Best NFL Wide Receivers of All Time

The Top Ten
1 Jerry Rice Jerry Lee Rice is a former American football wide receiver who played 20 seasons in the National Football League, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers.

Rice was known as Mr. Reliable. His "catch to drop" ratio was the highest ever which ultimately got him the record of most TDs ever for any receiver, most catches, most yards receiving. He used to practice catching bricks as a kid with his dad which is how he developed such soft hands for the ball. Jerry was known for his amazing work ethic and endurance and it showed time after time when he would still be fresh in the 4th quarter while the defense was huffing and puffing. This should not even be CLOSE. Rice is not only the greatest receiver to ever play the game but arguably the greatest player to ever play!

If a list of top 5 best nfl seasons by a wide receiver were made, I think 2-3 of them would belong to him. If a list of 30 were made, 7-10 woulld likely belong to him. He had longevity, consistency, explosiveness, rings, great numbers... The only cracks I can think to make at him was that his single season touchdown and yards records are broken, that he was in the era in between modern athleticism and older supposed mugging, and that he had good qbs. He's still the best at this position, and in my mind the second best football player of all time. (I gotta give #1 to Sammy Baugh, for his being great at three positions at once)

There is no doubt JR is the greatest receiver of all time. It's possible he's also the best single player ever, in NFL history.

Not only was he absolutely a threat on every play he was ever involved in, but he was a class act off the field. No one burned more defenses than Jerry. He was like a five speed runner or something. Driven and dedicated in his training, intelligent, and supremely well timed in everything he did, no one was more clutch.

An inspiration, and my GOAT.

Jerry Rice, hands down the Greatest of All Time.
* The Following Statements are not to deny the Greatness of the players mentioned (they are just not better than JR)
1. Alworth was not faster than Jerry Rice (crack is whack)
2. Moss did play on the 15-1 Vikings and 16-0 Patriots (wow, where's the SB Ring? Laugh out loud)
3. Stop with the WR's used to get mugged on every play, I was around during that era and some WRs were mugged (they generally weren't good at getting off of the line of scrimmage and they were in a 3 point stance, of course they got mugged)
4. Lynn Swann shouldn't even be in this conversation (and I'm a Lynn Swann fan)
5. Hutson was great, but really how many teams were good at defending the pass in those days, since the emphasis was the rushing attack;75% rushing 25% passing (talk about the element of surprise)
6. You can have Alworths 85 TDs over 11 years, I'll take Rices 146 TDs

2 Randy Moss Randy Gene Moss is a former American football wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the National Football League.

Randy Moss, the most athletic wide receiver ever. He is faster and more athletic than Rice and Harrison. He is less consistent and his awareness is not as nice but that doesn't mean it isn't amazing. Put three defenders on him "Mangini" and he'll still catch over all of them 60 yards deep. The biggest deep and TD threat the game has ever seen. If he had played with the Patriots right after the Vikings he would have amazing stats right now, as if he already doesn't. Doesn't get as many catches as Harrison or Rice and never will because he is to busy going deep and scoring. The biggest difference maker on a team "if" used properly. Played on both 15-1 vikings and 16-0 Patriots. If you have a good quarterback and a solid defense you're basically guaranteed at least 12 wins with this dude. Behavior could be better and he could be more modest, but hey with his talent you know you're better than everyone else. Third best receiver ever to Rice and Harrison.

Not just an airheaded, brash deep threat. Great student of the game and well liked by his teammates. Perceived as arrogant because he knows more about what he does and how he should be used than most coaches and he gets impatient. Many geniuses are this way. Hard for them to take orders from and respect those who don't get it. Part of their freedom and creativity. They just express... One on one, the greatest receiver in NFL history hands down. Remember his first year in the league? Denny Green started getting pissed when Randall Cunningham would just throw it up there to Moss like a sandlot game. But after Moss consistently came down with it (even battling 2 or 3 defenders), Green started saying, "I think you got something there. Yeah, just keep doing that. " Of course, you have to give the short and mid range receiving crown to Rice. Shorter and more compact, so was able to juke better and get open (like Cris Carter). But, one on one, open field, Moss leaves them all in the dust.

