Texas fan. It's like the presidential elections. Candidates win in November, but do not take office until January (March for earlier presidents). Let's change the title of this post to 2005 Longhorns.
By the way, for us old people, does anyone remember that ESPN had the show that argued the greatest team of all time was the USC team that year(pre-championship game)? Comparing eras is tough, but NO ONE was talking about this great 2005 Texas team as the best ever until they beat the "best ever" USC team. Pre-season, USC received 60 AP first place votes to Texas' 4; the week before the championship game it was 56 for USC and for Texas. Why? They barely beat ONE top 20 ranked team, Ohio State, early in the season.

Yes, the game is LOADED with future NFL players...How many were busts?

There the only team that played another team on this list in the same year and won. Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma and USC all ranked all defeated. USC had 2 National titles,16 all-Americans and two Heisman trophy winner's but they didn't have Vince Young! Not to mention Vince only played 2-3 quarters most of the season.

2005 team was the one that beat #4 Ohio State in the horseshoe and beat #1 USC in their backyard. They also won their conference championship 70-3. They did beat a ranked Oklahoma and a ranked Texas Tech too. Easily a top 5 team of all time and obviously better than the 2005 USC team

USC had 2 Heisman Trophy winners, one @ QB and another @ RB and played in their backyard but the Longhorns had Vince Young and one of college's greatest defensive backfields in CB Tarell Brown, CB Aaron Ross, CB Michael Huff and safety Michael Griffin. #1 college game ever played!

5 1991 Washington Huskies

The 1991 Washington team outscored their opponents 495 - 115 even though Don James didn't like to run up the score on teams. I remember him pulling starters early in the second half most of those games. Their defense was off the charts giving up 9 per. They beat 3 top 10 teams on the road that year, including a 34-14 win over #4 ranked Michigan. The following year 12 players were drafted including the #1 overall pick. I would have loved to see them play Miami that year. Miami was awesome in 1991. Nebraska was the only team that played against them both that year and coach Tom Osbourne was quoted as saying Washington would have beat Miami had they played each other.

The only reason the Huskies had to share a portion of the championship instead of getting to claim it all themselves is East Coast Bias. More people live there, and since people often tend to emotionally elevate things that are geographically closer to them (despite what they say), Miami got more Associated Press votes. The Coaches Poll, aka the people who know what they're talking about, knew the Dawgs were way better and had them at the top. Retrospectively, just about everyone has the Huskies as one of the best teams ever. Here they are at number 5 where the '91 Miami team isn't in the top 50.

That 91 team was scary good... Going into Nebraska & coming from behind (outscoring them 30-7 in the 2nd half) to win just didn't happen to Nebraska teams back then. I remember during one of the early Michigan possessions in the Rose Bowl, Steve Emtman, who had been in the hospital the night before fighting the flu, broke through a double-team & sent Grbac to the ground... Unbelievable play... & after Desmond Howard got popped early on he was a non-factor... Wrong guy got the Heisman that year. It's a shame the east coasters couldn't see more of the Huskies back then... No way they would've had Miami above them in the polls.

The huskies of 91 were certainly one of the best 3 teams of all time. Maybe the best ever, but that's very hard to determine. Their defense was the best ever. Nebraska was the only team that year to play both Miami, the other final #1 team, and the Huskies. If you ask players on that Nebraska team, all will tell you the Dawgs were far faster, stonger and more experienced than the Huricanes. The stats all will show how great this team was, but you really would have to watch their clips from that year to see the true greatness of this team.

6 1997 Michigan Wolverines

Nebraska wouldn't have even put up 14 against that defensive monster. We would have been consensus national champions if it wasn't for one stupid coach ranking us at 25 because Osborn rigged it and bought off other coaches, I hated him he was overrated for 15 years and last few he finally got his crap together and won a few championships, but everyone knows Michigan was simply better that year. I predict 24-14 Michigan if we played each other. Very close but michigan shuts them down in the second half

Michigan's D only allowed 9 points per game that year. The difference maker between them and the Huskers would be that Michigan could pass the ball. Both teams had great rushers, buy Michigan had a better balance and that's why Michigan would've won a game between the two. Oh, and Michigan didn't need an "accidental, on purpose" kicked ball td to save the game against a weak opponent.

