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281 Death Becomes Her

I true original. Funny still to this day after watching it dozens of times.

282 Undercover Brother

I laughed so hard it gave me a sore throat

283 The Fifth Element

Very funny, lighthearted science fiction film.

Amazing movie and always will be

284 Night at the Museum

This movie is very funny.

285 The Lonely Guy

Funny movie starring Steve Martin with many wierdly funny moments and dialogues

286 Ichi the Killer

Ichi is number one in my books!

287 Year One
288 Pineapple Express
289 Major Payne
290 Shaolin Soccer

I choked on air with this one. I don't think you've heard of this, but it is too funny. Bruce lee is the goalie and these idiots use martial arts to win a lot of matches. A guy kicked the ball so hard it stripped the other teams goalie naked. 😂

291 Robots

I love the part where Aunt Fanny rips off a giant fart and kills the lamp post.

292 Hotel Transylvania
293 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
294 Hot Shots!
295 Some Like It Hot

219 - The Greatest Comedy of all time? I'm appaled of the lack of classic comedies in this list. The old comedies were over all so much more amusing and intelligent than most of the newer ones. The dialogues were sharper, the acting was better and the ideas were fresh. Most comedies nowadays are just repeating the same plots or a just remakes anyway.

Not only is it hilarious, but it is a classic! Marilyn Monroe is great!

296 Grown Ups 2
297 Your Highness
298 Mash
299 A Chirstmas Story
300 Up
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