We all know Rice is number 1. And #2 should be between two players that have played in the same era.. Moss and TO. Privileged to watch both and honestly both are extremely gifted athletically. The amount of attention Moss got on the field as well as being the biggest deep threat this league has ever seen gives him #2. Moss may have never had the greatest quarterbacks, but I'm sure he opened up the field... Just ask culpepper. A person who never had a career if it wasn't for Moss. Even though he is "retired" he is 2 years younger than TO and I'm sure we will see Moss again soon.. Love you buddy!

Let just say this- No one strikes fear into the heart of defenses more then Randy Moss in his prime. NOBODY. I really can't think of a player (non-quarterback) who commanded and changed the game like Randy Moss. Hell, Moss was so good, the Cover 2 HAD TO BE INVENTED to stop such an amazing deep threat, and yet Moss still dominated. Jerry Rice may be the greatest ever OVERALL, but the best deep threat the game has ever seen and probably will ever see, is Randy Moss. I feel sorry for these young kids who couldn't witness Moss in his REAL prime with MN, because I guarantee you no one was more talented and more awesome. One on one, NO CORNER IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME could take Moss 1 on 1. Not Deon Sanders (Moss was just as fast, if not faster, and could easily outleap him), not Champ Bailey (Bailey would pull a hammy trying to hang with Moss' speed), not Rod Woodson (Randy would blow by him so fast... ), nobody.

3 Terrell Owens Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

T.O. is probably the biggest difference maker on a team when it comes to wide receivers. He always makes his team better. This is all assuming he likes he's QB enough to play but think about it. He helped the Eagles get to a superbowl who made 4 consecutive NFC championship trips. He helped the cowboys get to the playoffs two consecutive years. Sure as far as behavior he is last on the list but he knows his worth. Not as athletic as Rice or Moss but one of the strongest every to play the position. He could catch the ball at the 7 and drag it about 5-6 more yards. Also second to Rice he is the most clutch receiver. Dubbed "The Catch II" Owens droped 3 passes in that playoff game until catching the game winning touchdown amidst 3 defenders. Then coming off an injury he had an amazing superbowl performance despite a losing effort. In all his playoff games sure he mouthed off but he never played bad. T.O. aside from the Jessica Simpson saga seems to be meshing with Romo so unless Romo or ...more

Maybe not as good as Jerry, but nobody is. His numbers are better than Mosses! About 100 receptions and 65o yards in exchange for 3 touchdowns in only 1 more game played. And don't say the whole "Moss was better in his prime" thing, because year by year, from 1998 to 2010 not including 2005, Moss was better 5 times, T.O. was better 6 times, and they tied once. In an average year during their prime, Moss averaged 33 more yards, but 1 less td and 4 less receptions. T.O. has more yards per game and receptions per game throughout his career. It's T.O. over Randy Moss (Although Don Hutson and Jerry Rice are better than both of them)

T.O. is one of the most clutch wide receivers to ever play this game. He was a game breaker and you better pay attention to him because he will burn you. He could take short passed long as well as catch the deep passed. Physically just to big, fast. His hands was his biggest weakness and the guy has the second most catches of all time. If his attitude didn't get in the way he would be well ahead of Randy Moss in the statistical category. He's was awesome to watch my favorite receiver of all time.

Definitely 2nd best all time behind Jerry rice. Statistically, he is easily second. Comparing him to moss, TO has a better work ethic, runs better routes, and is actually willing to run routes across the middle.. Also he is better with yac.. Chris carter definitely a much better receiving in terms of catching though

4 Cris Carter

Trust I'm not a fan of any one team just a fan of the NFL.. REALLY THINK BACK do you remember Jerry Rice diving or going up over 3 men coming down with the ball? No never had a great system with the 49ers and great QBs throwing to him.. Larry Fitzgerald has many time much better hands bigger faster better in every way well except one I do give it to Jerry Rice he was a hard worker with a great work ethic.. Randy Moss was way faster way taller and could jump much higher plus had better hands no question about it.. Cris Carter had the best hands of any wide out I've ever seen him and Steve Largent.. Ok the true list is this..
1. Larry Fitzgerald
2. Cris Carter
3. Randy Moss
4. Calvin Johnson
5. Andre Johnson
6. Steve Smith
7. Terrell Owens
8. Brandon Marshall
9. Anquan Boldin
10. Steve Largent
11. Tory Holt
12. Lynn Swann
13. Sterling Sharpe
14. Reggie Wayne
15. Michael Irvin
16. Marvin Harrison
17. Gary Clark
18. Tim Brown
19. ...more

Chris Carter deserves to be in the top three of this list. He has one of the best if not THE best hands in the game, he could pull in one-handers better than an average receiver could use two! Best at running routes and an incredible boundary receiver. And the bounce back after the drug-abuse problems to the vikings, was unreal!