Born in South Carolina I feel after a lot of research that Michigan is the Greatest football program of all time, More wins than anyone, 11 National championships.It does not matter when they were won just that they were.The 1985 UM defense was voted the 2nd greatest of all time behind the 1952 USC Trojans. People back their teams and I bleed Maize & Blue.

I mean come on, there's no better colors together than maize and blue, and in 1997, those colors popped! Give me a break, Notre dame? All you got is rudy! I bleed maize and blue. #go blue!

7 1994 Penn State Nittany Lions
8 2005 USC Trojans

This team has been drawing crowds of 90,000 since the 1920' band, cheerleaders, fight song and fan base for 90 years. Also the most number one draft picks -in history. This is THE college football team.

USC would of beat Texas if he refs would of done their job. In college rule if any part of a players body touches the ground while in procession of the football is down and play is over, even without contact

2 Heisman Trophy winners on the same team. Not only win the BCS but completely blow out an undefeated OK team! Win consecutive BCS titles. What else could this team have done to be any better? 9th rank? This is the most ridiculous poll I've ever seen.

This was a top 3 team all-time! We would've won in 06 if Dallas Sartz had not gotten injured! No doubt that he would have stopped Young on that run for the win.

9 1988 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Greatest team of all time.

10 2003 LSU Tigers

My favorite team. They were doing well this year, then all of a sudden they lost to Alabama on the road and seemed to almost give up mentally. Hope they get'em next year.

Good for LSU they only had to play lousy OU. USC would have hurt them!

Tigers are awesome!

The Contenders
11 2013 Florida State Seminoles

Obviously the best and most talented team ever in the NCAA. Look at the statistics of those players in the NFL now. They scored the most points in a season without the hurry up offense again like that guy said. And the defense scored Touchdowns too and that defense was lockdown. If we played that 1995 Nebraska team we would beat them because they ran the option and we had a fast defense who was hungry for a National Championship. Our offense would blow over that Nebraska team, no question. You also had 2 1000 yard receivers, a 1000 yard rusher, and a Heisman winning QB. We will never see a team with that much talent ever again. People won't give that team credit but people will go back and look at this team and say "Wow that team was loaded at every single position." We out scored opponents by the biggest margin ever in a season span. That is why this team is the #1 College Football Team of all time, and you all will think so too.

This team was the best team ever. They dominated people. It would be 5 min into a game against good (top 25 teams) and they would be up by 20 points. Teams would give up. The game at Clemson was hyped to be a huge matchup, Clemson was ranked #3 and it was at Clemson. By the 4th Q FSU lead 51-7. They dominated people. A lot of people thought Duke was going to give them a good fight in the ACC Championship game and again they killed them 45-7. Not even a FSU fan but people need to go back and watch this team if they didn't see them in '13 and see how teams feared playing them they were so good. And they faced adversity against Auburn and came from behind to win.

I grew up in a family where everyone loved the gators and everyone went to UF for school. Except me, I saw the Seminoles play football and for some reason that I don't care about, I liked the Seminoles more than any other team. When I saw the Seminoles after the 2013 BCS championship I ran around my house saying undefeated, which made my parents angry but I was happy and I didn't care. I don't care what others say the 2013 Seminoles are definitely one of the best college teams to date. And the Noles are definitely one of the best football teams in the US.

This was the most talented team in NCAA history. Talent was stacked deep in all positions and they won every game, most by a landslide. The offensive line was tough, the RB's strong and fast, an elusive Quarterback talented in all aspects of the game, great receivers with, and one hell of a defensive squad. This team by far exceeds the talent by other teams in the past and likely will be looked upon as one of the greatest of all times. Kudos to all the players of this team.

12 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes

Cassidy wasn't on this team. They ran the ball down everyones throat. Best game the entire season was their own full contact practice. Had one of the greatest coaching staffs ever assembled. Destroyed USC and O.J. in Rose Bowl. Started the fire for the "10 year war" Tons of All-Americans, beat Michigan 50-14. Kern, Otis, Foley, Mayes, Jankowski, Sensibaugh, Tatum, Brungard. When Lou Holtz is the guy who gets the coffee. Your damn good

Modern era teams can't compare. This was knuckle-bleeding football. And this was the toughest team on the gridiron.

