Top 10 Friday Night Funkin' Characters

Here's a list of characters from the game Friday Night Funkin'. Characters who are from mods (e.g Whitty or Hex) aren't in consideration canon characters as they are well, mods only meanwhile characters like Pico, Skid and Pump, Tankman, Hank and Cassette Girl (Hank and CG being yet to be announced) are crossover characters.
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1 Pico

I just noticed, there are 4 people who talk/sing with words while rapping:

Pico (he has lyrics in his songs)
Tankman (he speaks during his cutscenes and in one of his songs: "Pretty good.")
Monster (he literally sings words with his slightly deep voice)
Girlfriend (in the Tutorial song, she sings the words "up, down, left, right". Nothing else.

I love Pico so freaking much. He has songs that ACTUALLY HAVE LYRICS other than Monster. I'll get a lot of hate for this, but Pico was the first character I ever saw from FNF. I listened to Week 3, thought it was cool, then played a lil FNF. I got addicted fast! Then I found out there was a game called Pico's School that my aunt actually played at my age in the 90's when the internet was invented lol. Overall, I love Pico!

I honestly love him so much and I don't even know why.

Badass. Watch what's going on in Week 7.

2 Boyfriend

I love him, but he needs to date people his age, Pico was 9 when he dated Kieth, and know, 2 years later, he is 19 and now dates 12 year old Girlfriend.

Boyfriend would have to be my favorite character in this game. Not only is he adorable, but he will always protect his girlfriend, no matter what happens. Plus again, adorable.

I Have Draw This Too And I Found Out Girlfriend Have A Red Shirt (or a dress) and the shoes cap logo of his shirt are the same!

The protagonist of the game. I don't get it why people call him "Keith" despite being simply called Boyfriend.

3 Girlfriend

Girlfriend used to be 1st with Boyfriend for me. But she got down ever since she went with Kapi. That makes Boyfriend wasting the time to date with Girlfriend. He sing so much for Girlfriend(while she only sats at the speaker) despite his risk. But Girlfriend make that all waste of time

I hate how people keep saying that she's evil, the creator didn't confirmed anything of that. She is just naive and all of this "Girlfriend is evil" came from the mods

Girlfriend is the first friday night funkin character to have a voice!
Her voice sounds awesome!

She is the most cutest girl I have ever seen. I sorta wish she was real.

4 Tankman

Again, Tankman is another one of my favorites other than Pico. Haven't listened to or played Week 7, but I'm planning to soon! His lil peace sign sprite is adorable I don't know why.

I like him. Sure the insults he throws at you if you get a game over are annoying, but I like him a lot. His design is cool and I like the voice he has.

"You keep beep bopping me and I will beep boop a garbage truck into your girlfriend's face."

Can't wait for Cassette Girl and Hank to appear here in this game.

5 Pump

It's a spooky month!
Meant for both of them but since this has them separated I had to comment on one of them

Oh Sr Pelo. My favorite YouTuber and the fact the spooky month kids made an appearance in this game is Judy great

"Skid, it is not Spooky Month!"

Spooky Kids are the best

6 Skid

He is obsessed with October.

Very cute and good songs.

Skid"It's a spooky month!"

I like the spooky month

7 Monster

Imagine him having his own week (just him not like appearing in Week 2 and 5 at the third song) and original songs. The songs would be grotesque and creepy...

He was supposed to appear in Week 2 as a third song. I don't know why was that scrapped

Your just a little snack and so is your girlfriend!

I don't like this guy. Why would they put lyrics like that into FNF anyway?

8 Mommy Mearest

Her singing like angel makes me wanna think she's an angel (Yea I know she's a demon though) but her songs are pop. I also liked her character design, now I know why she's a karen and overprotective to her daughter because she wants the best for her daughter and also "Mother knows best"

M.I.L.F beat drop on her song was insane, pure challenge for players

She used to be human.

Her Week 5 outfit tho

9 Senpai

His 32 bit design is amazing the creator of him really took time for his character design, (And sprites lol) I love how he's the typical character for girls to love in school because he's handsome tho.

Honestly, despite the fact he threatens to rip Boyfriends nuts off, I honestly love him! He isn't too bad, as an antagonist!

He's alright. Needs to tone it down on the violence though.

He has my favorite song roses he looks amazing.

10 Daddy Dearest

I literally hated him before, because of how he's too much of an overprotective to his daughter. But y'know like any other father he would do anything for her daughter. And also being overprotective is mean you really care and want the best. (But I still don't want him to be mah father UnU)

I just think he's a bit protective. Watch the Shyrell mod to see what I mean.

Him and his wife make the perfect duo.

Purple guy head.

The Contenders
11 Spirit

Apparently, Spirit is an actual human that was trapped in the body of Senpai. Not only that but Daddy Dearest is the one who trapped him in there. He is also supposedly the one who trapped Boyfriend and Girlfriend in that game. So when he says, "I'll make her father pay for what he's done to me and the others", he's referring to Girlfriend's father. Spirit said he was going to take Boyfriend's body if he won because that way, he could escape and get his revenge.

Known for appearing in the third song of Week 6, spirit's the name in the game's files.

Red ghost thingy

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