Can't believe he got passed on the HOF today for 2008! He is one of the top 10 WR of all time and he got passed up! This guy invented the toe drag catch as he's going out of bounds! Now everyone is doing it because of him! If you needed a first down I would pick Carter over any other WR ever! HOF committee made a monstrous mistake today! Awesome awesome WR! Moss and Carter was the best WR tandem (deep threat/possession receiver combo) of all time!

Carter should be #2 moss sucks he is only a deep threat not a guy to go across the middle or be a team leader like carter was. Who do you think taught moss his rookie year and why do you think he was so succesful his rookie year? Because Carter was on the other side attracting all the coverage.

5 Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison has more receiving yards then TO and Randy moss. He also won a superbowl unlike TO or Randy Moss. So in what sense are those to better. The only receiver that is better then Marvin Harrison is maybe Jerry Rice because Jerry had the best player who ever played the game Joe Montana. I understand Marvin had peyton so that's why their is a maybe.

Marvin Harrison has the most receptions in a season with 143 receptions, 20 more than the record set before him. He has more receiving yard than carter, he's better than T. O by far, he should be either number 2 or 3 on this list and definitely not behind T. O who probably has the record for most dropped passes. Marvin and Peyton are the best duo for a QB and WR since Joe Montana and Jerry Rice

If Marvin didn't have that season ending injury he would have been second in every receiving category this year. He is the second best wide receiver to Jerry Rice. He's not physical enough to play as long as Rice but he's consistency and modesty is unbelievable. An unspoken icon.

Voting for Harrison as my #2. Rice is clearly #1 no questioning that! Behind Rice is as follows:

Marvin Harrison
Randy Moss (when he brings it)
Cris Carter
Larry Fitzgerald
Terrell Owens (would be higher if he wasn't insane)
Michael Irvin
Issac Bruce
Tim Brown
John Stallworth

6 Michael Irvin

This list is, #1- has no doubt been made by some yankee psuedo-intellectual and #2- has no clue about football history. I can only imagine where the writer of this article is from, but from reading your "opinions" please do us a favor and go crawl back under your rock, and take your feckless babble with you.

T.O. shouldn't even be on this list. He's always dropping passes yet he's above a Hall of Famer. Just think about what Irvin did to get here and then think about what T.O. did when he's dropping passes.

I don't know why Irvin 4 position Hell no what did he do what record did break. Paul Warfield Art Monk Cliff Branch Don Maynard Otis Taylor Charlie Taylor was better than Irvin. Irvin didn't have break away speed

Michael Irvin was one of the hardest working players on that Cowboys dynasty team. His leadership and talent helped that team to three Super Bowl wins.

7 Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Jr. is a retired American football wide receiver who played his entire career for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He is often called the nickname ''Megatron'' for his rare combination of size, speed, and leaping ability on the field.

This guy better step up or the lions should get a better QB. Too much talent and potential to let go wasted. The dude is 6-5 240 lbs. He's a beast. He has the third best 40-yard dash time after Randy Moss and Deion Sanders (and we all know what they did in history). He has the second best vertical after Randy Moss. This dude also has Marvin Harrison style modesty. Imagine that Randy Moss Marvin Harrison. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I seriously want to see him develop and quick. The next Jerry Rice or better, not likely (especially considering Jerry Rice came into the league with a Hall of Fame QB at the helm, Montana, not no John Kitna) but hopefully he comes close to it. One of the best college wide receivers ever hopefully one of the best NFL wide receivers ever.

He's better than Jerry Rice. He holds the record for receiving yards in a season by like 116 yards. He is legend.
He has over 9000 yards in just 7 seasons. Rice may hold the record for receiving yards in a career but in 20 seasons. He has an average of about 1400 yards a season. Rice had 1100 yards a season.
This is what should be like.
1. Calvin Johnson
2. Randy Moss
3. Marvin Harrison
4. Cris Carter
5. Terrell Owens
I don't even like the steelers and Hines ward is better. Plus he had joe Montana to make him look like the best.

