Top 10 Funniest Parody Names for Silento


The Top Ten

1 Dumbasslento

Oh my god that's hilarious - wrests

He is a Dumbass - christangrant

2 S***lento

Yup suits him perfectly - christangrant

3 B****lento

Oh yeah it suits him! - Ananya

4 F***lento

Yes F him and his music and fans to - christangrant

5 Retardlento

He is a retard - christangrant

6 Craplento

All of his music is crap - christangrant

7 Trollento

He is a troll - christangrant

8 Nutlento


9 Pingaslento

Well time to use outdated memes Lol - christangrant

10 Stupidlento

He is stulid he made one song and then just disappeared - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Poserlento

Because he's a poser - christangrant

12 He-is-lento

Get it? No? Lento is slow in Spanish!

13 Silent
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