Buckeyes rule they are the best football team ever! Who would not want them first? I want to go to O.S. you so bad they are the best place to be

Ohio state I think is the best program in the country. Having great QBs and DE players help them a lot.

13 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers

I watched this team play they would have wiped the floor with the '95 Nebraska Squad. They played in a tougher era of college football and dominated like no other team. They were the fastest team I ever saw.

Been watching this game since 1960... The Big Eight finishes 1,2 and 3 in all the polls. Their schedule was filled will ranked teams. Stellar at every part of the game. They beat all the teams but the 2006 Longhorns.

They were the only team on this list that went head-to-head with the 3 teams ranked 2, 3 & 4 and beat them all! Olso they were unnamously voted #1 by every poll in the country!

Team is better than 26. Much better. I have seen them ranked in other polls as the best team of all time.

14 2008 Florida Gators

This way a great team. Missed a Extra point in only loss to a good Ole Miss team. Crushed everyone else. Scored 49 and 51 points on them top 10 Georgia and LSU. Held high scoring OU to only 14 points. If they hadn't lost to Ole Miss, they'd be in my top 5.

2008 Gators that have been starters in the NFL: Tebow, Percy Harvin, David Nelson, Joe Haden, Janoris Jenkins, WIll Hill, Ahmad Black, Major Wright, Brandon Spikes, Carlos Dunlap, Jermaine Cunningham, BOTH Pouncey twins, Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, Louis Murphey, Caleb Sturgis.

This team is definitely a top 5 team, if not top 3.

After Ole Miss, they blew nearly every team out of the water, which included a lot of top teams.

The gators are awesome

15 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama's first Heisman in running back Mark Ingram running through the sec. His back up Trent Richardson Who many think is better than him. Greg McElroy who refused to lose a game. Julio Jones possibly the toughest WR in college history. By far the best defense in the 21st century. These guys shut down one of the greatest QB's in college history in Tim Tebow.

Superior game management skills and intensity that was unrivaled across the country. Fan support that puts over 100k in the stands at home and a traveling crew of thousands - doesn't hurt to have the most intellectually gifted coach since the Bear in Tuscaloosa either!

The 2015 Alabama team had the hardest schedule in College Football history (AP poll wise) and came out with a National Championship, you need to respect that!

Great talent... hard competition... unbeaten season... Roll Tide, Roll!

16 2007 Florida Gators

The Florida Gators have had many seasons where they lost only one game. All of the other teams on this list are no where near as good as the Florida Gators. The only team that beat them in 2009^^2010 is the Alabama Crimson Tide. These other teams do not match the Gators when it comes to skill.


Tebow, Harvin, Rainey, Spikes, Haden, Hernandez, and Cooper I mean how can you deny that this team is the best. And I am a Alabama fan.

TEBOW. The Denver Broncos just made the biggest mistake ever so good luck tebow in NY

I love the gators

17 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes

As an Ohio State fan following this season, I personally believe that the Buckeyes 2014 season is one of the most dramatic and impressive championship run in sports history (also 2016 Cubs). Going into the season, Braxton Miller was expected to Ben a top Heisman candidate. After Game 1, his season Ian over. It doesn't matter. In comes true Freshman JT Barrett, who leads the team to an almost perfect season, with only a single loss. However, in the last regular season game (Against Michigan of course), he also gets injured, and would not be healthy to even attempt playing in the post season. However, this quarterback loss turns outnumbered to Ben just as irrelevant as the first to the amazingly talented 2014 team. So in comes Cardale Jones jones, and in his first career start in college, a big ten championship game after a blind side esque early life, leads a route so huge on the 13th ranked Wisconsin team with 300+ yards and 3 TDs that the UW coach is fired within 2 days. Even with ...more

This is a top 5 team, of all time. Talent all over the field. Won the title with a 3rd string QB and all the adversity they faced with two QBs going down, and their teammate committing suicide. Zeke carried this team through the championship games. I never seen anything like it. Urban did the best coaching job of all time. Underdogs in all 3 of their final games. Go Bucks.