I would vote for rice or moss but honestly I think Calvin has the skill to be #1. I agree with you, I'm not even a lions fan but if he could get on a team even like the Rams or Browns he could be great not to mention if he was on a team with a quarter back like the Saints or Chargers. If the lions get rid of stafford and stanton soon he might have enough time to build up his career stats and at least get out of the 20s. Skillwise I think the best receivers are 1 calvin johnson 2 Randy moss 3 jerry rice 4 greg jennings 5 torry holt

Calvin Johnson was a BEAST no arguing with that statement but I mean at the time that he played CB's weren't trash like when Jerry Rice, Randy Moss Deion Sanders etc. played there were some pretty good CB's he also didn't have Joe Montana or other. Though Matthew Stafford wasn't amazing all he ever needs to do is throw it up to Megatron and he will 99.9% of the time catch it. There is very few CB's or safety's that can stop Megatron I mean come on he's 6.5 feet tall and jumps like he's on steroids!

8 Don Hutson

None of the rest of these receivers would even have jobs if not for Don Hutson.

He led the league in touchdowns and receiving to a degree no other wide out on this list ever approached.
8 first team all-pro awards.
In the inaugural HOF class; of all the players who have ever laced up cleats, he was on the short list of the best from ALL positions, not just WR.
Hutson still holds the following records:
Most seasons leading league in pass receptions (8),
Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receptions (5),
Most seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (7),
Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (4),
Most seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (9),
Most seasons leading the league in total touchdowns (8),
Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (5),
Most seasons leading league in scoring (5), and
Most consecutive seasons leading league in ...more

Number 2 the people who created this don, t know he was the first player to be called poetry in motion the best player on the best team in sports history broke all the wide receiver records the 6th best player in nfl history these people are dumb! ! !

Hutson played a much shortened game schedule than the receivers of the newer era, and he was a gentleman and good person. I would know, I used to shag golf balls for him when I was a caddy at Racine country club, Racine, WI. Hutson was also a good business man, who owned a car dealership in Racine, WI, and would sell Green Bay packer tickets each year at his dealership.

Hutson + my Great Grandfather Irv Comp was the best football duo of all time. Hutson is one of the GOAT's when it comes to being a reciever and defensive back, and Comp was blind in one eye and still led the league in interceptions.

9 Lance Alworth

Alworth was a bit of an athletic freak. World class speed and vertical leap coupled with toughness. He was elusive and yet could hit and block. Was a star running back at Arkansas before being switched to receiver in AFL. Also was Yankees first round pick to be their center fielder. One of the most entertaining players to watch of all time. And yes, he was faster than Jerry Rice, Rice was never much of a burner. Alworth was the fastest man on the field in every game he played until he got older, and Bob Hayes came along. If another Alworth (I.e, white guy with toughness, freak athleticism and movie star looks) came along, he would be so marketable you could sign that one guy and start your own league of all top young talent that would rival the NFL and force them into merger. Oh wait, already happened.

By far the best wide receiver ever, while Jerry Rice is a close second, I have seen both players up close and cheered for both of them, Lance Alworth did it under Sid Gilman and Al Davis, while Jerry Rice was using the Bill Walsh offense. Bill Walsh learned the offense while in San Diego and had the Sid Gilman, Al Davis, (Paul Brown)tutelage and perfected it before being hired as head coach of San Francisco. The offense evolved to a point where it was unstop-able, because of many factors including, fudging the cap by 50 million. How else could you keep all the players on one team. The cap was only 50 million, so by fudging another 50 million Ed Bartolio built a dynasty. Lance Alworth played when the AFL wasn't even considered a real league. To be able to do what Lance did is extraordinary!

Lance Alworth had more speed than Jerry Rice. He played during an era in which defensive backs could virtually mug receivers throughout their route. Furthermore, Alworth was a fantastic blocker on running plays. Lance Alworth, with Paul Warfield a close second, are the best wide receivers in professional football since 1960. Prior to 1960, the best wide receiver was Don Hutson.

Lance Alworth reinvented the game of football. Bambi could run and jump faster and higher than anyone who ever played. Incredible hands, almost never dropped a ball he could touch. Played in an era when defenders could mug a receiver all the way down the field, and at a slight 6'0. 180, proved so elusive, no one could stop him. The greatest talent that ever played wide receiver.

