Top 10 Best High School Football Programs of All Time

These programs are known for undefeated seasons and winning state and national championships. They also are known for legendary coaches and NCAA Div I and NFL players.
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1 De La Salle High School (Concord, California)

I believe that this school has the best winning percentage in high school history. If I am wrong, they have to be at least in the top three winningest high school programs by winning percentage, just based on the record of a 95% winning percentage of Bob Ladouceur. Valdosta's winning percentage is a mere 79.6%. If you play for over 100 years, you should get to 990 wins. In 100 years, DLS will probably have 1150 wins.

They have claimed six national championships and have marked their presence in 16 California State Championships. They hold the longest undefeated streak in high school football history, winning 151 straight games from 1992-2005. Notable alumni include Maurice Jones-Drew and D. J. Williams.

2 Valdosta High School (Valdosta, Georgia)

This school is home to the winningest high school football program in the United States, with a record of 907 wins, 220 losses, and 34 ties. The Wildcats have won six national championships, 24 state championships, and 42 regional championships.

We have the stats to prove it. We were the first high school football program to reach 900 wins.

This program should be number one on this list. This program is also a 6A.

3 Paulsboro High School (Paulsboro, New Jersey)

Many more athletes that went on to be successful. Chazz Witherspoon was a professional boxer. I believe he played a bit. Jonathan Kalnas went on to have a career in track and field, along with Fred Sharpe, who ran for ADIDAS. Tom Curl was an Olympic hopeful in wrestling. Just a great amount of talent.

With smaller enrollment each year, we continue to be successful.

For such a small school, the dominance in all sports, let alone football, is unheard of.

4 Katy High School (Katy, Texas)

The school boasts eight undefeated seasons and five state championships. Their dominance begins on the offensive line. They have produced notable players, including quarterback Andy Dalton.

Is there a year where Katy has never made it to state?

5 Washington High School (Massillon, Ohio)
6 Permian High School (Odessa, Texas)
7 IMG Academy (Bradenton, Florida)

Check these guys out. Their football team is beyond words.

8 Aliquippa High School (Aliquippa, Pennsylvania)
9 Allen High School (Allen, Texas)

Kyler Murray's senior season is still the most incredible season any individual has ever had in any sport at the high school level. 4,713 passing yards, 54 passing touchdowns, 1,495 rushing yards, and 25 rushing touchdowns... We'll likely never see anything like that again in our lifetime.

10 Long Beach Polytechnic High School (Long Beach, California)
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11 Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, California)
12 Artesia High School (Artesia, New Mexico)

Did you hear that? 30 state championships!

13 Archbishop Moeller High School (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The '76 Moeller team was the greatest team in the history of high school football.

They went back to back in football and baseball in 2012-2013!

14 Lake Travis High School (Austin, Texas)
15 Southlake Carroll High School (Southlake, Texas)

They have been winning three straight championships since 2002 and played Northwestern at Texas Stadium.

16 Hoover High School (Hoover, Alabama)

The school won state championships from 1999-2005, securing a total of seven state championships.

17 Oaks Christian School (Westlake Village, California)

This is a very good, top-drafted high school football team in the nation.

18 David W. Carter High School (Dallas, Texas)
19 South Panola High School (Batesville, Mississippi)

Underrated! They had an 80+ win streak in the early and mid-2000s. Not to mention, the only games lost on both ends of that streak were state title games. They have had a number of players go on to the NFL. At one time, it was stated that they had more speed than Ole Miss, with 25+ players running 4.6 or better in the 40-yard dash. Hence the name, "University of South Panola."

20 Clinton High School (Clinton, Oklahoma)
21 Miami Northwestern Senior High School (Miami, Florida)
22 John Curtis Christian School (River Ridge, Louisiana)
23 Banning High School (Wilmington, California)
24 Northwestern High School (Rock Hill, South Carolina)
25 St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati, Ohio)

This is the best football program of all time!

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