When you win 3 straight championship games, with your third string QB including wins over #1 Alabama and #2 Oregon in the first college football playoff game, you deserve to be considered the best. Go Bucks!

As much as I didn't want them to win the championship, winning the Big 10 championship 59-0, upsetting Alabama, and holding Oregon's offense to 20 points in the National Championship, all with a 3rd-string QB, is pretty impressive.

18 1999 Florida State Seminoles
19 2008 Oklahoma Sooners

Sam bradford, ryan broyles, jermaine gresham, demarco murray, juquien iglesias, best offense of 2008 easily. trent williams, gerald mccoy made a solid defense, but not good enough to get past tim tebow and the florida gators!

Awesome great defense!

Come on man top 5

Scored 60+ in 5 straight games to end the regular season, including a 63-21 rout of top 5 Texas Tech

20 2016 Clemson Tigers

Yes this team was great. The defense was better than 2015 (ironically), jalen hurts broke records and made history, and we had several first round picks. Roll tide.

21 1959 Syracuse Orangemen

They dominated and they had be be good... Ernie Davis was a special person. Even speaking with him on campus... he he gave me some of his time... and was a wonderful young man!

Consider that in 1959 there was limited substitution and players had to play both offense and defense. It's hard to imagine today's 'specialists' could dominate the way the 1959 Orange did.

People don't remember this team because Syracuse isn't a storied program, but my grandpa said he saw this team play and he said they were very good.

They were the best in the land offensively and defensively and coached by a legend.

Larry Pifer

22 1982 Georgia Bulldogs

I don't know how Georgia is not #1. Unlike most teams we are great every year no matter the circumstance. We have had Herschel Walker, Aaron Murray (still have), Jarvis Jones, AJ Green, Knowshon Moreno, Fran Tarkenton, Champ Bailey, Matt Stafford, Frank Sinkwich and so much more. GO DAWGS

23 1974 Oklahoma Sooners

Only one opponent played the Sooners within 14 points and four failed to score a touchdown. At the same time, OU led the nation in scoring offense with an average of 43 points per game to finish the season as the only undefeated team in the country at 11 . Oklahoma was loaded with talent, evidenced by its eight All Americans, the most of any season to that point. OU's wishbone offense, triggered by running back Joe Washington, fullback Jim Littrell, and quarterback Steve Davis, averaged 73.9 rushing attempts per game, which still stands as an NCAA single season record, 1 as does its 21.4 rushing first downs per game.

The 74 Sooners only ranked 17th? You people have to be daft. This was the greatest college football team ever assembled. They nearly all went to the pros.

Only team I have ever seen put the ball on the ground 8 times in a game... Still score 63 points and hold the other team to 3 points. And... Only attempt 5 passes? Domintion!

Leroy and Dewey Selman along with Joe Washington and Barry Switzer's first championship.

24 2004 Auburn Tigers

Easily the most balanced and best team of that season, no body could have come close to them in the championship game. War dam eagle!

The only undefeated team that year, easily would have beat USC in bcs under Tommys great defense. But we all know how the bcs is. WDE!

25 1998 Tennessee Volunteers

Played one of the hardest schedules ever. On the '98 schedule, 8 wins were over bowl teams, 6 of those went to January bowls, 4 were top ten teams and 3 played in BCS Bowls. The '98 Vols beat every single one of them, unlike many of the teams on this list. Led by Tee Martin and Peerless Price on offense with Al Wilson and Deon Grant on the #1
defense in the SEC.

Beat 8 top ten teams, 3 of which went to BCS Bowls. Beat all of them! Many on this list are good, but didn't win every single game and none of them had to beat both Florida schools in their prime with Spurrier and Bowden at the helm. 13-0 UNDEFEATED 1998 SEC and National Champions.

This wasn't even their best team in the 90s, as 1996 and 1997 were better. I guess they were just really lucky this year.

Great pass catchers. Payton was gone but those who played with him were still there. Great running backs and OL.

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