10 Steve Largent Stephen Michael Largent is a retired American football player, enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and a former Republican politician, having served in the U.S. House of Representatives for Oklahoma, from 1994 until 2002.

Played in an era without these awesome rubber gloves, new rules that strongly favor offense, and new sports science to help players be as strong and fast as they can possibly be. Had average QBs throwing to him his whole career, not fellow HOFers. And he still absolutely owned the position. If he played today, with his incredible hands, intelligent route running, and fearlessness, we'd be talking about him as the greatest slot receiver to ever play the game (and it wouldn't be close I know he wasn't a slot receiver but that's because the position didn't really exist back then, thinking in terms of his size).

Steve not only didn't have a good QB throwing to him but his TEAM was pretty terrible for most of his career because Seattle was an expansion team in 1976. Therefor the defense knew that Steve was Seattle's only offensive weapon and applied their defensive strategy to stop him. Seattle's D also terrible so they played from behind a lot. Despite this, Steve Largent put up number and clutch performances that made him one of, if not the, best in the game.

You had to see him in action to fully appreciate him. Arguably the best route runner, with the best hands and awareness of any receiver in history. What he could have done with an elite QB throwing to him is fodder for the imagination.

Lacked the speed and height but made up for it with discipline and grit. He was a shining star on an average team. A true over the middle clutch receiver with no fear. When you absolutely had to have a first down, Steve Largent was MONEY.

The Contenders
11 Larry Fitzgerald Larry Darnell Fitzgerald Jr. is an American football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. Fitzgerald was drafted 3rd overall to the Arizona Cardinals in 2004, he is considered to be one of the best players of his position to never win a Super Bowl.

Larry Fitzgerald should be number 11 because his number is 11! comedy. Larry is better than Lance Alworth, Calvin Johnson, Terrell Owens, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin, and Tim Brown. Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Don Hutson, and Jerry Rice are better than Larry, but overall I think Larry is still da best.

He is a player that can grab 1,000 receiving yards in a season even with a trained zebra as QB and that's what makes him the best. He doesn't rely on a strong passer, and that's most important. Anyone can be good if he has to catch passes by Brady or Montana, but Leinart?

He's my all time favorite player.. not only is he a great player but also a great person.. Such a nice guy.. He cares about everyone.. And he won the game against the packers to go to the next round to play the broncos to see who was going to the Super Bowl..

How is he not in the top 10? Nobody on this list played with a worse collection of quarterbacks for a significant time and he still put up great numbers. On top of that, one of the classiest players in a position known for divas

12 Tim Brown

Ok, I know this can't be right. Brown along with Carter out of the top 10 when you have guys like Steve Smith and Chad Johnson ahead of them. Moss and TO are also questionable but I am not trying to take anything away from them. Some of those guys are good but this is of all time and Brown should be in the top 5 for sure. In a lot of the major records, he is ranked 2nd to only Rice yet still doesn't get the respect he deserves

Rice, Brown and Largent are the top three, but most of those today wouldn't last in the days when the receiver was blasted all the way down the field. Moss and T.O are too soft. Art Monk was one great receiver.

He was an explosive player who had season after season of great productional. Too bad the Raiders teams he played on were subpar for most of his career or he would be in the top 3 without a doubt.

I agree. Ridiculous that he's not in the top 10. Brown retired with 14,934 receiving yards, the second-highest total in NFL history, 1,094 receptions (3rd), and 100 touchdown catches (3rd-Tied).

13 Lynn Swann

As a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan and a bigger...sorry, THE BIGGEST LYNN SWANN FAN! This man was hospitalized a week before Super Bowl X with a concussion, from a cheap shot, played and became Super Bowl MVP. 4 catches 164 yards and a touchdown, with possibly the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. And the way he flies through the air, and his catches are like poetry in motion. With a name like Swann, couldn't be more appropriate

These are definitely the top 3. People who don't know much about these receivers need to do some research or not vote... Seriously TO? No. 4? WOW
This is what I think:
1. Jerry Rice
2. Lynn Swann
3. Chris Carter

Lynn Swann shouldn't even be considered there are greater players that are still playing like Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and A.J Green.

Swan didn't have huge numbers. Not a throwing era. But he was a human highlight reel. And tough. Took all the hits. Never complained. Amazing player.

14 Andre Johnson Andre Lamont Johnson is an American football wide receiver who is a free agent. He played college football at Miami, and was drafted by the Houston Texans third overall in the 2003 NFL Draft.

While not having the rings will hold a player back, it does not hold his stats. You have to consider he has spent some time injured and still holds the stats in his hands. Matt Shlaub is a horrible QB and less we forget the days Johnson spent with Carr.. Not to say it was Carr's fault because he had his brains knocked out before Johnson arrived in Houston.. I felt bad for Carr, still do.. Boy ain't right

Easily most gifted receiver well second behind Randy Moss. Strong physical guy who had hands. I'm a Texans fan so that's why I chose Andre he will never be a Colt. He easily should be in the H.O.F because he never had a quarter back and still racked up great stats. If he had a quarter back then he'd probably be top five wide receivers easily.

He has had a decent or worse QB throwing to him. If he had just a dynamic QB, then he would own almost all the receiving records in the book. He is my all time favorite player and deserves at least top 10 if not the big 5.

Andre has Matt Schaub throwing to him and still makes OUTSTANDING plays. If you give him any one of the quarterbacks that these other athletes have he would demolish the record books.

15 Isaac Bruce

He should be at least 5 come on. He has the number 1receiving yards, number 5 in receptions, and number 9 in touch downs and number 2 in average. He also has multiple recording records, was a great leader and is the rams won the super bowl! He has it all. And how can moss be 2 the only thing he beat Bruce in was the 40 yard dash! Everyone that voted has seen Randy play and is why they vote for him.

Set the record for receiving yards in a season for a few hours before Jerry Rice passed it the same day. He did it in a horrible offense, well before the Greatest Show On Turf. Retired 2nd all time in receiving yards. Should be higher than 19th without a doubt.

Smoothest route runner of all time. Great down field blocker as well, sprung blocks for Bettis, Marshall Faulk, and Steven Jackson. Old school baby! Pro bowler and super bowl champion. Life time RAM! Hall of famer for sure.

It is a joke that Chad ochocinco and steve smith are EVEN CLOSE to the Reverend Ike. clearly what made kurt warner great. If I had jerry rice and isaac on my team and isaacs covered by deion sanders and jerrys covered by an infant, he is so good id pass to him every down. PERIOD

16 Andre Reed

If his team one just one Super Bowl, their would have been a different light shown on him. This guy had it all, speed, quickness, strength, tenacity, courage, attitude and brains. Never into self promotion, a total class act.

You cannot put Chad ocho cinco over this guy not even Michael irvin is better then him... Best run after catch wr of all time next to jerry rice... There was a play where andre went across the middle and he breaks six or seven tackles and scores

He played with broken ribs. Tuff WR who could go over the middle or deep, add in his willingness to block and he's 100x better than ocho stinko, isaac bruce, Time Brown, Hines WardSteve Smith, Cris Carter, Irvin, Harrison, Owens and Moss.

Absolute joke, Andre was a clutch over the middle receiver. Finally honored with his introduction into the hall of fame, something most of these clowns will never do

17 Steve Smith Steve Smith, Sr. is an American football wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

Pound-for-pound toughest guy in NFL history. Smallest guy on the field, yet he's ALWAYS knocking people over (or juking them out of their shoes and then blowing by them). Steve Smith also ALWAYS shows up huge in big games. Has scored a TD in 9 of 11 playoff games. And 1 of the other 2 was a 100 yard receiving game last year. As a comparison, marvin harrison has scored a TD in 1 of 16 playoff games.

BEST I EVER SEEN! Toughness, competitiveness, route running, what receiver is more dangerous wants the ball is in his hand? (went to the probowl as a returner 1st year in the league) has a triple crown (only sterling sharp and Jerry rice has this honor), runner up for MVP for the nfl (unheard of for WR( where is sean alexander now? ), never played with HOF QBs, the man is 5 9" (what), nastiest stiff arm ever for a receiver, will baptize your on blocking, yaw want me to keep going... My man gets no Love, maybe this will help

94? Seriously? This guy had the TRIPLE CROWN of receiving in football in 05. Only 3 players have ever done that before. Consistent 1000 yard seasons led to him being one of the best wide outs in the league. Plays with one of the biggest hearts in the NFl, and no one can touch him when he gets on fire.

Smitty is the best, he has the most heart in the NFL, if those other recievers were 5"9, they would be medoicre at best. Steve Smitty is a best at 5"9. His heart is insane. He will burn you in a second, he ran a 4.3 coming out of Utah, him in Cam, are very dangerous, just hope we get at least 3 more years of steve.

18 Reggie Wayne Reginald Wayne is a former American football wide receiver who spent his entire 14-year career with the Indianapolis Colts.

Reg is an awesome route runner does not drop the ball and is number 7 all time and will finish number 1.

May finish in the top 10.
He is outstanding. Currently the 2nd best after Randy Moss.

Amazing route runner, right behind marvin harrison!

Reggie Wang was really good!

19 Roddy White

Extremely good player, injuries have been affecting him lately sadly. He is often overlooked because he plays beside such talented wide outs, Julio jones and tiny Gonzales but is Atlantas greatest wide receiver of all time

Why is Roddy White even being considered?

Roddy white is the greatest wide receiver in the history if football

Is the worst player

20 Brandon Marshall Brandon Tyrone Marshall is an American football wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He has played for six different teams in his NFL career. Marshall was drafted in the fourth round, 119th overall to the Denver Broncos in 2006.

Brandon Marshall I can agree is a great player, but he has more years to play and can improve and hasn't really played up to HOF potential.

One of the best wide receivers ever, yet he has never been in the playoffs.

Current holder for most receptions in a game. I know someone already said this, but holy cow

Brandon is so good he should be in the top ten!

21 Raymond Berry

Easily top 5. Played in a shorter season and without the sissified rules that is in place today that opens up the passing game.
You can count the number of drop passes in his career on your hand.
Lastly when he scored, which was often, he didn't show boat like many of today's receivers do.

One of the most precise route runners of all times. The younger guys don't know but he out thought and out worked the defenses. He also, worked with Unitas to set up plays based on the tendencies of the offense. He is a top 10 all time.

He was a pioneer that paved the way for others to follow who improved the position with analytical preparation that enhanced his natural abilities.

Should be considered in same sentence with Jerry Rice. Check how many passages he dropped during career.

22 Wes Welker

Nothing against Welker but A. Reed played in the 1/2 spots not the slot. Also Welker plays in an era where it's a pass heavy league. Most of those seasons in NE the pats threw the ball 75-80% of their offensive plays. Welker is a beast, but if he A. Reed played his role now he'd be killing with stats as well

I don't think they give wes a lot of credit down his field stuff because he so known of his short routes but he is very explosive down the field to he should be much more higher than Andre reed because he doesn't have 4 seasons with 110 reception.

Wes is one of the greatest first me might be the smallest wide res. and he has one of the biggest hearts players he catches 70% are more of wverything

He proved height dosnt matter when you are trying to make it to the top.

23 Chad Johnson Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, is a former American football wide receiver. He played college football for Santa Monica College and Oregon State University, and played eleven seasons in the National Football League for the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins.

The most fun player to watch of all time. This man tried to bribe a ref with one whole frickin dollar!

This guy is an idiot

24 A. J. Green Adriel Jeremiah "A. J." Green is an American football wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.

I think he is better then Fitzgerald, Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Brandon Marshall, and a lot more. He deserves to be a lot more high on this list close to Calvin Johnson, both are great receivers, so he should be a lot higher on this list.

Greatest of all time, young, fast, tall and a 5;8 wingspan it just don't get any better than that. I almost forgot the best one, future super bowl MVP!

He's. Like a god have you seen him play. I'm for sure gonna vote for him.

He's the new kid on the block doing it big..

25 Sterling Sharpe

I always felt that if not for the neck injury, we would be talking about Sterling has the best receiver to ever play the game. He had better speed than Rice, he was stronger & more physical than Rice, & he had incredible hands like Rice. He'll always be one of my all-time favorites long after people have forgotten about him as far as the record books show

Better stats then a lot of players on list for such a short career. Put his numbers next to Rice 1st 7 years in league and while rice has better numbers Sterling is not far behind.

He was the only good receiver on the team, everyone on the defense knew the ball was coming to him, and he still caught a record number of passes.

His name is Sharpe. I also think Sterling would have been viewed better if he didn't play at the same time as Jerry Rice.

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